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Easop - The Time Has Come

Reviewed by T A Sutherland

Similar in style to the West Coast "Smooth The Messenger", Easop incorporates an interesting variety of loops, hooks and beats on a number of tracks on this album. His vocal dexterity shines on through in the title track, a really memorable number, where Easop lays it down on a slickgritty tip. Easop certainly has a handle on the reality of eternity and the effect it has to transform the needs and lives of those in the hood, check out the graphic yet hopeful "Somebody Loves You". Occasionally things get a bit formulaic, but generally a strong if somewhat stark style, plenty of slick, drivin' bass beats and smooth rappin', well worth a listen.
- Published in the CR Mag 67 Friday 1st March 2002

"Holy Hip Hop -Friday"

That's the million-dollar question that we all talk about," says
Pastor Easop, who before becoming a full-time pastor was the best-
known Christian rapper in the Bay Area. "To be honest, I don't think
anyone has the answer to it. I think there are a few reasons. Number
one is the message. We have to understand that a lot of times people
don't want to hear the message we have to relay. Our message is
shining light on darkness, and the Bible talks about men loving
darkness rather than light. Another reason is that nobody has mastered
the marketing of holy hip-hop -- it's barely in the stores or on the
radio. And another is that the artists' hearts have to be in the right
place. We can't be in this for fortune and fame. Our hearts have to be
in the ministry more than anything else." - Holy Hip Hop


Releases: [Live Now Die Later] [The Time Has Come]

The Time Has Come
1. Intro
2. Out Tha Box
3. How It Used To Be
4. Life Or Death Till I Die
5. Dead But Alive - Party Mix
6. The Time Has Come
7. Somebody Loves You
8. Here We Come
9. Force
10. Long Time Coming
11. Images
12. Fully Loaded
13. Dead But Alive



Since his birth in 1975, Easop Winston has created a place in the world for himself, his family and community. He has become not only a pillar in the African-American community, but an innovator in the world of gospel music. For Easop has taken a vision embedded in him since his youth and turned it into something the world can be a part of.

Described as a cross between DMX and Tupac, one of the differences between Easop and rappers of this caliber is his lyrical intent. His ability to dedicate his words and thoughts to God is what keeps his raps simple yet truthful, hardcore yet touching.

Equipped with a captivating voice and an anointed delivery raw enough to reckon with the ways of drugs and street mentalities, Easop has taken the message of God’s love, light and salvation from the insides of the church and placed in the middle of this intensely violent world.

Not only is Easop a true artist, he is also a true businessman. With the start of his company Life or Death Records, Easop has taken a vision and single handedly turned it into an establishment that embodies his hopes for his community. Through the label, he has completed his debut album entitled, "The Time Has Come."

Since 1994 Easop has built a strong following of fans and friends. His appearances throughout the Bay Area combined with his rawness in his rhymes have opened many doors for Easop’s career and label both nationally and internationally.

Some of his accomplishments included making hardcore gospel rap history by being the first gospel rapper to have his music played on San Francisco’s hottest station KMEL. His title cut The Time Has Come ranked #3 on a popular Christian radio play list in Atlanta.

Guest Appearance
He also appeared on the release from L.G. Wise, Ghetto Fables : Da 1/2 Ain't Told, on Grapetree Records in 2000.

The crew of three MCs "The End" and Easop formed the LOD Boys.

Easop has also shared the bill with gospel legends such as Angelo & Veronica, Andrae Crouch, Fred Hammond and Gary Oliver.

The MC released his debut album "The time Has Come" on his label Life or Death Records in 1999.
His sophomore record is entitled "Live Now Die Later", but if it has been released is not sure.

Easop Winston was still active as a MC in 2003, but is now a pastor of Realm of Blessings Church in the Bay Area, California.