Earthsync Collective

Earthsync Collective


Songs and prayers inspired by the Laya Project presented by folk artists from India. The coming together of visual art and traditional music from 6 countries affected by the 2004 tsunami.


EarthSync is a content producer of awardwinning
audio and visual productions that
brings together traditional and
contemporary music in unique, high
quality productions. The company is
based in Chennai, South India, with
presence in Israel, UK and North America.
The passion for cultures, music, sound
and excellence often goes beyond the
studio to little known lands and their
music, and brings these unknown sounds,
instruments and music to the international
platform through albums, documentary
films, festivals, live shows, collaborative
projects, and unique platforms for music
production and collaboration. Inspired by Laya Project, the Earthsync Collective musicians interpret songs and prayers from the music of six Indian Ocean countries affected by the 2004 tsunami.


Earthsync Collective - Songs & Prayers Inspired by Laya Project - EPK (Unreleased)