"I enjoyed experiencing the dark, challenging soundscapes EARTHGOAT have created. They are definitely more than the sum of thier influences." Ian D (Simple Minds)


EARTHGOAT's debut album "Sex and Blood" has cemented the band as a force to be reckoned with. Boasting audio & visual artistry that continues to stimulate the alternative music scene.

The debut features the brooding drone of "1763 ", Dark dance of "Astrolabe" and a reworking of David Bowie's "Scary Monsters".

Corman says "Initially I was working on some ambient music, a soundtrack. I began inserting some backbeats and it escalated from there. I guess people may "Sex and Blood" as industrial sounding, and that's fine. I see colors, pulses, frequencies more than I do much else.

"My whole take on this record has been minimalism. I see the bombardment of the media & the pace at which some people spin as too much, too fast. I've peeled back everything. The whole premise of slowing things down was a natural response for me, & that's the power of this record. Corman

Featured on Australia's prestigious "AMP Awards" The band has been honored with "Song of the Week", with the heavy dance single "Astrolabe".


The Priest

Written By: Justin Nelson

And she waits in vain to a casual view just like a gone insane I once knew and the image is what I cannot see and she waits she’ll wait

And the garden grows the garden grows after years of blaspheme and sin – I’ll surrender I’ll survive the way with me the way with you and the lights that shine on the sea again

As I flew I knew just one thing now was the time to jump and sing for the old world was a lie and she came again, again, again

Waits in vain to a casual view just like a gone insane I once knew and the image is what I cannot see and she waits, she waits

Sublime Eyes

Written By: Justin Nelson

The world today
Is not ok
I reach for you down a corridor
Down a corridor
With eyes sublime
With eyes sublime
Right in front of you


Written By: Justin Nelson

People and me and you alone
Mama breathe
We’ll drift away alone
My concubine’s with me alone

People and me and you
We’ll breathe again
Mama my concubine’s with me alone


Sex and Blood - (album) 2005
Catalogue no. FF98011137
Label - Fresh Fish Records

The Priest - (single) 2007
Catalogue no. FF98011138
Label - Fresh Fish Records

Set List

The Priest
I Have Seen the Sun
Every Reason in the World
Sublime Eyes
Ever Know
She's a fire
One of Us
Scary Monsters