East Ghost

East Ghost


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Country Song

Written By: East Ghost

Well, I’m taking you along
While I’m writing down my songs
And you’re puncturing my lungs:
Watch you stabbing blindly
Teach me right from wrong:
Don’t you think you know me?

Daa daa da da da da da…

Well baby please don’t drop the bong; just one more hit then I’ll go home
I write rhymes and like Nina Simone, but it’s 6:47 and I’m all alone
As long as I’m living in U.P., the folks there treat me kindly
But when leaves have left the trees, the road is where you’ll find me

And while I’m there I’ll be:

Catching rabies from kissing babies
Nobody tells me what to do when I go to the Baltimore Zoo
Watching nudies and grabbing boobies
If you got my number I’ll roll with you but at least first tell me what these drugs do

The wheels on the bus go round and round all day long…

I’ll take your time—I could never get enough of you
Deface my mind—just let me know before you do
Cause I been so alone

Waiting for you. Going nowhere.
Waiting for you. Going nowhere.
Waiting for you. Going nowhere.