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서울특별시, Seoul, South Korea | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

서울특별시, Seoul, South Korea | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Rock Garage Rock




"Eastern Sidekick makes you forget insipid K-Pop with Foo Fighters-worthy single “Fight For Rainbow”"

Trust me, music fans, it pays major dividends to have friends stationed around the world. A former college roommate sent me a link to Korean rock band Eastern Sidekick’s (??? ????) music on Facebook, with the following quick message:

You’re always on the lookout for music people haven’t heard. Saw these guys in a poorly attended Hongdae dive bar and was pretty blown away
- hearhearmusic

"GD&TOP, Taeyang & More To Perform at 2011 Pentaport Rock Festival"

The second line-up for the “2011 Pentaport Rock Festival” has revealed that Big Bang’s GD&TOP and Taeyang will be performing at the concert!

The festival will be held for three days at the Incheon Dream Park starting August 5th. This will be the first time the boys will be performing at a rock festival.

The line-up also currently includes The Ting Tings, Wonder Bird Black Dress, Linus’ Blanket, Super 8 Beat, Bye Bye Badman, Boni, Eastern Sidekick, Jambinai, Choi Go Eun, and Boohwal. - Korea.com (06.17.2011)

""2012 Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival" schedule and lineup revealed"

A three day outdoor rock festival has been scheduled to take place on August 10th through the 12th in Jeongseojin, Incheon. Over 30 bands are set to to perform throughout the weekend. Some of the bands that have been confirmed for the event include Snow Patrol, Crystal Castles, Toxic, Manic Street Preachers, Huckleberry Finn, My Skin Against Your Skin, Lucite Tokki, Bye Bye Badman, and many more.

The festival will take place on 3 separate stages: the Pentaport stage, Dream Stage, and the Lakeside stage. The set for each of the days and stages is as follows:

August 10th -
Pentaport Stage: Super Session, Toxic, Icy Cider, Baekdoosan, Gate Flowers, and Axis
Dream Stage: Eastern Sidekick, Bye Bye Sea, Windy City, Lasse Lindh with Linus Blanket, Mongoose, Dick Punks, We Save Strawberries, and Tian
Lakeside Stage: Joaso Hanun Band, Lucite Tokki, Have A Tea, Sol Sol Springwind, Electric Eels - Koreaboo.com (07.13.2012)

"Garage Rock At Its Best!"

Mmmhm, I knew it. Eastern Sidekick need to get their asses to the States PRONTO. Rock heads around the globe will love this release. It’s garage punk rock that’s begging for a mosh pit and possible stage dive. The ringing in my ears after their show would be so worth it. You guys gotta check out Fight for Rainbow.

Their first regular album [The First] will be released today, August 17th, at GMT +09:00 Korea time. - Far East Vibes (08.17.2012)

"The Exciting Song! Get Excited!"

I think going to a livehouse is a must if you ever go to Korea, just to be a part of all of this Krock energy. I mean Eastern Sidekick‘s show looked like one fun ass time. Everyone let their hair down and rocked out to Eastern Sidekick vibes- you can hear the cheers throughout the whole video. These guys are effortlessly cool.

Eastern Sidekick the 1st album The First:
iTunes : http://bit.ly/W9QD1u
homepage : http://www.fluxusmusic.com/
facebook : http://www.facebook.com/easternsidekick
twitter : http://www.twitter.com/easternsidekick - Far East Vibes (11.01.2012)

"Will The 17th Come Already? Eastern Sidekick- ‘Fight for Rainbow’"

In just 30 seconds I’m left giddy with excitement. Eastern Sidekick’s Fight for Rainbow is going to be a release for the cool kids. The kids that go to that lowkey indie show not for hipster points, but because they just wanna listen to some kickass music. Although 30 seconds isn’t nearly long enough, I can’t complain since we’re getting the full release on Friday, August 17th (Korea time). My hunger will be fed, and I’ll be able to jam out to Fight for Rainbow like it deserves. Gosh, this sounds like it’s going to be awesome.

Fight for Rainbow will be on Eastern Sidekicks’ first regular album [The First], which will also be released on the 17th.

- Far East Vibes (08.16.2012)

"[Olle Music Indie Awards] Artist of the Month"

Indie band Jang Kiha and the Faces recently grabbed the #1 spot for an online poll of the best artist/album for the upcoming “1st Olle Music Indie Awards” on October 25th.

The online poll was open from September 1st to 18th on the online Olle music charts, where netizens had the opportunity to choose their favorite artists and albums released last month by an indie artist.

Meanwhile, “Artist of the Month” went to Romantic Punch while “Rookie of the Month” was awarded to Eastern Sidekick.

The “Olle Music Indie Awards” will be taking place every month, and winners will be given promotional and marking support through Olle Music and their affiliate channel, KT Music.

The 1st awards show will be held on the main stage of the upcoming “Let’s Rock Festival” on September 25th at Hangang Park.

- AllKPop (09.20.2011)

"2011 Pentaport Rock Festival"

Article about 2011 Pentaport Rock Festival line up. Eastern Sidekick is participating as one of the finalist band for 'Hello Rookie Awards'. - TV Daily

"2012 Pentaport Rock Festival Line Up Reveal"

The final line up is officially posted for Pentaport Rock Festival. Eastern Sidekick is among the line up. - MunHwa Journal

"[Hyundai Card Music] Indie Musician Compilation Album Release"

Hyundai Card Music released a compilation album 'it tracks'. The album is composed of various indie musicians such as, Eastern Sidekick, Goonam, Lowdown 30 and more. - Sports Chosun

"[Eastern Sidekick] A Kick for the Western Garage Rock"

Interview about Eastern Sidekick's debut album 'The First'. - E-Daily

"[MU:CON SEOUL 2012] Seoul International Music Fair"

Eastern Sidekick held an official showcase for MU:CON 2012, global music confernce held in Seoul, Korea for the first time. Among the international participants for the conference were officials from SXSW, Glastonbury, and MIDEM. - Asia Today

"[MU:CON SEOUL 2012] Seoul International Music Fair"

Eastern Sidekick held an official showcase for MU:CON 2012, global music confernce held in Seoul, Korea for the first time. Among the international participants for the conference were officials from SXSW, Glastonbury, and MIDEM. - Asia Today

"Eastern Sidekick Cover BIGBANG’s ‘MONSTER’"

So remember that awesome band we wrote about like last week? Well they’re back, this time covering BIGBANG‘s hit single MONSTER. They totally redid the single making it sound like something entirely different- this is what MONSTER would sound like if it was a kickass Rock song. I love how Eastern Sidekick made this song theirs. BIGBANG need to give props!

- Far East Vibes


2012 The First [LP]
2011 Second [EP]
2010 The City of Black & White Cartoon



Just one or two years after releasing their first single (Monochrome Cartoon City), Eastern Sidekick turned out to be the indie dark horses in the live club scene of Seoul. Taking home some of Korea’s most prestigious rookie awards like Olleh’s “Monthly Rookie” Indie Music Award and EBS’s Space GongGam “Hello Rookie Popular Award” they captivated their fans with charismatic and daring performances. At international rock festivals like Music Matters Live 2013 in Singapore, Summer Sonic 2013 in Japan, as well as large domestic rock festivals, Eastern Sidekick did not fail to impress.


“They left a strong and unforgettable impression on not only the

Singaporean fans but also with professionals in the music industry.”

–WowTV (translated from original)

Eastern Sidekick is made up of five members: HanKyulKo, the leader of the band is on guitars with fellow guitarist, InHyukRyu. Together they produce the crunchy guitar riffs distinct to EasternSidekick’s sound. JuHwan Oh gives this band its gritty vocals and SangHwanBae provides the pulsating bass. Rounding out this sound garden is GeunChang Park hammering it on the drums.


Coming together in 2009, Eastern Sidekick was battle tested on the fields of Hongdae, a district in Seoul known for its indie spirit, urban street arts, and underground band musicians. In 2010, Eastern Sidekick joined the ranks of Fluxus Music and continued to release their first EPs. Eastern Sidekick powered on gaining more popularity domestically and internationally, playing major festivals like the Pentaport Rock Festival, appearing on Japan’s ‘ASIA VERSUS’ music competition program, and starring in commercials for Hyundai Card and LG Smartphones.

[Hammer Lane] is the latest album from these rockers. Taking garage rock and making it their own, they inject the Eastern identity into the music. This album expresses the grittiness of their journey in the big city. Their aggressive melodies mixed with their defiant lyrics are a watershed which divides their musical history. Follow these rebels as they continue on to face to the world.