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The best kept secret in music


"How Did this Teen Band Get on to Warped?"

The Warped Tour: How a group of Dreyfoos kids got on The Warped Tour
By Leslie Gray Streeter
Palm Beach Post Music Writer
Friday, June 23, 2006
So, kids, what did you do on your summer vacation? Did you go anywhere interesting? See any cool sights? Get recognized as a rock star while sitting in an airport in a state you've never played in?
Elliot Mulhern, a 16-year-old student at Alexander W. Dreyfoos Jr. School of the Arts, resident of Wellington and drummer for the band Easton, did.
And, not surprisingly, he really liked it.
"I was on my phone, texting to Jeremy (Michaels, the band's lead singer and guitarist) on a layover in Atlanta. I was going to visit my uncle in Seattle," reports Mulhern, by phone while still on vacation.
"This kid, about 13 or 15 years old, who was traveling with his sister, sat next to me, and asked me 'Are you in Easton?' I thought he was from Florida, but he was actually from New York. He'd seen us on MySpace (www.myspace.com/eastonrock).
"I thought that was really cool."
Elliot's cross-country fame encounter isn't the only cool thing about to happen to him and the indie-rock Easton this summer. On Saturday, he, Michaels, guitarist Doug Widick, keyboardist Marc Feldman, all 16, and 17-year-old bassist Gregor Rice, are competing in the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands, part of the Vans Warped Tour at Miami's Bicentennial Park.
They're one of 15 bands who will battle on Saturday for a chance to be one of four national finalists, who will split thousands of dollars worth of band gear. Easton says they know that they'll stand out this weekend because of their age, and hopefully for their music.
"Some people say 'Those guys are 16 and 17? That's insane!,' " Michaels says. "But then some people underestimate us."
Fortunately, their self-released, self-titled EP, is youthful but not kiddie-like. Recorded at Pompano's Bieler Bros. Studio with producer/engineer Matt LaPlant (Nonpoint, Skindred, Burn Season), it sold 100 copies this year at a CD release party at Ray's Downtown Blues Club on Clematis Street, and is available at gigs, and on the Internet, including on iTunes. That's where it got a clever endorsement from an anonymous fan — "This is what your baby-sitting money should be used for."
Their own sound
The band cites influences including Cartel, who they're playing against this weekend, Something Corporate and even rock-pop bard and former Ashlee Simpson boyfriend Ryan Cabrerra. But they sound, Rice says, "like no one."
The band members, all Dreyfoos students (Rice, son of TV personality Greg Rice, graduated this year), have been together for about a year, and are all veterans of other bands.
The band members, all Dreyfoos students (Rice, son of TV personality Greg Rice, graduated this year), have been together for about a year, and are all veterans of other bands.
But Widick, who has been in about five groups starting in sixth grade, says Easton is the one "I wanted to make a full commitment to, to put my blood, sweat and tears into."
"We have to. Jeremy beats us up," Feldman deadpans.
Actually, Easton's cohesiveness seems more about musical and personal chemistry than inner-band beatings — "The music is special. It gives me a reason to come to practice," Doug says.
The songs on the EP run the indie rock gamut. Rewind Today has the standard drum-driven, fast-fast-fast tempo, but then erupts into unexpected acoustic breaks and a delightfully motley a capella chant of the verse, with punk hand claps. And the breakup ballad Whatever I Was Thinking showcases Feldman's piano chops and the sensitive side of Michaels' voice.
"Easton is a very different genre from what most kids are playing, That's what's really great about the music, that everyone is obsessed with a different style of music," says Mulhern, a jazz fan. "And when it all comes together, it's different. It's still marketable, but at the same time, every different song has its own feel."
Side project
Easton started as a side project for a band Michaels and Mulhern were in called State Road 7, which got its break playing at Ray's about once a month. After one of the other original members left, Mulhern recruited Feldman, who he'd "met at temple and was acquainted with at school. He had a chill type of vibe."
"These kids were really amazing to work with, because they're all so musical. Going to practice is fun for me," Feldman says. "It's like hanging out with your friends."
Like their previous name, Easton is a geographical reference, to the subdivision in the housing development where Michaels lives. The group, whose publicist is Jeremy's dad, Steve Michaels, a former music journalist, are managed by JJ Cassiere of the local Vital Agency. Cassiere began booking them on shows at Ray's when they were State Road 7, and got them the gig at Warped Tour.
So far, Easton has only traveled as far as Fort Lauderdale to play, but through the magic of the Internet have garnered fans, like those kids in the - The Palm Beach Post

"Easton CD Review"

Emerging from the south Florida scene, Easton is breaking boundaries and capturing the hearts of everyone who has heard their music live or on their pure volume. Easton’s music brings a whole new intellect to their audience, guaranteed to give you the chills and make your heart melt.
The journey of the album begins with an introduction that has a variety of different sound effects from, seagulls on the beach, city traffic, ocean waves, a car crash, and finalizing it with a cassette tape being rewound. This flows into the second track entitled, “Rewind Today.” The vocals are genuine and send out an important message in their chorus. “past regrets are never worth the wait, rewind today.” The track is very melodic and the boys from Easton make it magical.
Track three is dazzling. The music honestly makes you feel like you’re in a movie. The keyboard, guitars, bass, and drums are incorporated beautifully with the lyrics. It hits home, and is close to the heart.
The next track will leave you breathless. It begins with soothing keyboard notes and mellow vocals. The tempo is then brought up and the instruments are all brought in. This track is one that most can relate to. The chorus is written in letter form. Vocalist, Jeremy Michaels, reminisces about his hometown of New Jersey, and the love he had to leave behind. “I caught a cold the day you left, I spent the next 3 days in bed, replaying our last kiss in my head. Jersey feels so far away.” All guitars done by Doug Widick and Jeremy Michaels and Alex Goldstein on bass were soulful. The drums by Elliot Mulhern are amazing, and concluding the track on keyboard is, Marc Feldman who leaves you speechless. This song will keep you captivated. The track is entitled, Sending Letters to Jersey.
Track five is one of Easton’s signature songs. Every time you hear it you know it’s them and your hair can’t help but stand on end. End Of All Seasons, is very captivating and intelligent. This songs shows the potential and accentuated the abilities of all Easton’s members. The new breakdown in the track, which was once just music, now has the powerful voice of, Upper Class Trash front man, JM Chapman. He gives the song even more notability and passion.
The sixth and final track is literally about conclusion and saying goodbye. The track is acoustic with Jeremy on guitar and again, Marc Feldman on keyboards. Towards the ending of the song, the instruments all come in and make for an unforgettable finale.
The passion and character of Easton is clear that they are going for their biggest dreams. They are certainly on their way, and this is the beginning of their journey.
- For the Sound by Tara Chahine


Easton (Self-Titled) EP 2006
The EP is Easton’s first and they had the opportunity to work with producer/engineer Matt LaPlant (Nonpoint, Skindred, Burn Season, Sikth) at Bieler Bros Studios in Pompano Beach Florida. All 5 songs on the EP were written by Easton’s lead vocalist Jeremy Michaels. The songs include: Rewind Today, Only Robots Wear Copper Shoes, Sending Letters to Jersey, The End of All Seasons, Whatever I was Thinking.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Forming in the summer of 20005, Easton quickly captivated audiences with their emotionally charged performances characterized by original, soulful and melodic music. Thanks to the internet and live performances, Easton continues to build a loyal fan following across the U.S. and Canada. Influenced by bands such as Cartel, Copeland, Hellogoodbye, Something Corporate and Ryan Cabrara, Easton’s music blends today’s indie-alternative style with a classic rock sound to create a unique musical package. Their talent and enthusiasm to enjoy their musical journey has already earned them the respect of numerous national touring bands and a rapidly growing fan base. Amazingly, no member of the band is older than 16 years old.

Easton has performed with the following National acts:
-A Day To Remember (Indianola Records)
-An Angle (Drive-Thru Records)
-Anathallo (N/A)
-Cartel (Epic Records/The Militia Group)
-Catch 22 (Victory Records)
-Danger::Radio (N/A)
-David Mellio (Drive-Thru Records)
-Gym Class Heroes (Fueled By Ramen)
-Houston Calls (Rushmore Records)
-June (Victory Records)
-Let Go (The Militia Group)
-Quietdrive (Epic Records)
-Rookie of the Year (One Eleven Records)
-Rory (111 Records)
-The Format (The Vanity Label)
-The Mile After (Rushmore Records)
-The Scene Aesthetic (DW Records)
-The Track Record (Rushmore Records)
-Upper Class Trash (School Night Records)
-We Are The Fury (Eastwest Records)
-Words Now Heard (JMB Records