Exploding on to the scene is an understatement for the Indie/Pop/Rock band Easton from Wellington, Florida. In less than a year, the band has quickly gained recognition in the South Florida area and now across the U.S.


Forming in the summer of 20005, Easton quickly captivated audiences with their emotionally charged performances characterized by original, soulful and melodic music. Thanks to the internet and live performances, Easton continues to build a loyal fan following across the U.S. and Canada. Influenced by bands such as Cartel, Copeland, Hellogoodbye, Something Corporate and Ryan Cabrara, Easton’s music blends today’s indie-alternative style with a classic rock sound to create a unique musical package. Their talent and enthusiasm to enjoy their musical journey has already earned them the respect of numerous national touring bands and a rapidly growing fan base. Amazingly, no member of the band is older than 16 years old.

Easton has performed with the following National acts:
-A Day To Remember (Indianola Records)
-An Angle (Drive-Thru Records)
-Anathallo (N/A)
-Cartel (Epic Records/The Militia Group)
-Catch 22 (Victory Records)
-Danger::Radio (N/A)
-David Mellio (Drive-Thru Records)
-Gym Class Heroes (Fueled By Ramen)
-Houston Calls (Rushmore Records)
-June (Victory Records)
-Let Go (The Militia Group)
-Quietdrive (Epic Records)
-Rookie of the Year (One Eleven Records)
-Rory (111 Records)
-The Format (The Vanity Label)
-The Mile After (Rushmore Records)
-The Scene Aesthetic (DW Records)
-The Track Record (Rushmore Records)
-Upper Class Trash (School Night Records)
-We Are The Fury (Eastwest Records)
-Words Now Heard (JMB Records


Easton (Self-Titled) EP 2006
The EP is Easton’s first and they had the opportunity to work with producer/engineer Matt LaPlant (Nonpoint, Skindred, Burn Season, Sikth) at Bieler Bros Studios in Pompano Beach Florida. All 5 songs on the EP were written by Easton’s lead vocalist Jeremy Michaels. The songs include: Rewind Today, Only Robots Wear Copper Shoes, Sending Letters to Jersey, The End of All Seasons, Whatever I was Thinking.

Set List

Sets consist of most of the EP songs with new material mixed in.