Ease Up

Ease Up


High energy ska/reggae/rock music. We'll make you smile, we'll make you dance, we'll make you come back for another show. Ease Up!


Ease Up means to relax so when you party with us, don’t be so serious! Our music encapsulates good times, good friends, and positive vibes. Ease Up blends elements of ska, reggae, and rock bringing a refreshing new sound to the reggae/rock scene. So grab your dancing shoes, cruz to one of our shows, and see for yourself! Check out our music: http://www.easeupmusic.com, send us an email easeupmusic@gmail.com, and find us on Facebook!


Self Titled EP - Ease Up EP (August 2009)

If You Only Knew EP (March 2010)

Set List

Our set changes from night to night depending on the gig. We play all originals with a few select covers from time to time.
Songs: If You Only Knew, Now And Then, Broken Pieces, Ultimo Soldado, Cali-X, Evil Eye, Since You've Been Away, This Night, Naked In California, Unique, Hey Beezy, Probation, Enemy, Blowing Up My Phone