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Frank Jones-EveryBody Knows Me-Summer 2003
NEXUS- The Connection-Spring 2007
Frank Stacks-Stack It- Summer 2008
Frank Stacks & L-$-Dollar Breathing Dragons-Fall 2008
EastBaySick-Rap Is A Joke Duh Mixtape-Spring 2009
EastBaySick-Virtual Reality-Summer 2009
L-$ & Vic Da Baron-510 Ways-Fall 2009
L-$-My Life-Spring 2010
Frank Stacks-Know My Name-Summer 2010
Jallah-The Keyboarder-Fall 2010



Eastbaysick is a San Francisco-based live hip-hop collective that
bursts with the satirical wit and explosive energy of the Beastie Boys
and the twisted quirks and smart-ass raps of Eminem. On their latest
album, Virtual Reality, Eastbaysick pulls the gloves off, courageously
poking fun at hip-hop clichés on “Rap Costume” and slamming
crooked government policies on “Politics.” Eastbaysick takes hiphop
back to its roots, when the genre’s flipped and rhymed lyrics
conveyed a real message instead of bragging about the bling.
Eastbaysick consists of four artists with an entrepreneurial as well as
creative vision. Founding member and emcee Frank Stacks debuted
in 2000 with the solo effort Everybody Knows Me under the alias Frank
Jones. Drummer/engineer Chris Paxton is the owner of Nexus Audio
Recording Studios in Oakland, CA and has recorded with various
artists and musical projects. Rapper L-$ is a veteran of the Bay Area
scene, having previously collaborated with Stacks on the 2008
album Dollar Breathing Dragons. Versatile keyboardist/background
vocalist Jallah is actually a classically-trained pianist of 17 years,
injecting Eastbaysick with a vast array of synthesized wizardry.
In the past five years, Eastbaysick has sold over 20,000 units with their
various albums and mix tapes. They have performed live with acts as
wildly different as former Van Halen howler Sammy Hagar and
Southern rapper Bubba Sparxxx.
Virtual Reality was produced by Eastbaysick themselves. Influenced
by the D.I.Y. aesthetic of both old-school hip-hop and punk rock,
Eastbaysick refuses to tame their artistry for a corporate takeover;
while the music is polished enough for radio, it retains the grit and
blunt honesty of its streetwise roots. Joining Eastbaysick are an
eclectic crew of guest stars including Shock G, otherwise known as
Humpty Hump of Digital Underground and co-producer of Tupac
Shakur’s debut album 2Pacalypse Now; funk powerhouse Whogas; and alternative metal band Weslester.