Early April

Early April


Moody, Progressive, Alternative Rock


Early April was formed in April 2004 by four talented musicians based out of Chicago. They became friends from separate local bands who wanted to make some different music. Guitarist Adam Pilarczyk and bassist Jason "Goat" Henricy had been in bands together since they were in high school. More recently, the two were in the band Pushbutton. Through mutual agreement, Pushbutton shared a practice space on the south side of Chicago with another local band: Swellbox. This was when Adam and Goat first started jamming with singer Ed Larson and drummer Joe Tufano of Swellbox, who had also been in bands together since high school. Before and after practice with their respective bands, the four of them would play cover songs along with blues, funk, reggae, and whatever else they could improvise. Eventually, the mutual love of music and the friendship that they had developed became more than enough incentive to start their own original band. Recently, however, drummer Joe Tufano has left the band to persue his family life back home in California. Tufano has since been replaced by long-time friend and fellow musician, Rogelio (Roger) Reyes. As the newly formed, Early April, the four talented and diverse musicians have an original and refreshing sound that combines both post-grunge and progressive rock with the likes of alt-rock. In June 2007, the band released their first independent record album, "Through the Eyes of Her", an 11 song opus of rock perfection. Currently, the band is focused on playing gigs and having their music heard by the masses.


Album: "Through the Eyes of Her" (Available as a free download at www.earlyapril.com)