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"Catch These Words Review"

Power pop quartet Early Next Year plant sugary sweet harmonies right in the middle of their smart debut album. Gifted vocals pair well with the synth work and smart harmonies comprised of guitar and vocals. Danceable rhythms work their magic throughout “Catch These Words”. Produced by Travis Adams, the singer for Inkwell, “Catch These Words” is chockfull of amazing hooks and great cuts. Good stuff!


http://www.smother.net/reviews/items/modernrock/2203/Early_Next_Year-Catch_These_Words.php - Smother.net

"Catch These Words Review (12.9.07)"

Early Next Year - Catch These Words
Record Label: None
Release Date: July 3, 2007

There should be a warning label on Early Next Year’s first full length album Catch These Words that reads: “Catchy Pop/Rock Music for Those Forever 19.” Produced by Inkwell’s lead singer Travis Adams, Catch These Words is laden with buoyant dance-rock vibrations and springy power punk confections. The band’s series of tight guitar arpeggios are sonically bombastic and that trembling action races through with an urgent rush reflective of power punk magnates like Cartel, Rory, and Outsmarting Simon. It’s clear that Early Next Year is a relatively new band, because their music has limitations. With the exception of their final track “Something That I Miss,” which is mostly layered by keyboards and vocal melodies, all of their other songs have a power punk glaze.

On the positive side of that, the album is infallibly uplifting, but on the other hand, the album is so focused on one side of the band that I wonder if there is anything more to them. It’s like going on a first date with someone who is fantastic at one thing, but by the second and third dates you’re wondering if you have anything else in common with this person. That’s the drawback of being locked in at 19 and in that mindset - it has its limitations which stops you from moving onward.

The album starts off strong like a fantastic first date with a succession of catchy pop/rock melodies like “Say Hello,” “Send a Letter,” and the title track, which includes some sprinkles of synth effects that decorate the melody with a shower of sonic glitters. The music has a youthful exuberance liken to Punchline and I Am the Avalanche, which then begins to repeat itself. The synth-pop textures of “Lifeless” has reflections of their producer’s band Inkwell with vocal melodies that crisscross and create collision blows relatable to bumper cars going into each other. The rhythms maintain a catchy bobbling mobility through “Plan B,” “Right Now (With You),” and “Never Saw It Coming.” The trade off between pockets of loud and subdued guitars along the tune “They Always Say” injects changes in the chord dynamics which moves the album is a new way.

The dance-punk vibrations of “One Down, Two to Go” and “The Sick Charade” produce a wind-whipping urgency which undertows the chorus of charging vocals on the latter track. The mid-tempo levels of “All Your Advice” move at a more contemplative pace so the guitar rotations are milder and the soft flowy momentum of the final number “Something That I Miss” is reflective of the gentle melodies of Colors in the Air. The fluffy string arrangements that hover over the melody allow lead singer, Wes Locher’s voice to be audible. Locher, who also plays guitar and Moog keyboards, is usually overpowered by the music from guitarist Doug McPherson, bassist Bert Long, and drummer JoAnna Leitch whose drum kicks are essential in forming the muscular power punk pecks that indent the melodies.

The lyrics are conversational and typical of what people want to say when they try to unload burdens that weigh heavy on their chests. Locher sings about personal issues like in the title track when he calls outs, “Wait! Wait! I need somebody’s ear right now / To catch these words as they come out my mouth / Don’t go, I need a voice of reason now / It’s clear that I can’t do this by myself.” A lot of the lyrics are conversations with oneself like in “Plan B” when Locher reflects, “I’m watching these movies and they don’t mean a thing / And I’m more confused now than I’ve ever been / Someone tell me a secret or lie to me, please / Help to figure out what’s wrong with me.” Many of the lyrics sound like a basis for a screenplay, or at least they can be.

Early Next Year formed in 2003, and in 2005, they released their first EP entitled Sarcasm is Your Friend. Their debut LP Catch These Words shows the best of what they have to offer now. It makes for a good jumping board which could catapult them onward if they choose to do that. Otherwise, they will be locked in that mode of being forever 19 - musically anyway.

Vocals 8
Musicianship 9
Lyrics 8.25
Production 9
Creativity 8.5
Lasting Value 8.75
Reviewer Tilt 8.75


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"Complete Show History (2003 - Present)"


118. January 31 - The Metro, Melbourne FL *Florida Tour*
117. January 29 - Back Booth, Orlando FL *Florida Tour*
116. January 27 - 1982 Bar, Gainesville FL *Florida Tour*
115. January 26 - The Talent Farm, Pembroke Pines FL *Florida Tour*
114. January 25 - Trax Music Hall, Largo FL *Florida Tour*

2007 - Shows played: 24
113. Dec 30 - The Social, Orlando FL
112. Dec 13 - The Haven, Winter Park FL
111. Nov 24 - Pizza Di Rock, Merritt Island FL
110. Nov 21 - Island Oasis, Winter Park FL
109. Nov 17 - The Capitol, Ocala FL
108. Nov 9 - Apopka High School, Apopka FL
107. Nov 3 - The Haven, Winter Park FL
106. Sep 30 - Back Booth, Orlando FL
105. Sep 26 - WPRK 91.5 FM Radio Performance, Winter Park FL
104. Sep 7 - The Capitol, Ocala FL
103. Aug 24 - The Plaza Theatre, Orlando FL
102. Aug 21 - Back Booth, Orlando FL
101. Aug 10 - The Capitol, Ocala FL
100. July 27 - The Capitol, Ocala FL
99. July 7 - 1982, Gainesville FL
98. June 30 - Back Booth, Orlando FL *CD RELEASE SHOW*
97. June 23 - The Capitol, Ocala, FL
96. June 8 - The Liquid Cellar, Orlando FL
95. April 29 - Back Booth, Orlando FL
94. April 21 - The Capitol, Ocala FL
93. Feb 24 - Spring Music Fest 2007, Port Orange FL
92. Feb 2 - The Capitol, Ocala FL
91. Jan 20 - 1982, Gainesville, FL
90. Jan 12 - Lillian's, Lakeland FL

2006 - Shows Played: 37
89. Dec 31 - Back Booth, Orlando FL
88. Dec 27 - Seattle's Coffee House, Wooster OH
87. Dec 17 - Back Booth, Orlando FL
86. Nov 4 - K&K Concert Hall, Ocala FL
85. Oct 28 - Central Station, Orlando FL
84. Oct 13 - Coffee Connection, Daytona Beach FL
83. Oct 4 - The Social, Orlando FL
82. Sep 27 - WPRK 91.5 FM Radio Performance, Winter Park FL
81. Sep 24 - AKA Lounge, Orlando, FL
80. Sep 23 - K&K Concert Hall, Ocala FL
79. Sep 16 - Liquid Cellar, Orlando FL
78. Sep 15 - Rockerfellas, Bradenton FL
77. Sep 13 - Central Station, Orlando FL
76. Sep 7 - The Haven, Winter Park FL
75. Sep 2 - WPRK 91.5 FM Radio Performance, Winter Park FL
74. Sep 1 - Winner's Circle, Lakeland FL
73. Aug 19 - Eddie C's, Gainesville FL
72. Aug 11 - Orlando Science Center, Orlando FL
71. Aug 5 - K&K Concert Hall, Ocala FL
70. Aug 3 - Back Booth, Orlando FL
69. July 21 - AKA Lounge, Orlando FL
68. June 30 - K&K Concert Hall, Ocala FL
67. June 23 - Winner's Circle, Lakeland FL
66. June 9 - Coffee Connection, Daytona Beach FL
65. May 26 - AKA Lounge, Orlando FL
64. May 19 - Florida Music Festival 2006, Orlando FL
63. April 22 - K&K Concert Hall, Ocala FL
62. April 14 - Coffee Connection, Daytona Beach FL
61. March 25 - The Clubhouse Tavern, Sarasota FL
60. March 11 - K&K Concert Hall, Ocala FL
59. March 4 - Island Oasis, Winter Park FL
58. Feb 25 - Spring Music Fest 2006, Port Orange FL
57. Feb 24 - Apopka High School, Apopka FL
56. Feb 23 - Will's Pub, Orlando FL
55. Feb 18 - The Haven, Winter Park FL
54. Jan 28 - The Haven, Winter Park FL
53. Jan 20 - Duke's, Orlando FL

2005 - Shows Played: 37
52. Dec 16 - Coffee Connection, Daytona Beach FL
51. Dec 15 - Back Booth, Orlando FL
50. Dec 8 - Metal Lounge, Daytona Beach FL
49. Nov 19 - The Haven, Winter Park FL
48. Nov 18 - University of Central Florida, Orlando FL
47. Nov 17 - The Liquid Cellar, Orlando FL
46. Nov 9 - The Masquerade, Tampa FL
45. Oct 26 - Full Sail Live, Winter Park, FL
44. Oct 22 - Duke's, Orlando FL
43. Oct 12 - Full Sail Live, Winter Park FL
42. Oct 1 - The Haven, Winter Park FL
41. Sep 24 - Liquid Cellar, Orlando FL
40. Aug 30 - AKA Lounge, Orlando FL
39. Aug 27 - Central Station Bar, Orlando FL
38. Aug 10 - O-Zone CD's, Altamonte Springs FL
37. Aug 9 - Full Sail Live, Winter Park FL
36. July 31 - Will's Pub, Orlando FL
35. July 30 - Oviedo Mall, Oviedo FL
34. July 16 - Easy Street, Ocala FL
33. July 12 - Full Sail Live, Winter Park FL
32. July 7 - O-Zone CDs, Altamonte Springs FL
31. May 30 - Orlando Skate Park, Orlando FL
30. May 21 - Austin Coffee, Winter Park FL
29. May 7 - The Liquid Cellar, Orlando FL
28. April 26 - Kate O'Brien's, Orlando FL
27. April 21 - The Club at Firestone, Orlando FL
26. April 2 - The Liquid Cellar, Orlando FL
25. March 18 - The Liquid Cellar, Orlando FL
24. March 12 - Central Station, Orlando FL
23. Feb 20 - The Social, Orlando FL
22. Feb 4 - Debbie's Bar, Casselberry FL
21. Jan 29 - Back Booth, Orlando FL
20. Jan 26 - AKA Lounge, Orlando FL
19. Jan 18 - Calico Jack's UCF, Orlando FL
18. Jan 15 - The Liquid Cellar, Orlando FL
17. Jan 8 - The Liquid Cellar, Orlando FL
16. Jan 1 - O-Zone CD's, Altamonte Springs FL

2004 - Shows Played: 14
15. Dec 30 - Easy Street, Ocala FL
14. Dec 17 - Austin Coffee, Winter Park FL
13. Dec 11 - Sims Park, New Port Richey FL
12. Dec 4 - The Liquid Cellar, Orlando FL
11. Dec 3 - O-Zone CD's, Altamonte Springs, FL
10. Dec 2 - Calico Jack's, Casselberry, FL
9. Nov 24 - Liquid Cellar, Orland - Early Next Year


CDLP / Independent release
Engineered/Produced by Travis Adams
Released: July 3, 2007

CDEP / Independent release
Released: July 5, 2005



In March 2007, powerpop quartet Early Next Year holed up in their Orlando, Florida home with producer Travis Adams (Vocalist for the One Eleven Records band, Inkwell) to record their infectious debut LP entitled "Catch These Words", which was independently released July 3, 2007. They will be bringing their upbeat live show to numerous towns across Florida on their 2008 Tour.

Previously they had formed in 2003, spent 2004 playing shows around the Sunshine State, and 2005 saw the independent release of their well-received EP, "Sarcasm is Your Friend." Rather than focus on the past and what they have done, Wes Locher (vocals, guitar, moog), Doug McPherson (guitar), Bert Long (bass, vocals), and JoAnna Leitch (drums) are more focused on the future, and what they will do... have everyone singing along. Say hello to Early Next Year.