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"Praise for EARTHGOAT"

"Great Artistry"
Ian D (Simple Minds)
I enjoyed listening/experiencing the dark, challenging soundscapes EARTHGOAT have created. They are definitely more than the sum of thier influences. Ian D (Simple Minds/ Big Country)

“Enjoyed your masterful use of technology!”
Michael Palmieri – renowned Composer

“Without question these guys understand how to write music. Sex and Blood offers something that’s accessible, dark & everything that a first album should be.”
Fiend Magazine

"Mesmerizing Debut"
Mesmerizing Debut offering for EARTHGOAT. Dark & inspiring - at times confrontational but the end result is a definate Classic.

"Dark, Ambient, Emotional, Industrial, Original."
Ghostwriter - iTunes
Dark, ambient, emotional, industrial, original. You won't hear anything like this today! Check out the fantastic version of Bowie's "Scary Monsters"

"Top Class Album"
Cookie Zen
The music + the visuals from this cd are top class and deserved to be recognized

Album Review; Sex and Blood
Don Traverso
Since I first heard this CD, I've been wanting to write about it. First off, let me tell you that I find most music out there boring. Most radio stations in the US play mass-produced, committee-approved crap, with very little variation. Once in a while something slips through that different, and when I find it I get excited. I first started this MySpace page to put my work out there and get some feedback, but it has also the bonus of affording me the opportunity to find some great challenging new music that I would otherwise never find through other outlets. This is the way I'd heard about Earth Goat. "Sex And Blood" is Earth Goat's debut. To categorize it would be unfair to it, but people love labels so try these on: industrial; ambient drone; techno; avant garde; alt rock....the list could go on and on and still not adequately describe what type of music it is. I like these words: challenging; engaging; unique; excellent. Kobe Corman, Earth Goat's singer/songwriter, describes his music as colors, pulses and frequencies. I like those words too. The CD opens with "She's A Fire", a song with a clanging menacing pulse and vaguely sinister lyrics. Kobe's voice has a bit of a John Lennon or David J quality to it, which he uses masterfully to either convey darker emotions as in "She's A Fire", or plaintive melancholy as in "1763", and mix the two in "Astrolabe", a song that would go over well on any techno-industrial dance set. "Every Reason In The World" is probably the most challenging track, with Kobe taking chances with everything, from the song structure to his vocal stylings. I was reminded of another CD I'd listened to, Cathal Coughlan's "The Sky's Awful Blue", where Mr. Coughlan takes the same chances on a song named "Pawnshop Riches" but in my opinion fails by not being cohesive. "Every Reason In The World" succeeds because every piece fits into the whole of the song. Kobe also offers up a couple instrumentals, the chillout-styled "I Have Seen The Sun" and the droney "Daydream", which each convey the different moods his music can cover. And speaking of covers, Kobe does a kickass one of David Bowie's "Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)" before closing the CD with the sublime "Sublime Eyes". If you like something that's truly new, check out this CD. It is the perfect antidote to the homogenized muzak the RIAA thinks we should be overpaying for. Very highly recommended!

"-- friggin' AWESOME!!!!!! Very raw and real! When's the next one coming out?"
Reviewer: Mekano 46
Bought Sex And Blood from CD Baby and listened to it today -- friggin' AWESOME!!!!!! Very raw and real! When's the next one coming out?

"A Good release all Round."
Shaun Nancarrow
Rave Magazine - EARTHGOAT


Sex and Blood - (album) 2005
Catalogue no. FF98011137
Label - Fresh Fish Records

The Priest - (single) 2007
Catalogue no. FF98011138
Label - Fresh Fish Records



EARTHGOAT's debut album "Sex and Blood" has cemented the band as a force to be reckoned with. Boasting audio & visual artistry that continues to stimulate the alternative music scene.

The debut features the brooding drone of "1763 ", Dark dance of "Astrolabe" and a reworking of David Bowie's "Scary Monsters".

Corman says "Initially I was working on some ambient music, a soundtrack. I began inserting some backbeats and it escalated from there. I guess people may "Sex and Blood" as industrial sounding, and that's fine. I see colors, pulses, frequencies more than I do much else.

"My whole take on this record has been minimalism. I see the bombardment of the media & the pace at which some people spin as too much, too fast. I've peeled back everything. The whole premise of slowing things down was a natural response for me, & that's the power of this record. Corman

Featured on Australia's prestigious "AMP Awards" The band has been honored with "Song of the Week", with the heavy dance single "Astrolabe".