Electronic Artist Relief Syndicate

Electronic Artist Relief Syndicate

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The Electronic Artist Relief Syndicate was concieved out of a global effort to provide aid to the asian tsunami victims. With our benefit album 'Whirlstream', we provide a diverse and refreshing insight into the realm of electronic music. Please help us make a difference by buying our cd.


EARS International was formed out of a global community of electronic musicians and artists in response to the terrible tragedy in Asia on Dec. 26th, 2004. We decided to unite and create a compilation album as our way to help the victims of this horrible disaster. The beautifully ecclectic album 'Whirlstream' was born out of this heartfelt collaboration of electronic musicians, that genuinely spans the globe. The profits garnered from the sales of this album will be donated to organisations directly engaged in this humanitarian effort.


The album 'Whirlstream' made it's debut at the exciting Remix Hotel Miami during this year's Winter Music Conference. This release is recieving worldwide acclaim and is currently available for a small donation through the EARS International web site (the red link above). Whirlstream is also available through major music sites such as Apple's iTunes(search for the album title), CD Baby, and others. You may preview six excellent tracks from the album by clicking on the Audio button at the top of this page.