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Earth Shaman Ajna

Austin, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Austin, Texas, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop Experimental




"La Musica: Anahata Ajna – “Flame Emoji EP”"

As fall approaches…

AXM has chosen to deliver another tape that promises to make some waves. This time the collectives veteran MC and house engineer, Anahata Ajna, takes the stage with three new songs that we think you should hear.

The most prominent track on this project is none other than “Flame Emoji” , probably because the video for the song has already been doing numbers. “Flame Emoji” had its world premier on ELEVATOR back in the winter months and Ajna’s fans have been waiting on it ever since.

I could go on and on about how great these new songs are, however we need to take a look at the artist for those who have not heard of him. Anahata Ajna aka Phoolish has been producing and playing around ATX for five years now. He is the brains behind many of AXMs artistic ventures and oversees a plethora of projects done by its members. Just about nothing is released by AXM without a once over by the Earth Shaman Ajna.

AXM is the weirdest most diverse group of artists I have ever come into contact with and Ajna is one they all look to for a bit of inspiration. Without this man the transitions wouldn’t be as smooth and the dreads wouldn’t hang as low… Show a shaman some love and download his new sound. - COSIGN MAGAZINE


Holy fuck man, this man Anahata Ajna dropped off a dope little 3 track project entitled Flame Emoji, and it’s all bangers.

Two of the three tracks feature a dope as FUCK artist Billyracxx, and if you don’t know him by now, you will learn soon. Both of these artists are dope, and the lyricism in this is actually really deep, but over trap beats. It appeals to a multitude of audiences, which I love. Check out Flame Emoji below! - DYLAN


Anahata Milytia gives a second visual from the clan today with Anahata Anja‘s “Flame Emoji” featuring Billyracxx. - Elevator Mag.

"COSIGN Life: Meet Anahata X Militia | @anahataxmiltia"

This is Texas folks… home of everything large and the epicenter of rebellion. Yea, that’s right! On the days where we aren’t threatening to leave the union we are probably getting “lit” at one of the many music festivals in Austin, or we have taken the day off to go play with our guns. What? No chill? OK. Anyway I guess ill get down to business, I’ve set up shop here in Austin, TX and I have seen a lot of talent come and go. The capitol of Texas gives you the hottest live music in the world right now. Thousands of new people join us here every year to get a piece of the pie, and it is my personal pleasure to introduce you to the liveliest band in Austin right now, Anahata X Milytia.

AXM is a rookie collective of artists coming from various backgrounds and utilizing a plethora of crafts to get their message across. Now what is that message? Only the most easy-going, profound, and ancient message of all, to live free and live true. The group consists of several photographers, musicians, fashion designers, producers, creative directors, and maybe even an author or two. It’s absolutely something else to see so many people cooperate and incorporate their creative energies.

– @UdaraPrime - CosignMag.

"Artist Spotlight: Phoolish"

Anahata Anja – “All I do is KiLL Shit” – shot by. @HeaterGod

We aren’t quite sure what to call him… but I just call him Phoolish.

Although he often goes by the aliases “Earth Shaman Ajna, $unnyChi$m, and Demi, he was born Christopher James Baxter. The provocative songwriter hales from Watts, LA and moved to Dallas, TX around the age of 13 to live with his father. Phoolish is well known as an artist in the great state of Texas. Having released his first album “Smoke Good, Eat Good” back in 2010 and receiving some radio play in the Dallas area, then moving south to the live music capitol to put his flag down there as well.

Phoolish is a fan of “the culture”, as he puts it, always eager to add to the mix. (pun intended) He has preformed with a few different groups over the past decade, Da Knew Age (DKA), XXVIII, and now Anahata X Milytia (AXM). Phoolish loves Pop and Hip Hop music yet endulges in the experimental realm. He is a creative director, visionary artist, singer, songwriter, producer, and engineer, lets just say he is a true ATX artist. Phoolish Tha Pres has been doing this music thing for a little over a decade now, and delights in the majestic essence of great music. The track “GTS” and the album Lamassu are both esoteric and pop-esk projects the artist released some time ago, and both are testaments to how he loves to take time tested techniques and take them even further into the bizarre.

I have seen Phoolish Tha Pres preform around the Austin area many times over the last five years and I can say confidently that he has rarely left an audience unsatisfied. Whether preforming as part of a group or a solo artist, this guy can really put you in tune with his mixing and matching of various feels and sounds. The music can be gritty and down to earth then all of a sudden soar into the clouds and become almost angelic or take you on a seriously funky trip altogether…

His music, visual art, costume, and overall production has progressed and been perfected here in the year of 2016. With the release of “Flame Emoji” via the underground platform @Elevator_ , it is obvious that this artist is capable of hanging with the top contenders in the music industry. He provides seemingly flawless visuals and production with the help and dedication of his squad, AXM. Over the next year I look forward to seeing Anahata Ajna come out with some solo material. Over the past year he has been working on the label as a whole so it will be interesting to see what he has to say of the experience.




@UdaraPrime - thethiiirdshaman


The Austin Texas native Anahata Ajna has recently blessed the internet with his new song and video titled "Flame Emoji". With "Flame" being conveniently part of the title, this song and visual in no way disappoints . The visual which was shot by HeaterGod and deadoccasion, but directed by Anahata himself is one of the most creative music videos iv'e seen so far this year. The track featuring artist Billyracxx has a bass heavy beat and simple but very well placed wordplay leaning torwards modern/new age Hip-Hop culture. That mixed with a kick ass visual makes this a big win for both Austin Texas, Anahata Ajna and of course...the internet. Keep up with Anahata on his twitter page ( @phoolishthapres ) and bump his music on his soundcloud page ( @anahataajna​ ) . - TORCH UP NYC


Richy Hyliger is joined by his fellow Anahata|Milytia comrades Anahata Ajna and Billyracxx in his visual for “Static”. - Elevator Mag.



Feeling a bit camera shy


Birth Name: Christopher J Baxter

Also known as: Earth Shaman Ajna / Phoolish / $unnyChi$m 

Born:  July, 28 1990 (age 25)

Watts, California, U.S.

Genres: Hip hop / Pop / Experimental

Occupations: Creative Director / Singer / Songwriter / Producer / Engineer 

Years active: 2014–present

Labels Independent:

Associated acts: AnahataXMilytia

Band Members