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Earl Musick

Fort Worth, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Fort Worth, Texas, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Americana Singer/Songwriter


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"Earl Musick & Reload Records"

I talked to Earl Musick at Reload Records in Ft. Worth earlier this spring. He claims that is his real name but he never showed me his birth certificate over the phone. Earl is a songwriter and artist and the founder of the label whose motto is: “If Music ain’t got edge, it’s dull.” And that “point” is easily heard in the music that Reload releases, such as albums by Mark Merritt, Jeff Prince, the Brazos Brothers, and Earl himself.
Although the quality is good, these records are not about the recording, they are about the songs, the voices and the performances. If your name is actually “Musick”, even with a “k”, you gotta live up to making your records be about the music more than the technicalities, and I think Reload does a good job of taking that approach.

Earl says he believes in music with substance and feeling, with a little edge and roughness, not processed productions that sound too polished. He was fun to talk to, and had a great sense of humor and the sincerity of a songwriter who has been around and formed opinions. Reload’s records fit into Texas Music, Red Dirt, Roots, Americana genres…all of which are based on country music before it got polished and processed. But I didn’t hear an artist or song that was directly copying the current young Texas radio lineup. The closest comparison might be someone like James McMurtrey.

If you look hard enough you might see Earl and some of the other artists on the label playing out around the Ft. Worth area, sharing their songs, but there’s not any heavy promotion or hype which is refreshing in this day and age of Facebook, Twitter, social networking, and shameless self-promotion. But these guys and their music are out there, and their fans find them and follow loyaly.

Earl started the Reload label in the mid ’80s with his wife Darlina and they’ve continued to work on and release interesting projects through the years. - Interviews with Gary

"Duck & Cover"

From Americana Homeplace - Review of "Duck & Cover"
'Duck and Cover' is the fourth release from Fort Worth singer-songwriter Earl Musick - and it's most certainly his best collection of songs to date. Musick adopts a more aggressive approach on the new CD - both musically and lyrically. The opening track "Had Enough" is an upbeat country rocker backed by Mark Merritt's stellar lead guitar. "Burrough's Blues" is a throwback to the swamp-rock sounds of the bayou, while "Darlina" features an approximation of the Bo Diddley beat in an homage to love and the City of New Orleans. New Orleans is a recurring theme on the CD. Lyrically, Musick pulls no punches when it comes to social commentary and the situation in the Crescent City provides the theme for "Custer's Last Stand." Musick proclaims, "When the waters rise and people die and nobody gives a damn, we'll just replace the whole human race on the eve of Custer's last stand." And its easy to identify the source of Musick's ire when he sings "The cat is out of the bag, don't you know the jig is up, just round up all your friends and get out, we've all had enough."

"Duck and Cover" is indeed good advice from Mr. Musick.

Four out of five stars.
-- Americana Homeplace
- Americana Homeplace

"Duck & Cover"

From Americana UK - Review of "Duck & Cover"
Duck of Earl and there’s no need to head for cover

Earl Musick’s latest release ‘Duck & Cover’ according to the press release ‘is not a protest album, but it does address some of the problems we face in this country and around the world’….and inside the sleeve notes from Musick tell us, ‘As I write this the great minds in our country are putting their heads together to figure out a way to bring a conclusion to the war in Iraq’.

Musick sounds like Steve Earle mixed in with a touch of J.J. Cale – and for Musick being a prolific tunesmith with original works numbering in the hundreds I guess he has now learnt the tools of his troubadour trade.

All the twelve songs on this record are self penned and Musick is no slouch as a musician playing guitar, bass and handling all the vocals. A full band enhances the sound, most notably by the superb slide and dobro sound supplied by stable mate Mark Merritt. Musick tackles many subjects from his own childhood, returning war veterans in his homeland & and the cover features a photograph from Hurricane Katrina at Venetian Isle, New Orleans which clearly shows where he is coming from with the visible inertia that gripped the US during that disaster.

There’s plenty to enjoy here; the music is immersed in American themes although I’m not too sure how well some of these themes will travel - but on this evidence he is at the least worth some of your time.

Eight out of ten stars.
-- Andy Riggs
- Americana UK


Texas is truly an Americana and Country music haven. This time let's take a journey to Fort Worth and take a look at Earl Musick. Over 20 years in the Texas music scene, the name Earl Musick is well known in the music circles. Privateer shows his songwriting abilities, the songs are complimented with weathered vocals that are completely fitting here.

Privateer is true Texas music, of that there is no doubt. Earl Musick has paid his dues in the music biz, from producer, artist, and even his own record label. The honesty in this 13 track offering is obvious on the first listen through, and the production (by Reload artist Mark Merritt) should also be applauded.

Taking you back to the earlier days of Texas music, merged with a more edgy style. Earl Musick is not your typical country music artist, Privateer shows traces of hillbilly country rock, the blues, and even more traditional Texas swing. It's about time, in my opinion, Earl Musick should shine across the US, and beyond. This is true red blooded music and it is time the world gets to hear Earl Musick, a disservice would be made if music fans all over didn't get to experience the music.

"If Music ain't got an edge, it's dull" is Reload Records motto, and after hearing two of the artists from the catalogue (John Gomez being the first) I would say the motto rings the truth. "San Antone", "Hell Bent and Happy" and "In A Little While" slightly stand out from the pack. The bottom line is this is one CD that you won't get tired of. That is the praise for the music, it is not the best music ever, but the nod's to past Texas sound and artists, and the down home feel of Privateer make this CD a refreshing change.
- Rikks Revues


Woodshed'n is the new release from Texas musicians Earl Musick and Mark Merritt. Born from impromptu jam sessions while working as studio musicians, the CD was recorded live in the lobby of the studio to capture the jam session feel. It works. The music feels live and spontaneous. Musick, on guitar and vocal, and Merritt on guitar, mandolin and vocals are joined by Darlina Musick on percussion and background vocals, Mick Morrow on bass and background vocals, Dave Pendley on brush snare and porchboard, and Ron Merritt on background vocals.

The songs are pure Americana and reminiscent of the work done by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman with Old And In The Way. Musick and Merrick share songwriting credits with a variety of co writers including some of the side players. The playing is flawless and the harmonies are sweet. It's apparent that these guys have been playing together for a while.

If you're a fan of old time music with a Jerry Garcia flavor, check out Woodshed'n. You won't be disappointed.

- Don Sechelski

"Duck & Cover"

Earl Musick - Duck & Cover
2007, Reload Record Company

The first thing that will strike you about Fort Worth, Texas’ Earl Musick is what an amazing story teller he is. In his gruff and somewhat limited (but wonderfully textured and interesting) voice, Musick brings people and places to life in song. On his fifth album, Duck & Cover, Musick finds a musical aesthetic that encompasses Classic/Southern Rock Blues and Americana. Duck & Cover opens with the Southern Rock/Rhythm & Blues mix of Had Enough. The song is very danceable with distinctive hooks. Our Own Way combines a low-key vocal delivery with a great working class Americana arrangement. Here that we begin to see Musick's yarn-spinning gift in its truest form; almost as if watching a movie in song. All Wrapped Up is an ode to a hard working father using powerful imagery for death and life. This is perhaps the most deft lyric work on the album and is very well written overall.

Musick steps back to the honky-tonk for Razz-a-ma-tazz. This has an old-time variety show feel to it and is the lightest moment on the album. Burrough's Blues starts with the premise that the grass is always greener and shows how much worse they can really get; it's a great story-song set in a Blues/Rock arrangement you'll have on replay. Earl Musick marches us through a few more story songs (Molly and Beadreaux; I Got You; She Loved The Devil Out Of Me) on the way to Darlina. Darlina is the perfect closer for Duck & Cover, a high energy mix of Country and Rhythm & Blues with some of the best honky-tonk piano you'll find in or out of Nashville.

Duck & Cover is ultimately entertaining, painted in hues both stark and subtle. Earl Musick has a real gift for not just telling a story but imprinting it on the listener. You'll walk away from the album feeling like these songs aren't just an hour's entertainment but have somehow become a part of your consciousness. The classic mixes of Country, Rock, Blues and 1960's R&B complete the musical picture. Earl Musick is too good and too varied to get significant attention from the Country radio establishment, and is just a bit too down-home for Rock radio. The internet and satellite Americana stations may come calling, but with dwindling numbers it seems like that Earl Musick is destined to be under-represented in the marketplace. That's a shame, because talent like this doesn't come along all that often.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)
- Wildy's World Reviews


Albums released, Apropos, Done Deal, Privateer, Duck & Cover, Woodshed'n. Woodshed'n & Duck & Cover currently receiving radio airplay via internet and land FM



The long & Short of it!

Earl Musick bio

Earl Musick a singer/songwriter who lives in Texas. Earl has been writing and making records for most of his adult life, only in the pass ten years has his songwriting received the notice & appreciation it deserves. Earl Recently has his song, "If I'm Dreaming" co-written by Amos Staggs & Mark Merritt, covered by Tommy Alverson on his "Texas One More Time" album.

The song Angelina Dance has now been covered by four different artists, and the song She Loved the Devil Out of Me was used in the Indie film EvenHand. Earl has released four albums to date; they are Apropos with the Unsung Heroes, Done Deal, Privateer and Duck & Cover.

Earls songwriting has been described in many different ways, but storytelling with a groove may best describe it. When asked what genre of music he writes, Earl says it folk music because I write it for folks.

Earl is currently in the studio working on his next album titled Eden Ave. due to be released in March 2011, Earl continues to write and perform live in his native Texas and surrounding states with his four piece combo.

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