Earl Pickens

Earl Pickens


Singer/wrongrighter Earl Pickens has opened for presidential hopeful Barack Obama, Jayhawks founding member Mark Olson, and everyone in between. Note: there is no one in between Barack Obama and Mark Olson. Regardless, those were cool gigs. Earl puts on a great show and you should book him.


Earl's wry, catchy songs and pseudo-rock-star stage antics have earned him a loyal following among rural hipsters and urban hillbillies alike. His songs run from heartbreak to humor, and evildoers run from his songs.


Come On Up and Haunt Me Tonight

Written By: Earl Pickens

Darkness falls like a blanket on my bed,
I pull it higher ’till it covers up my head
and I remember now, I can see you turning out the light.
I ache to feel your presence in my room,
to roll the boulder back and climb into the tomb,
And I say “baby, come on up and haunt me tonight.”

I wait to hear your footsteps in the hall.
I strain to count them down lightly as they fall.
Oh I know your step. Let me see, do I remember right?
Clouds are rolling, I can see them from inside,
and love is stolen or its given as a prize
And I say “baby, baby, come on up and haunt me tonight.”

I don’t remember every word you ever said.
I don’t remember every night spent in your bed.
But I remember knowing that it all was gonna end,
and I’d lose you, my friend, but I never could tell when.

I don’t believe that you could tell me where it goes.
I don’t believe that really anybody knows.
But I believe the wind is whispering as it blows in from the coast,
and it says, “Boy, you’re waiting for a ghost.”

Dreams will take me, if you don’t take me first,
and when tomorrow wakes me I’ll be feeling even worse.
Oh baby, come on up and haunt me tonight.
Come on up and haunt me tonight.
Come on up and haunt me tonight.

If I Could Sing Like That

Written By: Earl Pickens

You had the radio on, the night that you left me,
and I can still hear the song that was playing.
There were no words left to be spoken between us,
but it didn’t matter, ’cause the words he was saying made you so sad.
And I imagined the tears I could make you cry, if I could sing like that.

I would’ve helped you get down to the corner,
I would’ve driven you back into town.
But, like the song says, you don’t want my love.
And like you told me you don’t need me around, and I understand.
But I still dream of a day you’d come back to me, if I could sing like that.

It was no big secret when you said you were leaving.
That song was playing for a long, long time.
And though I acted like I didn’t believe you,
I didn’t blame you for changing your mind or for being mad,
But you can bet you would’ve never walked out on me, if I could sing like that

Well, I’ve never been inclined towards jealousy,
but that song made me feel so small,
just knowing something in his voice could touch your heart,
when I couldn’t touch you at all.

Now, the Lord didn’t give to me the voice of an angel,
And heaven knows I’ve done some things wrong.
But I don’t know how to tell you I’m sorry.
and I don’t know how to write you the song that could bring you back.
And what good would it do me to sing to you, if I couldn’t sing like that?
Who would’ve been first to walk out on who, if I could sing like that?

Moon, You Know Why

Written By: Earl Pickens

Moon, in the sky.
Moon, you know why.
You know why I'm walking late at night,
and why I ain't been feeling right,
and why I hang my head down low,
and hide my tears wherever I go.
Oh moon, moon, you know why.

Moon, high above.
Moon, you know what.
You know what it's like to be alone,
and what I'm doing on my own,
and what she did to hurt my pride.
And what else could I do but cry?
Oh moon, moon, you know why.

Yeah, but moon, moon, moon,
moon, if you see her,
oh moon, moon, moon,
moon, don't let her know.

Moon, shining down.
Moon, you know how.
You know how she cut me down to size,
and how the tears fell from my eyes,
and how I pine and how I yearn,
and how I never seem to learn.
Oh moon, moon, you know why.

Yeah, moon, you know why.


Earl Pickens — Turn On the Radio (2007) Kill Buffalo Records

Earl Pickens — When Earl Was 17 It Was a Very Good Year (2006) Kill Buffalo Records

Earl Pickens — Country Music Jukebox (2005) Kill Buffalo Records

Earl Pickens and the Black Mountain Marauders — Live at the Houston Astrodome (2002) Self-Released

Set List

Solo/acoustic gig: Three hour-long sets of Earl's original alt-country songs plus a few old-school country classics and maybe a Tom Jones cover or two.

Full band: Same as above, only much, much louder.