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"Easteighteen Review (5 song demo)"

This review has been a long time coming! We have been so swamped with review requests lately, that it has taken a long time for me to get to this one! I hope that the band will feel that their patience has been rewarded after I share my opinions!

Easteighteen is a band that has seen a couple of incarnations. The band was originally formed in 1997, according to the band’s biography. There isn’t a lot of information about the period between 1997 and 2002, but apparently there was a hiatus of some sort, because in 2002, original members Joe Schany (vocals) and Justin Johnson (guitar) reformed the band, bringing in the rest of the current lineup, namely Time Froehle (bass), Ryan Keely (guitar), and Chris Vakulskas (drums). A demo that Schany and Johnson had recorded in 2001 was doing well, but they felt that it didn’t capture the intensity of the new lineup, so they decided to record new material with the full band. The result is the subject of this review!

I am impressed with the band apart from their music, for the simple fact that they take their craft very seriously! They take advantage of street teams to help them promote their shows, and don’t let their fans or venue owners down by canceling gigs! They seem to have established a reputation for delivering the goods in their live performances. That is what it’s all about! Independent bands don’t get a lot of radio airplay, and hundreds of thousands of people don’t buy their CDs, so the live show is the first point of contact with most potential fans! Easteighteen seems to recognize this fact, and have made it a point to capitalize on every opportunity they get to win over an audience!

I am also impressed with the EP that the band has recorded! A thread of alternative/nu-metal ties all of the music on the CD together, but that shouldn’t be taken in a negative way! The songs are similar, but each is unique enough that I didn’t feel like I was listening to the same song over every time.

“Anathema” is the first, and in my opinion, the best song on the CD! As a bass player, I enjoyed the all-bass intro, and the way that the song seemed to be built around the opening riff! I also appreciate the tight instrumental work, and Joe Schany’s growling vocals. All the pieces definitely come together to make this THE standout track!

“Fallen” is a good follow-up track to “Anathema”. It seems to be a bit less adventurous than the opener, but that takes nothing away at all. It is a good, solid song! The verse is the best part of this song – it features a very cool sounding clean guitar voice, and a prominent drum/bass line that I really liked!

“Nameless” and “Shot Down” are songs that I will talk about together, because they are very similar. Actually, I got a Pearl Jam vibe listening to them. The first primarily because of the guitar riff that is prominent throughout the song, and the second because of the vocal feel. Both songs are good songs, but I lost interest a bit with the second song. I think it is a bit more repetitive than the previous songs, and as such, it didn’t retain my interest as well.

Fortunately, the final track on the CD, “Dead Fly” mixed things up a bit with a different drum feel! It broke up the monotonous feeling that I was starting to get, and ended the listening experience on a positive note for me!

Easteighteen is a good band, and I expect that good things will happen for them as they continue to rock audiences wherever they go! They are beginning to attract attention from regional press and promoters, and as their own biography says, they are positioned to become a major force in the Iowa Rock Scene.

I know that it has taken forever for me to write it, so I want you to know that I really like this CD! It is going to be another addition to the “Favorites” collection here at MidwestBands.com, and you can bet that we will be (and have been) spinning the songs from this EP a lot on MWB Radio!

Get a copy of this EP for yourself! I checked the band’s web site, and they are only asking $3, so you can afford to buy a second copy for your best friend! I can’t think of a better way to spend $3, to tell you the truth!

Make sure you keep up with the news out of the easteighteen camp, too, because they will be recording a full length album of their most recent material next spring! I will definitely be looking for it! In fact, I’ve put an entry in my calendar now to be sure to have the review done in a timely manner!

Thanks guys, for your patience, and for the great music! Keep up the good work, and keep rocking!- - MidwestBands.com

"Fallen- Song Critique"

Great performance, beautiful voice, very good songwriting!
Even though it's a raw mix - demo, it's power is noticeable.

I really think this track is going to be an excellent song. Keep it concrete and clear: the Verse and Chorus are your strong points - you should just try not to overdo with the rest.

But lets talk "technically" about it:

- The Intro and Verse are OK, they are perfect the way they are;

- The instrumental part right after the first Verse - what is this? It sounds nice, but you don't need it unless you add something really particular here.
But I don't think it will help your song in some way.

Want to make sure it's a winner Song since the beginning? Put the Chorus there, rigth after the Intro. Or at least a part of it - "I'm Fallen" - the way it goes at the end of the track. And a strong dynamic effect would be if you keep the guitars (distortion) out of it (here only). No need to repeat it twice (again, here).

- The Chorus - actually it IS very good. Excellent hook - "I'm Fallen".
And you could make it even more powerful - try adding a second voice.

- I'm Not sure about the "bridge" between your 1st Chorus and the verse.
I'm Not saying it is bad, but some how it's distracting me. Maybe shortening it will be a solution of compromise.
Think about that - both, your Verse and Chorus are very strong and are composed of two parts. So, is the "bridge" really needed the way it is now?!

Anyway, Verse and Chorus are really powerful and the hook is memorable - DON'T FEAR REPEATING YOUR HOOK - it's your winning "weapon"!

Again - excellent work, Compliments!

Good Luck,
Anton Tontchev
- MSS Vision

"Mapping Out Success"

Easteighteen inspired by music of I.C:
Band migrates from Emmetsburg, in northwest Iowa

By John Kenyon, Gazette


Easteighteen moved east to Iowa City because it was too hard for lead singer Joe Schany to be in town without his band being with him. Schany formed the band while still in high school in the northwest Iowa town of Emmetsburg.

He went to the University of Iowa and grew homesick for his band when he saw other groups playing. “I saw a lot of bands live and thought I really want to get the band going again, because I think we could be really good in this town,” he says.

The reconstituted group performs this Friday at Muddy Waters in Cedar Rapids, continuing its effort to branch out beyond Iowa City and into a larger touring area.

Schany, 21, reformed the band by calling Justin Johnson, 22, the group’s rhythm guitarist. Headed to Iowa City, Johnson traveled the highway that gave the band its name.

After a few false starts, the group settled on a five-piece lineup. Schany and Johnson are joined by bassist Tim Froehle, 22, guitarist Ryan Keely, 19, and drummer Chris Vakulskas, 19.

Before adding the other three members, Schany and Johnson recorded a demo CD together, playing all the instruments themselves. The songs are a mix of early ‘90s grunge rock and ‘70s riff rock. The two wanted a sound in place before picking up the rest of the band, and they wanted to make sure those who joined would share their goals and ambitions.

“It’s really hard to find musicians with the right attitude,” Schany says. “We don’t want to be just another jam band; we want to take this as far as we can.”

Some of Easteighteen’s songs can be found at www.mp3.com/easteighteen.

Another batch of songs was recorded last week for a demo that the group will use to try for shows in larger Midwest markets. “Our music is evolving, and I want to get the right portrayal before we hit it,” Schany says.

That evolution comes in part because the five young musicians are being exposed to more music in Iowa City. Schany and Johnson, in particular, are hearing more than they did in Emmetsburg. “There’s one radio station there and you hear the same things over and over,” he says. “Here, there’s college rock, jam-band rock…our music is evolving nicely, getting deeper. We’re learning from people, and that’s what’s so great about Iowa City.”

Schany says the group hopes to have a full-length CD out by summer, and then would like to do an extended tour outside Iowa.

He took a year off from school to concentrate on the band, while the other members balance school or work with band practice and shows.

“We don’t want to end up in the suits doing the eight-hour-day job; we want to play music,” he says. “We want to be able to support ourselves and not live in trash cans. We’re young, and we know we’re still considered dumb enough to try it.”
- Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Gazette

"Review of Full length release "In the Event that You're Right""

Musicianship – 9 out of 10
Having read my review of the band’s EP, released in 2003, I now understand why I like the band’s music on their new release In the Event That You’re Right! They have made a very tight, incredible-sounding album that shows the band has been honing their talents over the last year or so!

With a new, more focused lineup, the band is hitting harder than ever! Vocalist Joe Schany has never sounded better, trading on the power and emotion behind his lyrics! Now handling all the guitar work, guitarist Ryan Keely sounds awesome as well! The riff on the opening track (Redline) is killer, as is the clean guitar work on the third track, (Fallen). Everything just sounds very professional, and very tight! These two guys have stepped up to the plate, and hit back-to-back home runs on every track of this new CD!

New members Andy Ritchie (drums) and Brian Ledesma (bass) contribute in a big way as well! Their rhythm work provides a strong foundation for the band, and their flashy contributions here and there don’t’ go unnoticed, either! I am especially impressed with Ritchie’s drumming! His cymbal work is very cool, and on many songs, his playing is what stands out, and I do mean in a good way!

Easteighteen sounds incredible, and their musical skills definitely deserve to be heard!

Songwriting – 9 out of 10

Several songs were familiar to me, because I had heard them on the band’s previously-released EP. There were also new editions that I really liked! The new material has a harder edge to it; the songs rock a bit harder, and are more aggressive in the way that they are presented. The band doesn’t lose any of their appeal, even though their material is much harder, and for that, I’m very appreciative! Good songs that Rock hard are the band’s new new hallmark - I, for one, love their stuff, and I’m sure there will be many, many more that will love the songs, as well!

Sound Quality/Professionalism – 10 out of 10

‘Phenomenal’ is the word that comes to mind when I think of the sound quality of the new album! Produced by Tom Tatman, the album takes on new life, and shows that the band has found a very solid partner to work with! He has given them a solid path on which to travel, and a foundation to build upon in the future, especially when it comes to the way they present themselves in concert! The attention to detail in the studio will make them a better-sounding band, and that can’t help but affect the way they sound live! Great job, guys, and congratulations on an awesome sounding record!

Packaging – 8.5 out of 10

There isn’t anything jaw-dropping about the cover art or CD label, but overall, the packaging looks really good! There is a particularly creepy picture on the CD tray of the jewel case that I really liked, and that I think you should check out! No lyrics were included in the liner notes, though, so that was a bummer. Other than that, the packaging concept does a good job of marketing the band’s music!

Favorite Tracks



The Other Side of Right

Overall Rating – 9 out of 10

CDs were made for listening, and when you pop a disc in the player, and love it from start to finish, it’s truly a magical moment! In the Event That You’re Right is a solid disc that held my interest, and even had me singing along at moments when I could remember the words! Though not perfect, it is a solid disc that I will listen to again in the future! Good Rock and Roll without a ton of baggage and/or cliché is hard to find these days, but I think easteighteen has managed to make just such a record!

I would definitely recommend that you find yourself a copy of the new CD! The band is going to be touring and playing a ton this fall, hoping to convince you that you can’t live without hearing the new disc! And, based on the reaction that I had to their music, I think they just may be right!

Iowa is the breeding ground for a strong new Rock sound, and easteighteen is out to sow the seed nationwide! Keep your eyes open, because I think you’ll be hearing a lot from this band in the very near future!

—Mark Lush, Midwestbands.com, 9/10/05 - midwestbands.com


With All Due Respect (2002)
Anathema Promotional (2003)
In the event that you're right (2005)

Songs can be heard on:
MidwestBands.com Radio
XM Radio - Unsigned Network


Feeling a bit camera shy


In 1998, lead singer Joe Schany formed Easteighteen as a high school garage band in the upper Midwest. After leaving the band in 2000, Schany met guitarist Ryan Keely, bassist Brian Ledesma, and drummer Andy Ritchie and re-formed Easteighteen with a new vision in mind.

In 2002, Easteighteen released Anathema, a five song EP that sold over 3,000 copies in its first year. During the summer of 2003, Easteighteen embarked on a five-week West Coast tour playing over thirty venues in major cities including Los Angeles, Seattle, and Las Vegas. In May 2004, Easteighteen won the Cummulus Media Station’s annual Battle of the Bands, a regional competition drawing fifty of the top bands in the Midwest. In mid 2005, Easteighteen recorded a new, full-length album, in the event that you’re right, produced by Tom Tatman (producer for Stone Sour/Corey Taylor of Slipknot fame). Upon the release of the album, however, Ritchie left the band to pursue other interests. While the band searched for a new drummer, they took the opportunity of the available time to continue promotion of their new album, garnishing a distribution deal from retail chain Hot Topic and a sponsorship from Budweiser True Music. In the fall of 2005, as the album began building success, Easteighteen added drummer Peter LeGrant to their lineup and immediately resumed performances.

Easteighteen’s music is featured on such internet radio stations as MidwestBands.com and EORadio, as well as numerous college stations spanning from Iowa to California. Easteighteen’s music is also featured as “most requested” on XM’s Unsigned Network.

Focused on a grassroots marketing effort, the band has developed one of the best draws in the Midwest through their organized street team, the E18 RockForce, This group plays an important role by relentlessly promoting the band’s music and live shows, and by continuing to build upon the legions of Easteighteen fans.