Earl Okin

Earl Okin

 London, England, GBR

My show is a mixture of classic Jazz Cabaret-style, authentic Brazilian-style Bossa-Nova, classy British singer-songwriter material...and Comedy!!!


I'm difficult to describe because nobody is like me.
I have been described as a cross between Mel Tormé, Victor Borge and Harry Connick Jr.

Influences? Where do I start? Puccini, Duke Ellington, Peggy Lee, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Louis Armstrong, Tom Lehrer...the list goes on...

I started out in the same company as The Beatles. I've opened on rock tours for artistes such as Paul McCartney, played all the most prestigious venues in London (from the Royal Albert Hall to The Palladium) and performed my one-man show all over the world.

I've been a headline act on the London comedy circuit for ages, (among my friends and fans are Sacha Baron Cohen and Billy Connolly) am the most EVER performed artist at the legendary Edinburgh Festival and have performed one-man shows literally around the world.

I also perform at private parties (our own Queen and the Royal family of Sweden, for example) and many corporate events internationally. Naturally, I also perform at Corporate events internationally.

I've performed at music and comedy festivals all over the world, both indoor and outdoor.

Among US venues, I've enjoyed success at Birdland (music) and Caroline's (comedy) in NYC and the legendary Friar's Club in LA.

Most recently, I entertained a whole new audience on MTV2 and have a CD out on SONY called 'Musical Genius & Sex Symbol', also to be found on iTunes.

My latest non-comedy CD features 16 of my own songs in various genres.



Written By: Earl Okin.

When the night seems longer
And you're on your own,
Someone will be waiting,
Waiting all alone.

Maybe she is near you;
Maybe miles apart.
Someone will be waiting,
Waiting for your heart.

Though it seems forever...
How long can you wait?...
When love comes,
Love comed never too late.

You may meet tomorrow.
You may wait for years.
But love's worth the waiting,
Drying all those tears.

Though it seems forever
And your dreams forlorn.
Bear in mind,
Maybe she's not yet born.

On the night you find her,
All will turn out right.
Someone will be waiting.
Love could call tonight.

Hey, Honey!

Written By: Earl Okin

Hey, honey!
Wanna dance?
Hear the music swing?
Let our two hearts sing

Hey, honey!
It's romance
When you're in a whirl
And you know the girl
Is right.

Is it that smile
Or just that style?
Something's grabbed my heart
And won't let go,

Hey, honey!
It's my chance.
Something must be said,
Though I've lost my head,
It's true.
Hey, honey!
I'm in love with you.

You And I

Written By: Earl Okin

You and I have far to go;
Further than we both know,
Yet I know that, wherever we may go,
You will always lead me,
Even when I lead you.
Something tells me we will carry through.

Many times I've tried to say
Everything on my mind.
Yet I know it will be so hard to find
Words that hold a feeling
I only understand
When you come to me and take my hand.

We'd waited so long
It seemed that there was no-one.
Try to believe that love has come to stay.

No-one needs to be alone.
Don't face life on your own.
Every day I will be here by the 'phone.
Yes, I'll be here waiting.
I never could pretend.
I must know where our new road will end.

London Now

Written By: Earl Okin

I long to be in London now,
In London now,
The Autumn's hanging in the breeze.
I long to hear, on every bough,
Starlings and sparrows sharing gossip in the trees.
The riverside, at eventide, will glow when day's done.
The stars appear; the air is clear...
Believe it. That fog's long gone from London.
So, I wish somehow
To be in London now.

And Paris chic is not my style.
New York hangs heavy in its hot and humid clime.
I never sought a tropic isle.
I'd soon get tired of sand and water all the time.
I long to linger at the windows in the West End,
While strolling to
A rendez-vous
With someone who's much more than a best friend.
So, I wish, (and how!)
I were in London now.

Some Other Dream

Written By: Earl Okin


I watch the sun at eventide
Painting the sky with gold.
Before the end of day.
Still, life's a dream, they say...

That's how you make me feel inside.
You smile then turn away.
But maybe I'll dream another dream
And you will stay...


Some other dream,
When wishes all come true,
I'll have you.

Some other night,
Maybe no moon above,
But I'll find love.

Your eyes will offer everything
As we walk hand in hand.
No need to ask if I will understand.

But see me now
Politely take your hand
And watch you leave.
I know inside that we
Were meant to be,
But that must have been
Some other dream.


You can see me performing some of my comedy songs at...

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I'm also all over YouTube.
Just search under 'Earl Okin'.

I have had a series of recording out over the years from my first pop-single recorded at Abbey Road to my recent comedy/music SONY CD 'Musical Genius & Sex Symbol', available for download at http://www.itunes.co.uk. I've now completed my new CD of my own songs in the studio. To obtain copies of anything from Pop/Rock, Jazz, Bossa Nova or Comedy, simply send a request to...


Set List

I'm afraid I have no 'typical' set. I perform anything from 10-30 minute comedy sets in comedy clubs to one-hour Jazz Festival sets to a full two-hour one-man concert featuring a mix of music and comedy. It's totally up to you! ;-)