Eastern Block

Eastern Block

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Eastern Block is an indie rock band from Nashville Tennessee influenced by artists like Interpol, Mew, Arcade Fire & Ennio Morricone. It's minor chords, happiness, sadness, morning & midnight. We hope to be influenced by many and influence many more. We want people to enjoy our music like we do...


One night, in the underbelly of Nashville's outskirts, a man by the name of Cactus Danger Jenkins, was stumbling about in the mist and the cold searching for something that might keep him warm. As he settled in for the night, under his fire-filled interstate canopy, a mysterious figure in a long, exquisite, burlap robe bestowed upon Jenkins a very special gift that was to be passed down to a very particular group of individuals. After a long labor over who this gift was to be given to, Jenkins found who he was looking for in the winter of 2007. He named this group of individuals Eastern Block, and this, is the fruit of Jenkins' search...

Their music meanders between the ethereal and hard-hitting, from shoegazer and art-rock to edgy alternative. Singer Aaron Ahlstrom's tenor vocals navigate deftly between melancholy disaffection and almost-delirious aggression, and bandmates Jonathan Williams (drums), Jon Shearer (guitar), and Sean Savacool (bass) provide an exceptionally creative backdrop to the melodies.

Driven by enthusiastic word-of-mouth promotion and their transparently ecstatic creative energy, Eastern Block has earned a reputation for sophisticated songwriting, catchy arrangements, and veteran stage presence that have earned them a loyal following in Nashville's discerning local rock scene.


Self titled EP (June '08 release)
Past Palace (Fall '09 release)
Wing Walker 7" (Spring '11 release)

Set List

7 to 15 songs. 30 to 60 min sets. No covers.