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Earth From Here

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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"recently pressed"

The members of Earth From Here recently pressed their butt cheeks against the glass of a very well known bagel shop near Union Square. Some beleive the imprint to be very similar to the likeness of Mother Theresea or Leonardo Di Caprio.

--AP (Asshole Press) - released


EP's: 4 Songs (2003)
7 songs (2004)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Earth From Here proudly hails from the East Coast, specifically the New York tri-state area. The band's founding members, vocalist Ian Roberts and guitarist JP Gilbert, are originally from Morris County, N.J. before its second metamorphosis, the band consisted of JP playing guitar, Ian playing bass and singing, and drummer Eric Allatta. After recording a four-song demo in 2003, the first version of the band split due to Allatta's departure for St. John's college. JP and Ian wished to continue the band, so they moved to New York City, where JP attended New School University. Soon after their arrival, JP met drummer Tim Monaghan and bassist Chris Tordini while attending the New School Jazz Program. With the addition of Connecticut drummer Monaghan and Jersey native Tordini, a new incarnation of Earth From Here was born. After recording their current demo live in the sanctuary of a New Jersey church, Tordini left the band to pursue his studies. Tordini's time in Earth From Here was short, but essential in shaping their present sound. With the confidence of the remaining members solidified through the strength of their new demo, Earth From Here picked up bass player Jansen Sinco. Sinco is originally from the Phillipines, but he was raised in New York City. An established jazz bass player, he has played with many young up and comers as well as master drummer Michael Carvin. The addition of Jansen to Earth From Here has helped codify their sound, as well as present a number of musical directions in which to go.
Members of the band have been musically influenced by a myriad of artists ranging from the poppiest pop to the most obscure. Since they come from an improvising musical tradition, namely jazz, much of the music is influenced by the way jazz is played. But they are, of course, a rock band, with the prerequisite high volumes, blistering guitars and drums, and impassioned vocals. Most significantly, they have the passion and skill to put on an amazingly inspired live show.
The lyrical duties, shared by JP and Ian, are influenced by literature, dialogues with friends, and various experiences. Surprisingly, the three and four hundred year-old Renaissanceian themes of the authors John Crowley and Dame Francis Yates have worked their way into songs (as well as a forth-coming concept album).
Members of the band have been recently caught listening to Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, lutenist Paul Odette, Jim Black's band Alasnoaxis, Science Fiction by Ornette Coleman, Coheed and Cambria, Graceland by Paul Simon, Chet Baker, The Mars Volta, Saves the Day, Radiohead, Mozart sonatas, and Sibelius symphonies.