Earlstown Winter

Earlstown Winter


Earlstown Winter is a wistful, yearning, country rock band steeped in the tradition of melodic songwriting about love, loss and late night drinking.


“I’m not sure what actually came first, the record or the idea of the band” exclaims singer/songwriter/band leader Jonathan Truefitt from Earlstown Winter, speaking from a dark, barely lit bar on Vancouver’s Main Street. Either way, we have ended up with both, and yes they are both good!

To put it basically, Earlstown Winter is a country rock band, alt. country band, folk-indie band whatever they are calling it these days, but beyond a record industry quick-tab, they may just be the next great Canadian band period.

“I guess the roots stem back to the winter-spring of 2002 after Selvatone disbanded after two records” remembers Jonathan. Selvatone was straight ahead pop-rock with an abrasive edge and a distinct song writing style focusing on strong melodies and even stronger vocals. Having always been in to songwriters, Jonathan started listening more to artists like Neil Young, The Band, Wilco and especially Ryan Adams. “All those artists care so much about the idea of the song and songwriting, even the newer artists like Ryan Adams take a very classical approach to the song and have managed to maintain the concept of what a good song should sound like”.

Jonathan started writing songs with a more simple country folk sound to them, songs about heartbreak, drinking, loss, late nights and cloudy, rainy mornings. There were many of these in the next few years according to Jonathan and the songs started to take shape until soon there were enough for an album.

With support and encouragement from friend and fellow musician John Simmonds, who drummed and produced with Selvatone, the two set about recording what Jonathan calls a classic album using classic methods. Recorded for the most part in a small cabin in a small town on the coast of British Columbia in the spring of 2004, the record eventually took the shape Jonathan expected it to be.

“Easy Roads, Easy Skies” was finished by late 2004 early 2005, at which time Jonathan was performing solo shows and playing the record for friends and musicians alike. By the end of the year it was obvious that a full band was the only way to justify the sound and feel of the record, and Earlstown Winter began rehearsing and preparing a stunning live show. “The important things in this band are good songs, passion and energy, the music is the only thing that matters”. With this outlook, Earlstown Winter is set to do great things, the debut record is out now on Worn Records.


Easy Roads, Easy Skies - 2006 Worn Records

Set List

1. Easy Roads, Easy Skies
2. One Of The Lonesome
3. Bright Lights
4. Come Back To Bed
5. No Signal
6. Porchlights
7. If He Can't have You (Whiskeytown Cover)
8. Fires Of Love
9. Give Me A Light
10. The Apartment Song (Tom Petty Cover)

Average Set Length 45mins