Early Next Year

Early Next Year


Early Next Year is an indie/powerpop band from Orlando, Florida that was formed in 2003 and to date, has played over 100 shows across the state and independently released 2 albums. They've shared the stage with bands such as Gym Class Heroes, Between The Trees, Sound The Alarm, Rory, & Inkwell.


In March 2007, powerpop quartet Early Next Year holed up in their Orlando, Florida home with producer Travis Adams (Vocalist for the One Eleven Records band, Inkwell) to record their infectious debut LP entitled "Catch These Words", which was independently released July 3, 2007. They will be bringing their upbeat live show to numerous towns across Florida on their 2008 Tour.

Previously they had formed in 2003, spent 2004 playing shows around the Sunshine State, and 2005 saw the independent release of their well-received EP, "Sarcasm is Your Friend." Rather than focus on the past and what they have done, Wes Locher (vocals, guitar, moog), Doug McPherson (guitar), Bert Long (bass, vocals), and JoAnna Leitch (drums) are more focused on the future, and what they will do... have everyone singing along. Say hello to Early Next Year.


Catch These Words

Written By: Early Next Year


Wait, wait. I need somebody’s ear right now. To catch these words as they come out my mouth. Don’t go, I need a voice of reason now. It’s clear that I can’t do this by myself.

I’m spread thin. I’m spread thinner that I already am. I know it sound impossible. But now I walk the line, between indifference and the solitary life, the same one that I miss.
But lately we are feeling a little down and out. You know my head is on the floor and my feet are on the ceiling.

You know it’s hard to admit that I’m in over my head. It’s just never fun losing something that I had.

Wait, wait. I need somebody’s ear right now. To catch these words as they come out my mouth. Don’t go, I need a voice of reason now. It’s clear that I can’t do this by myself.

I’m losing. I’m losing everything that I have cared about. I know it sounds so overkill. But now it’s time for me to face the issues and a promise to step back, to get a clearer view.
The mornings when we’re waking, the moments that we’re taking. Just a minute to acknowledge, all the promises we’re making.

But sometimes in life we forget our priorities. Everyone has their own personal histories. Bound by our words, but never our memories. Why can’t you see this is my release?

Just wait, we’ll mix in a melody. The world stops for everybody but me. Find out what’s here in front of me. A picture of what everybody sees.

The Sick Charade

Written By: Early Next Year


Well you would say that my self-esteem is killing me. I’d say you’re wrong, but today I won’t disagree. These complications of a mind set in overdrive, without emotion it’s impossible to feel alive.

It’s fine that you come clean, not just with me, but everybody you know. This game, this sick charade it’s over. It’s over.

You say you’re not listening, but you’re criticizing everything I do. I’ll give you a reason that keeps you from knowing everything I knew. Don’t want confrontation, but it seems to follow everywhere I go. I’ll give you the reason that keeps you from knowing everything I know.

I’m not the answer to your financial security. I hope that doesn’t make you think any less of me. I’m skin and bones, these dirty clothes don’t have a mass appeal. I’m confident they have no bearing on the way you feel.

I got to go right now, stand up cause I’m leaving and we’re arguing, I doubt there’s a reason. Gonna get moving, cause nobody’s winning, but we’ll start up tomorrow, back from the beginning.

It’s fine that you come clean, not just with me, but everybody you know.

Never Saw It Coming

Written By: Early Next Year


When I woke up I couldn’t know, by one o’ clock I’d be alone. In a few years I’m sure I’ll find it funny, in all honesty, I never saw it coming. It’s that time again, where we can just be friends. I’ll miss the way you kiss, the feel of your fingertips tonight.

Why did you scare yourself so bad? Recall the conversation we just had. You were scared of things when they functioned fine, but everything’s gone wrong by your design.
You gave the line. You read your script just fine. Figure these things out soon, and I’ll be here for you next time.

And all the secrets we’ve been keeping, I guess that they’re not secret anymore. And all the nights that we’ve been sleeping, dreaming that you’ll come back through that door. Well I guess that I won’t dream that anymore.

I knew you’d chase yourself away, you warned me of it yesterday. If only we had had more time, I know I could have changed your mind. And I can’t pretend I wanted this to end. We’ll see the time it takes to realize your mistakes next time.

You say you’re complicated. It’s nothing that I haven’t seen. You think it’s overrated to wear your heart upon your sleeve. You make things complicated when they don’t need to be. And I think that’s overrated now.

Honestly I, never saw it coming.

One Down, Two To Go

Written By: Early Next Year

Well I’ve become a liar. I’m so sick and uninspired. I used to be a best friend, now nothing more than just a ghost man. These months have been a challenge, yet I’ve gained a bit of knowledge. I self describe with awkward, and try hard to set the standard.

I’m waiting here in line, just pausing til the right time.

I’m sorry for the things that I have done. If I hurt you, or anyone. I’m sorry for the things that I have said. All the words they resonate in your head. I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Trust when I say this, you wouldn’t want to. Pay attention to the things that you have heard, there’s something profound in every word.

My mind has been awakened. I think we’re clear of the depression. We’ll start again, call it a New Year, and look ahead into the future. We keep these options open, and we won’t fix what isn’t broken. I admit to gaining something, and in the end, better than nothing.

Reiterate what I know, I can’t do this all alone.

I wish that we could agree that something isn’t right, something isn’t right here. I wish that we could all agree. I wish that we could just agree that something isn’t right here, but we’ll take another day to examine the situation. We forgive ourselves for the bad things that we did before we had it figure out, like we do now.

I’m sorry for things that I have done.


CDLP / Independent release
Engineered/Produced by Travis Adams
Released: July 3, 2007

CDEP / Independent release
Released: July 5, 2005

Set List

Typical set: 8 songs / 30 minutes
Elongated set: 12 songs / 50 minutes

1. Say Hello
2. Send A Letter
3. Lifeless
4. Never Saw it Coming
5. Catch These Words
6. Plan B
7. All Your Advice
8. The Sick Charade