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"Acoustic Alchemy"

HOW MANYacoustic guitar sets does it take for a night of good music? Well, for those who only like their guitars one way (electric), you might say “none.” But tonight’s free Shades of
Acoustic set at World Cafe Live, where three up-and- coming local singer-song- writers will perform, might make you rethink that. “It’s going to be a range of music,” says Alan Duprez, 25, singer and gui-
tarist for East A.M., one of the bands performing. East A.M., which Duprez
describes as having a “full band sound” (thanks to his drummer and a bass player), will entertain with
friends and fellow acoustic fans.
Shades of Acoustic was born to showcase different types of acoustic
music. “Everyone thinks when you
say ‘acoustic’ they just mean signer-songwriter stuff, when it’s more than
that,” says Duprez.

- Metro - Philadelphia

"Band Finder"

Genre: Acoustic/Rock

Hometown: Wilmington

Behind the Name: "Well, in the beginning it was Matt on this novelty drum kit with Matt playing acoustic guitar, and they played the East End in Newark a lot. They added their initials and formed the name of the band. Since then I think its come to mean a little bit more. I think it ind of represents this after-party, post college point in life. I think of it a s a leaving a party at 3 a.m. and the sate you usually find yourself in.

Every band I've listened to, I've been able to pinpoint someone they sound like. But not you guys. Who would you say you Sound Like?:

"Glad to hear you say that, actually. We don-t want to sound like anyone in particular, but I'd say the most metaphorical way to put it, would be in Jackson Browne and Joan Jett dated, they'd listen to us on the way to a John Mayer concert. We're rarely on the same page musically, mixing n everything fro m punk to progressive rock, and that's what you experience when you listen to our songs."

What to expect at a show:

"You're gonna have a really good time. We put on a high-energy and don't take ourselves very seriously. Music is a huge, huge release for us, so we hope everyone listening is able to get that release as well, from the long day of work or school they just put in." - Spark Magazine


Demo Released -6/26/08
Full CD - Release 8/8/08



East A.M. is an acoustic rock group that plays original music out of Philadelphia. Comparable to John Mayer and The Fray, they have played around the Philadelphia area at venues such as World Café Live, North Star Bar, The Baby Grand, the Kyber and recently made a guest appearance on 93.7 WSTW's hometown heroes. Fans have taken notice and voted East a.m. Spark Magazine's Best Summer Band of 2007.

East A.M. is quickly being recognized for their live performances that showcase songwriter Alan Duprez's strong vocals and unique rhythm guitar. Drummer Matt Volk grew up schooled in the Wilmington/West Chester punk rock scene, and he brings a dynamic style to the band. His brother Andrew Volk plays bass, and the lead guitar of Jason Martz brings a unique electric sound to each song. Their songs have brought together fans of many genres who come out to enjoy their musicianship and laid-back, fun live shows.
East a.m. was recently chosen as one of Delaware's top local bands by Spark Magazine and have enjoyed recently playing several gigs at beach venues in the Dewey Beach area including the Rusty Rudder and the Lighthouse.