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"Early Thomas Tries Out New Way To Market"

CDs by Door County Musicians Debra Hadraba and Early Thomas Try Out New Ways to Market Original Music

Posted on 31. Dec, 2009 by Stephen Kastner in Music
Two approaches by local musicians who are experimenting with new models to make money in the music business.

It was October 10, 2007 when Radiohead released In Rainbows online, as a pay-what-you-want download. According to an NPR feature story, “Essentially, Radiohead’s members said they knew the record would leak. They might as well be the ones to leak it, and to see if they could make a splash — and make some money — doing so.”

In Survival Strategies for Emerging Artists — and Megastars, a Wired Magazine article by David Byrne, he writes, “There is no one single way of doing (music) business these days. There are, in fact, six viable models by my count.” Byrne includes input from Radiohead’s lead singer, Thom Yorke who explains that In Rainbows brought more money to the band via the Web than the digital releases of all other Radiohead albums… combined!

A recent Reuters article says that Sheryl Crowe’s re-release of Tuesday Night Music Club as a deluxe package, will include a bonus CD of b-sides and rarities and a DVD of video clips and unseen tour footage.
Early Thomas at Studio 330

Early Thomas at Studio 330

Early Thomas has already given away more than 800 free downloads of El Chupacabra, his latest work with The Tyranny Of Evil Men . The results so far have provided him with a large e-mail subscriber list and netted the attention of XM and Sirius Radio, now playing one of the CD’s cuts in rotation. “G is For Girl.” The free download offer, originally set to expire on December 25 at midnight, has been extended into the New Year. Simply visit their Facebook Fan Page for instructions.

El Chupacabra is a bold departure for Early Thomas in more ways than the marketing. Whether you consider him a Renaissance man or a once-was control-freak, on his previous works Early played all of the instruments – fourteen total and sang the vocals and harmonies. Maybe it was an infection of Steel Bridge Song Fest spirit that caused him to open the studio doors, inviting a host of collaborators and members of his own band to help create the latest tracks in his newest release. And the results have inspired and energized him.

After spending several months working with Hans Christian at Studio 330 in Sturgeon Bay the final 12 songs that will make up the forthcoming El Chupacabra CD are an eclectic mix.There are several enjoyable high-energy rock numbers like “New Religion” (including pat mAcdonald on harmonica) and “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” – songs I play again and again. “Astronaut” is Early’s favorite cut and it features Hans Christian on sitar and sarangi (an Indian fiddle).

But, it’s the spooky and poetic dirges that I find most powerfully original. “My Time Here is Done“opens and closes with the sounds of a 100-year old harmonium played by Early and includes Victor DeLorenzo on percussion, joined by Hans on cello. “Into the Soil” includes the influence and bass styling of LMO’s Wade Coisman. Early’s vocals on both of these numbers are chilling.

Surf music makes a return, but no Beach Boy influences present in “Ride.” It rocks solid like “Sin,” a cut that has its roots sunk deep into electric blues. The album closes with “Drowning #9,” a song that takes me back to the spacey sounds of the 80’s but derives its narrative from Early’s observations regarding his father’s battle with alcoholism.

In addition to the members of Early’s band: Matt Tischler, lead guitar; Mojo Perry, lead guitar; Pete Becker, bass and Scott Berendt, drums …the album also features guest contributions from Wally Ingram (Cheryl Crowe, David Lindley), Pat Judy, drums, Geri X, Delaney Davidson and many others.
- Door County Style Magazine


-El Chupacabra, (Spring) 2010 TCS America Records (Soul-moving Alternative Rock

-Little Bent Trees, 2008 TCS America Records (Ear splitting Neo Punk to Alternative Country)

-Subterranean Exile, 2007 TCS America Records (Experimental Alternative Rock)

-Year Of The Lion, 2005 TCS America Records (Thomas’ first all Acoustic album)

-Pacifico, 2004 TCS America Records, ( Dark, pulsing Indie Rock; songs of loss and hope)

-Sugar, 2003 TCS America Records, (Alternative Pop Rock with great melodies and solid funk rhythms).

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Early Thomas and The Tyranny Of Evil Men was formed by Rock-n-Soul veteran Early Thomas, co/founder and front man for the influential Alternative Rock band Soul Patrol (Heartlander Records). After a highly successful and critically-acclaimed 8-year run, Soul Patrol disbanded in 1996. Now established, and, well known for his unflinching lyrics and his captivating live performance, singer/songwriter/guitarist Early Thomas embarked on a successful solo career which produced 5 CDs (TCS America Records). In addition to his own live shows, Thomas has been invited to join the stage for performances with, among others, friends Jackson Browne, Greg Allman, and Jane Wiedlin (The Go Go’s).

In 2008, Thomas partnered with bassist/producer Peter Becker (myspace.com/peterbeckermusic) and formed his latest band Early Thomas and The Tyranny Of Evil Men. The duo is currently in the process of completing the band's debut CD, El Chupacabra, slated for release in the Spring of 2010 (TCS America Records). Thomas has assembled a world class recording lineup for this latest work which includes contributions from Victor Delorenzo (Violent Femmes), Wally Ingram (Cheryl Crow, David Lindley), and Pat MacDonald (Timbuk 3). Still slated to add their input on the LP are Kim Manning and Eric McFadden (George Clinton and P-Funk), Pauli Ryan (Garbage), as well as Delaney Davidson and Geri X.

The Band has begun rehearsing for live performance of the newest record, and a U.S. tour is slated to kick off in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, March 3, 2010.