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Earth and the Next Society

Sedona, Arizona, United States | MAJOR

Sedona, Arizona, United States | MAJOR
Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Blue Pie goes green with Michael Shields and Earth and the Next Society"

Sydney – 11th JANUARY 2012 – Effective Immediately – Blue Pie Goes Organic with Michael Shields

Jan 13, 2012 -
Blue Pie and Michael Shields, founder and lead performer of the band “Earth and the Next Society” ( are working together to develop and launch a variety of “Organic” products and services which will appeal to consumers and suppliers of organically branded merchandise. This move towards organically branded merchandise is an exciting step forward for both Blue Pie and Michael Shields. With the global push for organic merchandise and keeping things “green”, Blue Pie believes the initiative is a step in the right direction for the ethical label.

- Blue Pie - PRLog

"Pongid Featured Artist of the Month for Dec - Earth and the Next Society"

Pongid is pleased to introduce this group of talented musicians to our listeners and readers. From their message to their music, Earth and Next Society is a classic rock band for the 21st century. Check their music out on our stream and make sure that you visit their web site here - and buy their music on iTunes here. - Pongid

"Earth and the Next Society release first video from "Live Earth""

Earth and the Next Society have released their first video "Golden Age (Break Free) from the album "Live Earth." The track is also released this month in single form to over 6700 terestrial radio stations in addition to satellite and web/online music sources. The group will additionally be releasing several other tracks from the live album "Live Earth" in the coming Months. - Earth and the Next Society

"RockWired's Artist of the Month for July 2011 - Earth and the Next Society"

The polls have closed for ROCKWIRED.COM's recent ARTIST OF THE MONTH campaign. Voters from all over the U.S. made their vote count and the band EARTH AND THE NEXT SOCIETY walked away the winner. -

"Review of "Live Earth" at MusicEmissions"

At the heart of their sound is some straight-forward straight-shooting Rock music, complete with everything you'd expect: Harry Burns on bass, Ryan Baker on drums, Tom McMillan on keyboards, and Michael Shields with his soaring guitar solos and heartfelt vocals.

- MusicEmissions

"Earth and the Next Society - PensEyeView"

the music is designed to inspire each of us to realize and pursue purpose in the interest humanity as whole." And inspire it has. With a legion of fellow "society members" packing the seats, Shields is taking his unique sound to the epicenter of new rock with a fast and fueled momentum.

- PensEyeView

"Earth & The Next Society – Live Earth (CD)"

“Golden Age” is the first track on Live Earth, and the confident guitar work that opens up the album will immediately ensnare listeners. While the presence of a nearly six minute track may be a hard hurdle for some bands to hop, Earth & The Next Society craft a song that is as solid-sounding as any studio recording while capturing some of the unique allure that is present in a live setting. “The Art of Believing” is a track that furthers this sound, with a live crowd perfectly highlighting the band’s strengths. The progressive metal guitar lines open up to a tremendously emotive set of vocals. The aforementioned vocals do more than just lay out the track’s narrative.

- Neufutur Magazine - James McQuiston

"Earth and the Next Society, Live Earth Teaser"

All I have to say is OHHHH YEAHHHH!!! I was supplied five tracks which is only about half of what you can expect to hear on their debut record ‘Live Earth’. Let me tell you though that Earth and the Next Society still blew me away! Their energy & force is second to none!

- Scope Magazine - Jimmie Rae

"CD Review: Earth and the Next Society's powerful "Live Earth""

Earth and the Next Society's positive messages and melodic rock arrangements on 'Live Earth' are simply powerful.

The saying that 'the pen is mightier than the sword' has certainly proved truthful throughout history. In Earth and the Next Society's official biography, the band have wrapped themselves around the broader sense of history and the social changes happening around the globe. Whether the news is turned to CNN's coverage of the Egyptian government overthrow or the European financial crisis, this band seems to insert itself onto this broad spectrum. In the CD Live Earth, the lyrics and energy pouring out is simply powerful.

Read more at Suite101: CD Review: Earth and the Next Society's Powerful 'Live Earth' | - Suite 101 - Melissa Kucirek

"ReverbNation Buzz for Earth and the Next Society"

"Earth and the Next Society have been added to the roster of the Rainmaker Media Group."
" The power of love ! I feel your universe! Thank you my friend! I love your music, Ryo, "
- Ryo Utasato , via the Internet
"Whoa!! I wanna be at one of your concerts!! Kick ass music!! "
- 1:00 AM, ReverbNation
We are digging it ! Nice Tunage ! Peace from Sunny Detroit City :-) ~Tommy "
- Spirits of Another Day, via the Internet
"Amazing classic rock! Love it all riffs! Greetings from Sao Paulo Brazil~Zen "
- Stoneria, via the Internet
"Ah this I like. Such a powerful voice.! "
- And She Breathes, ReverbNation
"Absolutely great tunes y'all!! Really diggin it! "
- Chemical Valley, Reverbnation
"What Are We Now ? " , We are fans of your music !!! Awesome !!
- Crimson City Romance, ReverbNation
I'm crazy for (Create Reality)..... "
- Duggie-Mak-Fly, ReverbNation
"hope to inherit your musical wisdom cause you guys sure know how to rock it! PEOPLE!!! "
- Ecologyngle, ReverbNation

- ReverbNation - Just a few of the many great comments and feedback we are getting

"Featured song of the day on FM102x"

Earth and the Next Society were recently featured as "song of the day" with "The Art of Believing." - FM102x

"ROCKWiRED RADiO PROFiLES PRESENTS: The classis Rock Sounds of Earth and the Next Society"

Earth and the Next Society - Featured Artist on - Interview with rock journalist Brian Lush -


Earth and the Next Society have released "Live Earth" a live album featuring 11 powerful tracks that evoke the message, sound and inspiration of the band.

Streaming Album at



Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter Michael Shields birthed the idea of "Earth and the Next Society" as a platform of expression focused on the evolutionary times that currently face humanity. As the concept began to gain momentum it in itself brought Shields along with Keyboardist Tom McMillian, Drummer Dave Bedell and Bassist Jimmy Mack on a journey that ultimately merges the many inspirations associated with the Golden Age of Rock music and beyond with the current Rubicon that faces humanity where consciousness and reality are concerned. The influences and comparisons can be made throughout much of the classic rock paradigm. Frampton, Led Zeppelin, U2, Pink Floyd, Cream, Hendrix, SRV and much, much more.

Its no great secret when you step outside the parameters of your daily existence and view the progression of humanity and consciousness over a broader period of time, that we have been in a period of escalation where perception, society, reality and consciousness are concerned. Consider what humanity has experienced over the past 100 years or so as compared to the previous 2000. its unprecedented. It continues to gain speed...where do we contend it is heading? Clearly we are reaching a moment where we shall see the dawn of new society. We wish to be among those carrying the torch, forging a path for our children....join us so that we may grow the tribes and masses through music and many other means to create "Earth and the Next Society."