The Early Grace Band

The Early Grace Band


Cosmic Americana with a emotionally stirring sway


Early Grace offer an eclectic, if somewhat fairly straight-forward, rock/Americana blend; a foundation on which their key vocalist attempts to Kick The Sky, so to speak. Commanding that spotlight is vocalist and pianist Anna Elias, whose soaring, impassioned vocal shows hints of Caitlin Cary, Natalie Merchant and Susan Cowsill. Their downbeat mix of what they refer to as "Cosmic Americana Music" bears a swelling sense of yearning in Anna`s delivery. There are tales from real life, some of fiction, and some from the broken hearted. And one in particular, the Gram Parsons worthy "Tombstone Bound", that makes for a beautiful duet with Jason Ringenberg of Jason & The Scorchers. This one features some sweet pedal-steel and lovely piano work which adds much to the songs emotionally stirring sway

Barry Cassell of Nashville Music Guide declared, "Anna Elias-Bonet's vocals carry you through this music ride that will leave you wanting more at each listen. This album is fresh clean and worthy of being in my personal collection".


Six weeks of working Early Grace to radio with Adam Lewis from Planetary Group, we were added at over 70 stations, about half of the stations we serviced! The overwhelming majority of those stations reported some level of rotation to us (over 50!). We have 26 college stations spinning us in medium rotation or better throughout the north and south east! Both Early Grace disc's "EP" and "Kick the Sky" were played on the MTV reality show "Parental Control", the single "Let Him Go" is a staple at the web radio station WCWP from CW Post College with host Mike Ferrari.

Set List

8-10 originals featuring a blazing country/rock cover of Janis Joplins "Mercedes Benz" that always brings the house down.