EarMode is a rock band that trembles the average fan with heart pounding explosive musical power. We call it Power on Demand. This is true original rock music, EarMode.


EarMode hails from the Slidell, LA and GulfCoast MS regions, with members scattered from here to there. Katrina hit us hard but we are trying to pick up pieces. Our name is still rising as our faithful still listen to internet radio stations EarMode has been featured on. RadioBuzzed, freakout radio, KTUH in Hawaii had EarMode at number 3 on the charts for awhile. NewOrleansBands.net plays EarMode alot as well. EarMode has 5 songs on that site to listen to. EarMode is ready for some travel, we love entertaining and putting smiles on peoples faces. It's really a big kick to get people moving. Punch in EarMode on your puter. You'll see for yourself we are trying hard. EarMode has an International Office in Germany now. Lyndon Hudson operates it, and is looking to open a step sister office in Japan. EarMode got hit hard by Hurricane Katrina, but we must play on! We look forward to rocking your soul and making you move. We are looking for GIGS. It's tough here in the New Orleans Area, and Gulfcoast,
EarMode…feel it, live it , come on, hire us for your next show. We just wanna play!


EarMode Lyrics!

Written By: EarMode

Bad Bad Boy
Lyrics by Pat Nikolas

I remember the times that you’d leave,
You’d never tell me goodbye.
Can’t ya see what it does to me,
Does this mean our love was a lie.
Then you said goodbye,
But one more night and I’ll be heading for home,
Back to you where I belong.


I’ve been a bad bad boy,
And I ain’t takin’ no more.
I’ve been a bad bad boy,
Gonna ease the door yea.

So your thinking’ I’ve been messin’ around,
Oh been hitting every dive in town.
It’s such a shame to see you act this way,
Guess there’s only one thing left to say,
Girl get out of my way
Cause one more night and I’ll be heading for home,
Back to you where I belong.

Repeat Chorus

So you’re thinking baby now we’re through,
Girl I really got some news for you.
You’re gonna wake up from a deep deep sweat,
Gonna tell ya baby baby you’re the best.
Girl you are the best.
Yea one more night and I’ll be heading for home,
Back to you where I belong.

Repeat Chorus

Lyrics by Pat Nikolas

He was a man in his twenties,
Dressed whites on Sunday
December 7, of ‘41
Stuck in our heads
Raised the stars and stripes,
Just after 8 a.m.
Heard the flock of planes comin’,
to blow them away.

Scurried and hurried back to man the controls.
Bombs in the bay, the bullets rolled
Kamikazes with red circles, attached to their planes.
Surprise vacationing America,
With the big ass name.

Kamikazes comin’, to blow my ship away,
Kamikazes comin’, he dived in the bay,
And he watched it burn, sink away.

Think I’ll swim back to shore,
Gotta get away,
Kamikazes comin’, taking’ aim my way
Gotta save my ass, smoke filling the air,
Going to find fire gun and shoot them
Kill all there friends.

Repeat Chorus

Lyrics by Reggie Hudson

I need some DIRT, To wash away the TEARS
To take away the PAIN, To take away the HURT,
For the way that you love me DIRT

Said you were GONE, it seams that your BACK,
Did you find another lover, Was he BLACK,
or was it another woman, DIRT

I need some DIRT, To Wash Away the TEARS
To Take Away the PAIN, To Take Away the HURT
For the way you love me DIRT

Did they welcome you BACK,
Did they hold you in their Arms
Did you turn on the Charm, Did you gain all their trust
Or Did you steal from them DIRT

I need some DIRT, To wash away the TEARS
To take away the PAIN, To take away the HURT
For the way that you love me DIRT

When You’re Lonely
Lyrics by Reggie Hudson

When You’re lonely,
how ‘bout thinking ‘bout me sometime.
When it’s over,
You’ll be glad you did
You know I,
I’m gonna work you over,
You know why,
I make you feel so good,


You told me you hold me you need me you squeeze me you have me you want me you put nothing above me, and all I can say to you now baby is wow…What in the hell do I do now

When you come by,
I’m gonna eat you all over
I‘ll take you out,
In and out again
It’ll make you cry,
to think it will be over
That’s no good,
bring a tear to your eye

Repeat chorus

Roll Me Over {In the Clover}
Lyrics by Pat Nikolas

Play with me now I feel your fever
Don’t you know that I am just a toy who likes to play
Come on baby now I can take you there
Hold me close now what do you say
This only for now, let’s get nasty, get kissy faced
Please roll me over in over, far up high through the Milky Way.

Roll me over in the clover again,
Cause I’m so lonely, think you might understand
Roll me over in clover again
I’m so lonely now take me away

Oh so hot now I feel you quiver
Oh baby I, feel your lovin’ vibes
Ease on over me, take me up inside,
Comon baby now let’s play
This is not a true love,
lets get nasty, get kissy faced,
roll me over in clover,
far up high through the Milky Way

Repeat Chorus

This is only for now, let’s get nasty, get kissy faced
Please roll me over in clover, far up high across the Milky Way.

Repeat Chorus (2)

Comin Back
Lyrics by Reggie Hudson

You say you were leavin’,
say you’ll be home round midnight
Going out drinkin’ with your buddies,
Somehow that just don’t seem right
All I wanna know…is if your comin back

Now I don’t care bout this evening
It ain’t like that at all
You don’t care bout my feelings
There bout to bout take a fall
All I wanna know ….is if your comin back

I don’t care where your goin’
I don’t care who you’ve been with
You should see the way I see it
But you don’t care, you don’t care bout that a bit
All I wanna know is if your comin back

I know you say “I wish you was going”
I know you don’t mean that shit
All you care ‘bout is who you’ll see there
Who you’ll see there I don’t care I don’t care
All I wanna know is if your comin back

Repeat 1st verse

K-Mart Song
Lyrics by Reggie Hudson

Miles and Miles of aisles and aisles
Shit stacked up to the sky


"Now Hear This" EarMode's debut CD.
SONGS: Bad Bad Boy, Kamakazi, Dirt, When You're Lonely, Comin Back, When You Coming Back Over have been streamed and recieved airplay in New Orleans, Hattiesburg, MS, Honolulu, HI, Germany, Australia, Belgium, and Italy to name a few. EarMode hit number 7 in the top 10 in Hawaii.
Freakradio and Znetradio are spinning EarMode.

Set List

Sets now run from 1 1/2 to 2 hrs.
We play our original stuff off of our Now Hear This CD. We like cover songs from - U2, White Zombie, Metalica, Blood Pool, Robin Trower,
EarMode's--- Dirt, Kamikazi, When You're Lonely, Bad Bad Boy, Almost, When You Coming Back Over, Be The Sire, K-Mart Song, Comin Back, Remember That, Roll Me Over(In The Clover), Next to You, Drop Your Pants, Robots, Bungalow, Almost, Scary Song, Running away..