Funky, in-your-face, high energy rock. Accomplished musicians who love playing music for the sake of playing music. We work very hard at it, but we always have fun, whether or not it's practice or a show. Constant practice, and playing out whenever we can are the cornerstones of our philosophy.


Our influences come from all over....Phish, Grateful Dead, Wilco, Jeff Buckley, Underworld, and Sonvolt, just to name a few. The desire to keep the crowd entertained through music is our primary focus. Without the crowd, no music...we always get out and play, whether or not it's an open mic, or just jamming on Wyatt's back porch. What separates us from other bands is our originality. We love to play music and it shows in our stage presence. Our songs are as funky as James Brown on a bad night....


We currently have 3 of our live tracks on our myspace site. We are still working on an EP...but we have the majority of the tracks recorded. The Sunday Blues with Dar on 88.5FM has played one of our tracks, titled, "Guitar Shoppe".

Set List

We are capable of playing an hour setlist. All of our songs are originals...we can do some covers, but our own music is, and always has been, our primary focus.