East of Eden

East of Eden


East of Eden is a heavy-worship group who's music is characterized by the fusion of ambient melodic passages and progressive metalcore grooves. As a band they are focused on delivering memorable sets by injecting the maximum amount of energy and emotion into every performance.


It was just two years ago when the idea of a melodic, progressive hardcore, worship-driven musical project in NZ was deemed pure wishful thinking. Nevertheless, motivated by their Christian faith and a love for music, vocalists Spencer Jones and Hugh Ozumba set about creating this sound and searching for four more passionate musicians to share their vision.

Spencer and Hugh began in 2008 by self-producing the first East of Eden single, “The Diary of Anne Frank”, a strong declaration of the aggressive, passionate and emotional musical and lyrical direction they would take. After the song was released online and began to accumulate plays, it became evident that they were not only serious about their vision, but had the potential to cultivate it.

One by one the soon-to-be members East of Eden began to come into light. Veteran bassist Cameron Couper and experienced blues guitarist Geoff Ong brought their share of passion and musical virtuosity to the table and joined the search for the two remaining members which would complete East of Eden. Soon came the young but impressive drummer and guitarist Ryan Wilson. With experience and maturity far beyond his age, Ryan comfortably led the rhythm section on drums.

However, as time elapsed and the pain-staking search for the last member continued to yield no results, it became increasingly apparent that there might not be anyone who would be suitable as the second guitarist. It was at this point that drummer Glen Ellis stepped out into the open, provoking excitement amongst the current members at the prospect of having a complete ensemble. The band made the decision to shift Ryan to guitar and let Glen command the backline, completing the full East of Eden line up.

Having played shows alongside international artists such as Attack Attack and Of Mice & Men, and with the debut of their first six track release, The Petitioner EP, East of Eden has already managed to generate much excitement amongst the local crowd and is considered amongst fans as “[one of] NZ’s best and brightest bands” (Live Access Photography liveaccessphotography.webs.com). Driven by faith, zeal, love, and a strive for excellence; East of Eden hopes to bring a new level of energy, power, and worship into the NZ music scene.


East of Eden DEMO (2009)
-1. The Diary of Anne Frank
-2. Once on Silk Road
-3. Nineveh
-4. Mount of Olives

The Petitioner EP (2011)
-1. Excerpts
-2. The Diary of Anne Frank
-3. Arrival
-4. Once on Silk Road
-5. Miracles
-6. Mount of Olives

Set List

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