Eastern Sunz

Eastern Sunz

 Portland, Oregon, USA
BandHip Hop

Thought provoking lyrics, captivating production, and timely subject matter are the driving force behind the award winning sound of Eastern Sunz. They are consistently on the road and their dynamic live performances are fueled by a full band which always promises a high energy show. Eastern Sunz seventh studio album entitled "Placebos For The People" is due out in September 2014.


Eastern Sunz provide a fresh take on sociopolitical issues, which has recently landed them the John Lennon Songwriting Contest grand prize, the Eco Arts Awards grand prize, first place in The International Songwriting Competition, The Independent Music Award for Album of the Year, and a grand prize finalist nomination for the Unsigned Only Music Competition (pending).

The Oregon hip hop duo consisting of Courage and TravisT have been recording and performing music together for well over a decade. They have worked with such artists as Grammy award winner Macklemore and ten-time Swedish Grammy award winner Promoe. Their dynamic live show often features a full band and has kept them touring across North America and overseas, as well as helped them make a name for themselves on the festival circuit.

Eastern Sunz offer a powerful alternative to hip-hop's status quo by bringing focus to an array of topics through entertaining music without alienating the casual listener. With a cult fan base fortified by press, radio play, and a grassroots movement, Eastern Sunz have expanded their reach to all corners of the world.


"Two hip hop genuises armed with microphones and the truth."
-Nightlife Network

On the hunt for the next big thing in underground hip hop? Look no further.

Eastern Sunz are bringing back the message of change.
-Conscious Choice Magazine

"Theyre committed in getting their message and music across, in a way that is unlike a lot of other hip-hop artists today. Some might say they are the utopia in todays corrosion."
-This Is Book's Music

"A mix of humble tree hugging and giddy swagger."
-Willamette Week

Keeping it very real with four albums of social and environmental lyrics on some deftly mixed beats.

"Lyrics from the Eastern Sunz are permeated with an optimism uncharacteristic of their genre, a tempered realism that unassumingly reaches out for environmental justice and social equity with surprising clarity and liberal doses of sarcasm."

-The Insurgent

Past festivals include:

Seattle Hempfest Mainstage (Seattle)
Denver Post Underground Music Showcase (Denver)
Muddy River Jam Festival (Philadelphia)
Duckfest (Illinois)
Promenade Festival (Boise)
Neon Reverb Festival (Las Vegas)
Playground Festival (New Mexico)
Indiefest (San Diego)
LYME Festival (Missoula)
Folklife Festival (Seattle)
Artoleptic (Seattle)
Portland Hip Hop Festival (Portland)
Fire In The Canyon (Portland)
KPSU 15th Anniversay (Portland)
Montaqua Skate Jam (Montana)
Sound To Mountains Bikefest (Seattle)
Tacoma Hempfest (WA)
Emerge N See (Oregon)
Summer Circus Festival (Oregon)
Cirquinox (Oregon)
Midsummer Dream Festival (Oregon)
Northwest Greenfest (Washington)
Earth Day Celebration (Oregon)
BS Fest (Oregon)
Spare Change Festival (Oregon)
Jefferson State Hemp Expo (Oregon)
And More

Radio Play:

Pandora Internet Radio
Spotify Internet Radio
KEXP (Seattle)
KBOO (Portland)KPSU (Portland)Wild 107.5 (Portland)
Many other major, independent, college, and internet radio stations throughout the country and world.


Everybody's Anthem

Written By: Eastern Sunz


People people come on come on putcha putcha hands up/
for the for the lost souls lookin for the answers/
celebrate the good times and survive the bad ones/
people people come this is everybody's anthem/


We've all got a price, we've all got a vice... or two/
fuckit... I know I got a few/
I know I got a view that can be difficult to swallow/
I do my own thing, don't lead, don't follow/
don't worry bout me and if I see tomorrow/
I'll be fine and remind you we're on time that's borrowed/
we can sit around and pout about our sorrow/
or rise to the top of Mount Kilamanjaro/
the very thought of dyin's got me scared to death/
but I'm even more afraid to make the most of what's left/
half the time I think love is the answer/
the other half the time I think love is a cancer/
ask me if I think the glass is half full/
I'm a realist I think it's filled with alcohol/
through all the thick and thin, when we get to the bitter end/
I'll still be sittin sippin gin, just me and my bitter friends/




Life tough, sometimes it's a mind fuck/
the lessons lie in the little things so find em/
just eat when you're hungry and drink when you're dry/
and if the sky don't fall tomorrow, then you'll live til you die/
and unless you're a crack fiend/
then do what makes you happy/
just try to follow paths that lead to bein all you can be/
you can pass the blunt, you can pass the bar/
or before you get a chance you can crash your car/
you can go to Penn State or you can go to the state pen/
but one of the two's a lot harder to get in/
some say that you can do anything you put your mind to/
but it makes it kind of hard if you don't got money behind you/
money comes, money goes, but mostly it goes.../
to the government, yo, and from there who knows/
but it can't buy happiness right? so who cares/
put your hands up for all the non millionaires/



people people come on come on, keep ya keep ya head up/
I know sometimes it feels like your troubles never let up/
but the only way to make it is believe it can get betta/
people people come on come, keep ya keep ya head up/

Dear Diary

Written By: Eastern Sunz

Eastern Sunz - Nine Triangles - Dear Diary


Touched down in South America, son I couldn't believe,
the utter hopelessness, all the people dreaming to leave.
Half my family's from the hood, son they'd never conceive,
that they live in paradise compared to others who lead
a life of total hopelessness, staring at a sea of homeless kids,
while people in my country making million dollar bonuses.
It seems the main component is a wicked history,
that we vaguely understand, stays shrouded in mystery.
It's a cold world, my people wanna die or get rich,
on one level it's offensive, otherwise ridiculous.
I believe in blissful ignorance but think it's a sin,
centuries have come and gone and yet the same evil men
keep on running shit and keep an iron grip around our governments,
we buy expensive products and these motherfuckers lovin' it.
So try to find the logic but it don't make sense,
that we should prosper off a legacy of crooked presidents.


Dear diary, a lot of crazy shit's been going on but there's peace inside of me.
Dear diary, I see a lot of trouble in the world, I let the hand keep guiding me.
Dear diary, a billion people starving on this planet and they suffer quietly.
Dear diary, I sense an angel standing in my corner and she's watching silently.
Dear diary...

Travis T

Dear diary, I try to be a better man,
than I was the day before but then again it's tiring.
I'm trying to hold on to what little shred of faith,
I still have left in this human race.
It's a jungle out there and I try to stay humble,
but as soon as you let your guard down they take advantage of you.
It's true, I really want to be a believer,
but there's always someone out there to deceive or mislead ya.
So pardon me if I don't always seem eager,
to have people blow smoke up my ass like beekeepers.
If you can't beat 'em join 'em, is not what I believe in,
my feeling is if you can't join 'em beat 'em.
That's the maxim as long as I'm alive and breathing,
I'm trying to get ahead instead of trying to get even.
In a world where a few fuck it up for many,
I'm just striving to stay in the percent above fifty.

I keep walking as the world turns colder,
with a dollar in my pocket and a chip on my shoulder.
Behold the polar opposite of sober,
punch drunk luck with a one leaf clover.
The vocal soldier with a bayonette mic,
it serves as a sign that I say what I like.
They don't like what they hear I strike fear in the right,
despite being a cynic I'm sincere in the fight.


Keep having reoccurring pipe dreams,
of a planet of light beings, focused on what's love and enlightening.
It might seem useless to continue fighting,
when the obstacles seem insurmountable and vices enticing.
I rock it for my soldiers who embrace the discipline,
the political dissident and progressive citizen.
Want a planet where my grandchildren swimming in,
clean water, sunshine, but now it's smog days so kids be staying in.


Written By: Eastern Sunz

Verse 1
I've seen the end of the road, but it seems so far,
you try to swim upstream, that's where the demons are.
Try to change the world, they try to chain your arms,
try to break the chains, they try to bring you harm.
They want to sing in the rain, I tell them sing this song,
tell them don't ever stop until the pain is gone.
I try to live my dreams, that's why I leave my jobs,
try to pray for peace, but can't believe in god.
At a time like this, cause it seems so hard,
got to reach down deep and try to beat the odds.
Try to raise your kids so they can raise the bars,
tell them think for themselves, tell them be who they are.
Tell them don’t ever stop until they reach the stars.

Don’t know what else to say love,
it seems my world just keep on drifting away.
My heart can’t seem to find to show me the way now,
I’m moving forward, lost, and further away. I’m further away.

Verse 2
Little queen, now look I know it seems,
this world gone shake you up, break you down by any means.
Listen to your dreams, observe the money fiends,
compromise their goals in life to make a little cream.
Academic command, broaden your wingspan,
permaculture approach, design your next plan.
From pertinent question seek the answers to find,
what feed your soul and make the sun gone shine.
Aint gonna front, cause this world filled with lunacy,
and very few people have a sense of true community.
Just lonely faces in a sea of ambiguity,
and predatory system trying to limit opportunity.
Whatever happens now, it's you and it's me,
deep connection like the moon and the sea.
It's that mysterious odd, with god looking over my squad,
and when I think of you it aint so hard.

I know that I can’t stay now,
I close my eyes to block the sunlight, watch the memories fade to gray.
Drifting slowly across the rainclouds,
I’m moving forward, lost, and further away. I’m further away.

Verse 3
It's been said that sleep is the cousin of death,
then that means dreams are the cousin of heaven.
That makes nightmares the cousin of hell,
so waking up’s the cousin of resurrecting ourselves.
I respect where I dwell, but left the house and traveled,
got off the couch and discovered more than channels.
Just sitting at a window wondering about,
if I'm the one looking in or I’m the one looking out.
I look at my reflection, looking for protection,
looking for compassion, looking for direction.
Losing my religion, affected by affliction,
inspired by a vision to find a higher mission.
And one thing I've found is the challenge is the struggle for balance.

There’s nothing left to say love,
it feels my world just keep on slipping away.
My heart can’t seem to find to show me the way now,
we’re racing forward, lost, and further away. I’m further away.

Up In Flames

Written By: Eastern Sunz

Travis T
Stop the presses and strike up the band,
cause I came to send a message with the mic in my hand.
People fighting over resources, dying for land,
and we just let the evil empires try and expand.
We can bury our heads or draw a line in the sand,
against the ones ready strike and lay you right where you stand.
Live a firestarter, die a martyr, sayonara,
aint no time for waiting on a knight in shining armor.
The planet's gotten rotten at the surface and the core,
and the people walk around without a purpose anymore.
The tip of the melting iceberg, it’s just getting warm,
we'll need one hell of an umbrella to weather the shit storm.
You gotta ask yourself what your gonna do,
when we see world war three and civil war two.
And quite frankly I don't know about you,
but when shit hits the fan I won't be trying to stay cool.

Said one, two, one, two,
said I don’t know what to do.
So many problems to solve,
no time for getting involved.
My only hope is there’s a future for kids,
forced to grow up on a planet where it’s hostile to live.

Earth Mother, god we failed in so many ways,
look to the skies, they're polluted and gray.
Clear-cut forests bald-headed, totally shaved,
topsoil erodes and all the animals fade.
How we make it to this horrible phase?
Corporatocracy clench the whole world, sell their soul for what pays.
We're a virus like the bird flu and AIDS,
educated with good grades, still we don't know how to behave.
There was a time when fresh water was still drinkable,
now that be unthinkable, Pepsi bottle it and sell it to you.
There's nothing in the world like sitting under a tree,
but carnage be the only thing that I see, and tree stumps.
Cause we dumps pollution into oceans and streams,
transforming them to toxic it seems,
there's no regard for other living beings, just the diamonds and bling,
infatuation with material things.

The world going down in kerosene dreams,
conflict diamond in the rough, sipping poison out of streams.
It’s progress, baby, I mean deformed babies,
Monsanto thanks thee for consuming the virus.
Now let’s contaminate the dirt, extrapolate the worth,
laminate the hurt, dominate and intoxicate the Earth.
Word to wasteland, industrial taste, waste bland,
pass the petrol chemicals so I can build castles out of radiated sand.
Bathe in blood bank, bailout, fractional-reserve system, sell out,
genetically modified monster made out of carcinogens and fallout.
Now fill out these forms,
Big Brother is watching you getting high off the toxins.
Of course, better open your eyes before you wake up,
and hear the sound of troops boots marching.

I Am The Walrus

Written By: Eastern Sunz

Magical mystery, tour across the universe to picture me
in sound gardens that belong to Sheik of Araby
A day tripper walk a road to the abbey,
keep my herbs pungent with my head nappy
Was told that happiness the warm gun
life the carnival of light, keep the word up on the tip of my tongue
I fix a hole where the pain gets in to stop a nine from wondering
revolution what I'm pondering
This bird has flown from the mind of my dome
up long and winding roads to bump it while you're rolling your cone
So check it, I keep it real like the fool on the hill
then follow penny lanes till I return to Strawberry Fields
I hit the weed with thoughts of John Lennon smoking dope
so peep this shit that I wrote, just a dream and a quote
Who paint the sky with diamonds, forecast says it's hard to call it
keep ivory polished, I am the walrus.

Early Grave

Written By: Eastern Sunz

Verse 1
Pops told me grow up and cash in,
Been dealt a strong hand and most this planet aint got no compassion.
Strickly violence everlasting, get your fucking face blast in,
Cause homie they aint even asking.
We came up out the woods, kept it real like the projects,
Got respect from the hoods for the beats and the concepts.
These corporates went and took the planet hostage,
Privatizing net gains, socializing losses.
Nobody wanna be the bearer of the rotten news,
Obama stuck his head in the sand and we some fools.
Spending life in these inadequate schools, if we're lacking the tools
For thinking critically, we're fiending to lose
We came up in this rap shit, to put it down with skill and a passion
Where species aint last and bombs crashing.
And rappers acting like some company hoes,
Y'all can keep the fucking diamonds and clothes, it's pitiful.

Phonies step to the mic, y'all soft and delicate,
Every tale catch a spin from those who telling it.
On behalf of my crew, family, and delegate,
Don't play the role and I aint ever been been.
We put it all on the line and never hesitant,
Catch the spark of success, others melevolent.
Cause they recycled the old, became irrelevent,
I'd rather spit a gem intelligent.

Verse 2
There's not a lot to believe in anymore, but here's to hoping,
We wasted all our faith on Obama and Greg Oden.
City of Roses to the City of Oakland,
Officers offing folks out in the open.
If it's just another yo, then it's mostly unspoken,
Just another day on a block that stays broken.
Fiends keep smoking as a means to keep coping,
Opportunity knocks, but the doors they don't open.
Justice is blind and illiterate and brail,
A little bit of money, everybody is for sale.
We bail out businesses that's too big to fail,
While you're waiting for your welfare checks in the mail.
They hold the hammers and they see us all as nails,
Up shits creek without a paddle or a sail.
The right chase lies while the left chase tails,
The tracks get laid, but the trains get derailed.


Filthy Hippie Music (2012)
Corroded Utopia (2010)
Nine Triangles (2007)
The Art Of Spiritual Warfare (2005)
Hiphopapocrypha (2002)
To Those of Higher Consciousness (2001)

Set List

Currently performing backed by a full band for a dynamic, high energy show.

Sets can be altered to fit any time length between 30-90+ minutes.

Set is always evolving and usually includes a combination of material from past albums, the most recent album, remixes, brand new songs, and unreleased material.

All sets can be performed clean with no cursing if necessary.