Meli Morgaine

Meli Morgaine


A blend of the past and the future. The fusion of celtic music and latin rock. It has powerful celtic melodies with rock and latin rythms. I write in both, english and spanish, exploring the richness of both languages. Enthralling.


I was born and raised in the Highlands of the Caribbean, so, it was latin music like rumba, flamenco & nueva trova who shaped my origins in music. I also studied classical guitar and mandolin at the Conservatory of Music in Puerto Rico. Later I discovered the celtic music and with its mystic and alluring melodies, it had a powerful effect on the way I saw music from there on.
I am of irish, syrian and spanish descendance, and so it shows in the music.
I speak about love, of course, but also about history, spirituality, the human conflict within, justice & the joy of peace and good music.
I came to the Bay Area in 2006 looking for a place I could call home in terms of music. I have been doing lots of presentations, as a solo act, as well as with my celtic- latin rock band Earthen. I have played in festivals like "Health and Harmony Festival", "Earthdance" and "Burning Man" among hundreds of other stages, restaurants, clubs & theaters all over San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, Los Angeles, Mexico & Puerto Rico.
The themes that I usually chose for my songs are a little unusual for what poeple are used to, with every intention of just being different. I refuse to follow the mainstream. I much rather take the rocky road and present something real. Like the fusion of celtic and latin music, or celtorican.
I mingle the past with the future in the present, and Time will refine the experiment!


Cantar es Vivir - 2002
Por quien sigue su ideal - 2003
Songflowers - 2004
Electric Rain - 2005
Fallen Leaf - 2007

Set List

Most of the songs are original
We normally play two sets of 50 minutes each.
Here's the list of originals
1. Answer of Silence
2. Electric Rain
3. Fallen Leaf
4. Travesía (For the rest of my rides)
5. Se Muere
6. Vida Siempre
7. Just Fine
8. The Portal of Time
9. De nunca olvidar
10. Blue
11. Esa Luz
12. Esperanza Líquida
13. Buen Viaje
14. Positive Vibe
15. Vida Siempre
16. Buen Viaje
17. Guia
18. Andar mis sueños
19. Acto de Fe
20. Song of the Woods

And from the covers:
1. Spanish Bombs- The Clash
2. Hazy Shade of Winter - Paul Simon & Bangles
3. Innocente - Delirium
4. The Battle of Evermore - Led Zeppellin
5. All souls night - Loreena Mckennitt
6. Se me acaba - Morbo
7. You did it all before (with mandolin arrangement) - Milla Jovovich
8. 4 my love - Sinead O'Connor
9. White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane
10. Spanish Caravan - The Doors