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"East Hundred"

"It's no surprise that this trio (and touring sextet) came together after local filmmaker Beryl Guceri set out to recruit musicians to score music for her original film. In fact, that scenario seems almost too logical, given the complexity and thought with which East Hundred's music is assembled. Emerging from the city of brotherly love, East Hundred creates a sound that could easily find a cozy home at Sub Pop or Morr Music (Berlin). With vocal stylings similar to that of Denali, this group adds the bouncier elements of the Postal Service to form cohesive and intimate pieces. Beryl's vocals seem to hover above the music, giving even the minor chord changes a hint of hope. "Numbers" juxtaposes memorably-distorted keyboard melodies with air-tight vocals, creating an anthem that is both danceable and accessible. In fact, we think "Numbers" is so good that we're willing to overlook their use of a five-string bass, and confirm that they've already made their way onto our iPods." - www.labelworthy.com

"East Hundred"

Would you believe me If I told you there is a perfect indie pop/rock song awaiting your ears? You really don't have to trust me this time... Just listen and be prepared for an old MML favorite to spark your fancy once again. We originally featured this band last June [read review + download] when the blogosphere was taking early notice of a few of our posts. This band was a favorite then and might receive even more attention with their new material. Today's featured track begins with a light driving guitar pop base that eventually climbs into a wonderfully unsettling series of turns within the chorus. At this point, you might begin to realize human qualities missing from most, if not all, other bands who attempt this type of sound, showcasing crystal clear vocals and straightforward delivery. The chorus eventually releases you gently into an extremely satisfying guitar jangle you may only find in 1 out of 10 (if that) old GBV tracks. When you get a chance to listen to more of this music, you will understand why it gets the MML Highly Recommended seal of approval (ok...there really isn't a seal, we just like this a whole heck of a lot.)

East Hundred is primarily the trio of Beryl Guceri (vocals, piano, melodica, çok güzelsin), Brooke Blair (guitar, bass, synths) and Will Blair (drums, keyboards, programming) from Philadelphia, PA. Susan Gager (keyboards) and David Sunderland (bass) round out the lineup for the band's live performance regimen. The brand new release Copper Street Performer was recorded at Turtle Studios towards the end of last year and will be available next week. It's not yet clear how you will be able to get your hands on this disk so you will need to visit the East Hundred MySpace page to get updates, add as friends and listen to more new music. There is also an East Hundred website for more music to stream. The official CD release party will take place next Friday February 23 at local Philadelphia establishment North Star Bar. At the same time they are starting to play that night, I will be in a plane leaving the states for London UK and will watch my map to wave hellooo as I fly over the area. Finally, there are two YouTube videos to share from the band. The first one is an electronic press kit (EPK) that is really impressive. I think more bands should do this type of thing.

- milkmilklemonade.blogspot.com

"East Hundred"

Philadelphia Weekly Review

Thank Tortoise's John McEntire for just how good East Hundred's new Copper Street Performer EP sounds. The Chicago producer, who's worked with Stereolab and Teenage Fanclub, mixed the four-song platter with the Philly five-piece after they recorded it locally with Devin Greenwood. It's a yummy melange of thin synths, rubbery bass and precise drums, with guitars ranging from minimal arcs to a ringing racket. But foremost is Beryl Guceri, whose voice has a sweet sheen (think a moodier Jenny Lewis) that can distract from its depth. Typifying the EP's slippery vibe, the horn-kicked "Meantime" packs all the band's pet loves into a single tune. Newcomers to East Hundred should start from there. (D.W.) - Philadelphia Weekly (Doug Wallen)

"Cd Review!"

"...It was a complete accident that I stumbled upon this band, and what a happy accident it was. East Hundred is a true example of how good music doesn't need to be manufactured by a major record label. The musicians in this group are truly talented and I look forward to more music from them. Fans of Denali-style songs will feel at home with this disc. Overall a very impressive debut with the high points being "Acquaint" and "Numbers." Don't pass on East Hundred; worth every penny and then some..." - CDBABY.com

"CDbaby customer review"

"East Hundred's debut is a perfect mix of melody and ambiance, organic and electronic, melancholy and euphoria. I was not only delightfully surprised by each song but the album as a whole. It takes you somewhere, from the dark and driving "Leave It" to the warm and intimate "Current Company". Beryl's velvety vocals float effortlessly over each well crafted composition. I found myself wondering, "If this is only their debut, what could possibly be next?!" - cdbaby.com

"East Hundred Feeds the Ears"

"...The lead singer, Beryl Guceri, has a voice that is simultaneously piercing and dreamlike. Brothers Brooke and Will make the music which is fantastically catchy..."
- "Expulsion" (GMU) Marc Felman


East Hundred
(self-titled ep)
April 2005

East Hundred
Copper Street Performer (EP)
February 2007

East Hundred
Passenger (full length)
January 2009



In January of 2009, after two years of touring, East Hundred releases Passenger, their first full-length effort. The nine lushly produced tracks move through a haunting melodic landscape of loss, regret, and ultimately hope. If the young Philadelphia five-piece seems to wear its heart on its sleeve, it does so honestly.

“We’re not the first band to write a breakup album, and we’re not the first band to have formed, in part, around a romantic relationship,” says Brooke Blair. “And maybe we’re not the first to write that breakup album as the relationship falls apart…but that still doesn’t mean it’s easy.”

East Hundred began as a basement recording project in 2004 when brothers Brooke and Will Blair (guitars and drums, respectively) invited Beril Guceri, Brooke’s then-girlfriend, to add vocals to their heavily-synthed downtempo tracks.
“Of course there were hesitations, in working seriously and creatively with my boyfriend and his brother. Singing leaves you so vulnerable, but it was Brooke’s support that made it comfortable,” Guceri points out. Comfortable may be a relative term: Beril suffered from panic attacks and nearly cancelled their first few shows due to overwhelming stage fright.

After recording a few rough demos (which would later become the first EPs), the band sought to solidify its lineup and it was no great surprise when David Sunderland joined on bass. A friend of the Blairs literally since diapers, Sunderland had played in several previous bands with the brothers. “Dave was our only choice.” Susan Gager, another close friend from Philadelphia, joined on keyboards and East Hundred soon evolved into a songwriting democracy. Nonstop performing honed the groups’ live act and Guceri overcame her crippling anxiety (perhaps too much so, if you catch her on one of her hammier nights.)

As work began on Passenger in 2007 at Drexel University’s Mad Dragon studios, Brooke and Beril’s relationship ended. Rather than derail the recording process, however, the resultant heartache and awkwardness produced a flood of new material and what was intended to be a minor EP soon became a full-fledged album. Brian McTear (Mazarin, Matt Pond PA, mewithoutyou) came on to record the new songs at his Philly based Miner Street Studios. “We worked quickly with Brian partly because he didn’t allow us to second guess ourselves. Our first instincts were always encouraged, and we think that’s what these songs needed,” Will says. The cool reserve of their earlier work became something much more raw and immediate on Passenger, alternately sorrowful, angry, and sweet, at once accessible and dense. The final track, Afterlove, describes a parting in terms of bottomless melancholy…only to then double back on itself to finish in a place of unbridled optimism. After Passenger has pulled our heart (and theirs) through the wringer, this closer assures us that everything will be okay.

East Hundred comes out of old friendships and failed loves. Their music shores up their relationships…or the relationships feed their music…more likely, it’s a bit of both. “As we began making music together, Brooke and I tried to visualize the future of the band, if our relationship failed,” Guceri recalls. “And the band was doing just fine.”