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"Changing the game of music with a little hip-hop and acoustic."



Believe it or not, it Earthtone credits their rapid momentum and growing fan base to member Brad Doggett’s MacBook laptop. With this laptop, the band has been able to create and upload videos to YouTube, featuring what they do best: making authentic music.

Motivated by the desire to bring quality and substance back to music, Earthtone is out to prove that hard work and persistence are the keys to staying above the curve in today’s new music industry.

Gracing the stages of Richmond, Virginia’s Canal Club, Toads Place, and River Jam, Earthtone has secured a solid fan base in their hometown, and are beginning to bring their message to fans worldwide. Recently, Earthone had the honor of performing at Howard University’s annual homecoming Yardfest.

Their fan base is constantly expanding thanks to MySpace and YouTube. With each member generating a combination of nearly 3 million views, Earthtone is hitting the ground running with an unquenchable thirst to share their passions with people everywhere.

The future of Earthtone is bright. As a up and comer in today’s industry, Earthtone is putting finishing touches on their debut EP at Main Street Studios, in Richmond, Virginia. Their EP, scheduled to drop late March, will feature a blend of musical genres ranging from melodic and acoustic sounds to catchy hip-hop beats (produced via their vocal percussionist/beatboxer, Jon Q).

Above all, Earthtone is a coalition of artists for change. Through their music, Earthtone works to bridge social, race, and gender gaps between people everywhere, creating a sound that is positive, fresh and enlightening.


Earthtone’s EP feature’s the following songs:
1) I Love Music
2) Ain't Nobody
3) Back to Life
4) Applications
5) I'll Be Okay

Set List

Earthtone's typical set consists of a mixture of original songs and covers.

Featured original songs include:
I Love Music
Ain't Nobody
Back to Life
I'll Be Okay
I Will

Covers consist of Hip-hop and pop songs, including:
Mrs. Officer, lil'Wayne
Can't Believe It, T-Pain
No Diggity, Blackstreet
Rock Your Body, Justin Timberlake