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Album: Stories Untold - 2012 (Label: Yumojah Records)
1. Life
2. It Hard
3. Why
4. The Right One
5. Lonely
6. Good Cop
7. Potential
8. Buss Now
9. Stories Untold
10. Diamond 4 Gold
11. Rude Bwoy Luv
12. Every Time U Go Away
13. Pay Back Time
14. Innocent Blood
15. Elshadai
16. Give Thanks


Why - 2011 Yumojah
It Hard - 2011 Yumojah
Every Time U Go Away - 2011 Yumojah
Buss Now - 2010 Yumojah
Free From Sins - 2010 Stingray
Pay Back Time - 2009 Yumojah

Album: Guns And Roses - 2006 (Label: Potential)
1. Blackmans History
2. Pharaoh (Let my People Go)
3. Behold (The Enemy Coming)
4. Lifetime Commitment
5. Cry Of The People
6. Man & Man (Should Unify Once More)
7. Example
8. Happiness
9. Touched By An Angel
10. Young Gifted And Black (ft. Queen Omega)
11. Johnny U Rich
12. Jehovah Calling You
13. Guns & Roses (ft. Starkey Banton)
14. Vanity
15. Only Jah Knows
16. Blackmans History (Acoustic Mix)

Album: Rock On – 1999 (Label: Charm)
1. Never Ending Love
2. What Can I Say
3. No Letting Go
4.No Man Is An ISland
5. Every Knee Shall Bow
6. Stand Up
7. Tell Me Now
8. PLay It No More
9. Signs Of The Time
10. What A Life
11. I Surrender
12. Turn It Up

Album: Propehcy – 1998 (Label: Charm)
1.Oh Jahoviah
2. Listen To Mama
3. No One
4. Give Me A Little Love
5. Rolling
7. Revelation
8. Nah Give Up
9. She Aint Heavy
10. A Little Bit More
11. Ghetto People
12. Cant Sleep At Night
13. Reggae Boyz
14. As Long As Theres Life


Lonely Is The Night 1995 Pacesetters
Don’t Wanna Lose You 1995 Pacesetters
I’ve Been a Fool 1996 Jugglings
Blessed Be The Rock 1996 Jugglings
Return To Class (EP) 1996 YPG
Moses 1997 Dimension
Blackman’s History 2002 Potential




Easi B is an awe-inspiring Singer/Songwriter, talented Musician and a creative Producer. His recording portfolio covers four albums and over 15 singles. His debut album “Prophecy” was published by Sony, he has had a number one single "Blackman's History" in the UK and his music continues to be the favourite among many around the world;

Easi B who hails from Portland Jamaica is unapologetic for his roots in reggae music and over the years remained committed to the people his music represents. This commitment together with his knowledge and experience of the music business has lead him to form his own independent label, Yumojah Records. The company slogan, ‘Making a Difference in Music’ attest his decision to continue to create music that positively impact fans around the world. He also changed the spelling of his name from “Easy B” in 2003 to distinguish himself from other artists with similar names.

Since the late 1990s Easi B has maintained strong ties in the UK where he lived for a number of years. He has developed a strong and dedicated fan base not only in the UK and Jamaica but throughout the whole of Europe and around the world. His dynamic performances and motivational songs prove that he is always revolutionising the genre of reggae. “Music is a way for me to express myself and I want people to know me on a personal level as well as to be able to relate to me through my music,” Easi B asserts.

Easi B is currently promoting his latest album “Stories Untold.” Using some of Jamaica’s most prominent musicians and top recording studio facilities, Easi B has crafted a truly imaginative and compelling album without compromising the grooves, melodies and innovations featured on his past recordings. From the album's opening track, "Suffering Soldier" to its concluding statements "I Will Give Thanks," Easi B takes listeners on a mind-bending, global adventure featuring all original compositions.

Easi B who took a break from performing to concentrate on his producing career is now back with a true album for the 21st century. The first single released off the album “Buss Now” and it accompanied video propelled him straight back into various top ten charts in Europe and the Caribbean. “Why,” the second single off the album was a smash hit in Kenya, getting over six airplay rotations a day on KBC radio. Another single “Potential” has just been dropped and is reporting positive feedbacks. This song encapsulates Easi B’s musical journey and highlights some of the pitfalls he endured along the way.

When Easi B sings the people listen, his music not only touches the heart it gets to the soul.