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Words That Must Be Told

Written By: Rodney roach

what of the words,
o,what of the words,
what of the words that must be told,
what of the words

we gotta change our lives,
gotta live our lives for love,
put away your strife,
and live,live your life for love

babylon's stories are always sold,
covering the words that must be told,
mouthpieces smiling with perfect hair,
Razor sharp suits all empty air
mouthing propaganda from the boss,
long lost souls never counting the cost.
going 40 rounds on the killing floor,
throwin each other out the door
you say it's love but it's all control
putting your markers on my soul
I want to walk, you say run,
I say it ends you say it's never done.

we gotta change our life
live this life for love
love your life
touch the stars above
put away your strife
live, live this life for love

Late night man gonna sell you wealth,
Brand new herbal gonna give you health,
Frantic to & fro in the marketplace,
Put a big smile on a Babylon face.
keepin us busy with a circus show,
TV anchors with the business blow
Record man talkin in da fancy suit,
You gonna be a star, and that's the truth.
Sign up your money on the dotted line,
We'll take you for a ride & send you flyin'
Bumpin' and a-pushin' for those bits of gold
They can't come along when your breath grows cold


Findin the words that must be said,
Searchin for the joy that frees our dread,
open our lives to the weaving sun,
All as one, no more we'll run
dance in the sky singing to the sea,
ride on the wind, let your soul be free
Shout out the words that must be told,
Livin' in the joy that we unfold
Have no fear of the endless time
Dancin to the riddim of the wordless ryhme
Brethren & sistren singing the verse
I & I are the children of the universe.