Eastern Sidekick

Eastern Sidekick

 서울특별시, Seoul, KOR
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Indie dark horses who ran away with some of the industry’s most prestigious rookie awards in 2011, Eastern Sidekick are a smoldering Seoul rock band whose emotionally defiant performances have fast tracked them onto the main stages of Asia’s top music festivals such as Music Matters Live, Summer Sonic and many more.


Just one or two years after releasing their first single (Monochrome Cartoon City), Eastern Sidekick turned out to be the indie dark horses in the live club scene of Seoul. Taking home some of Korea’s most prestigious rookie awards like Olleh’s “Monthly Rookie” Indie Music Award and EBS’s Space GongGam “Hello Rookie Popular Award” they captivated their fans with charismatic and daring performances. At international rock festivals like Music Matters Live 2013 in Singapore, Summer Sonic 2013 in Japan, as well as large domestic rock festivals, Eastern Sidekick did not fail to impress.


“They left a strong and unforgettable impression on not only the

Singaporean fans but also with professionals in the music industry.”

–WowTV (translated from original)

Eastern Sidekick is made up of five members: HanKyulKo, the leader of the band is on guitars with fellow guitarist, InHyukRyu. Together they produce the crunchy guitar riffs distinct to EasternSidekick’s sound. JuHwan Oh gives this band its gritty vocals and SangHwanBae provides the pulsating bass. Rounding out this sound garden is GeunChang Park hammering it on the drums.


Coming together in 2009, Eastern Sidekick was battle tested on the fields of Hongdae, a district in Seoul known for its indie spirit, urban street arts, and underground band musicians. In 2010, Eastern Sidekick joined the ranks of Fluxus Music and continued to release their first EPs. Eastern Sidekick powered on gaining more popularity domestically and internationally, playing major festivals like the Pentaport Rock Festival, appearing on Japan’s ‘ASIA VERSUS’ music competition program, and starring in commercials for Hyundai Card and LG Smartphones.

[Hammer Lane] is the latest album from these rockers. Taking garage rock and making it their own, they inject the Eastern identity into the music. This album expresses the grittiness of their journey in the big city. Their aggressive melodies mixed with their defiant lyrics are a watershed which divides their musical history. Follow these rebels as they continue on to face to the world.


2012 The First [LP]
2011 Second [EP]
2010 The City of Black & White Cartoon

Set List

- Fight For Rainbow
- The Exciting Song
- There Comes and Goes the Thirsty Dog
- The City of Black and White Cartoon
- Inefficient Man
- Incandescent Lamp
- In Front of Your House
- Seoul
- Intoxicated Stairs
- Mad Rooster