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The Hobby Faire

Written By: Miguel Capelo

Little trinkets
shining bright
Amongst dingy stalls
I walk
Will you show me
Your desire
And may I pretend
That I care

There's useful life
Inside an old shell
You seem to think
You know me well
An evil grin
So out of place on a
Rollercoaster of
Delights and sights for us all

How pathetic is your love for life
It's like a dieing man's last request
How pathetic are your
Toys and guns
Handguns at the faire
Handguns at the faire

Lifeless dolls
In their dozens
Sitting restless
In a child's nightmare
With words & captions
They may be assured
Of an audience
At the hobby faire ,for now...

Chorus 2
They sit lifeless in their wake
And smile
The idiots at the faire
Cannot comprehend
How your passions and your plays
Are just for fun
Handguns at the faire
Handguns at the faire

Verse 3
What big ambitions
I may have had
I now leave
At the hobby faire
In lifeless stations you conduct
Your sweet symphony
Of despair

Last Chorus
How pathetic am I to judge
Your testament is right
Here and now
There's no way i would allow
Handguns at the faire
Handguns at the faire