Winner - 2007 LA Music/Hollywood F.A.M.E. Awards "National Independent Rock Album of the Year" 2008 Phoenix Music Awards Nominations: Male Singer/Songwriter, Independent Rock Album of the Year, Independent Rock Single of the Year, Rock Artist of the Year


Winner - 2007 LA Music/Hollywood F.A.M.E. Awards
"National Independent Rock Album of the Year"

Official Nominee - 2008 Phoenix Music Awards
"Rock Artist of the Year"

Official Nominee - 2008 Phoenix Music Awards
"Rock Single of the Year"

Official Nominee - 2008 Phoenix Music Awards
"Male Vocal Performance"

Official Nominee - 2008 Phoenix Music Awards
"Independent Rock Album of the Year"

In the spring of 2003 singer/songwriter/guitarist Ryan Sims and drummer Geoff Jouas recorded the independent two song single "Nothing's Changed." Several months later Sims began collaborating with fellow singer/songwriter/guitarist Matt Henderson, and in the fall of 2003 EastonAshe was born. With the addition of bassist Jason Silverman the line-up was complete.

In the spring of 2004 EA released the EP "From the Ashes" and shortly thereafter began an extensive tour of the East Coast.

EastonAshe released their independent full-length debut album "Can I Drive It?" on Sept. 16th, 2006 to a sold out audience at the Wrigley Mansion.

In the past few months EA has shared the stage with national acts such as The Doobie Brothers, John Waite, Daniel Powter, Liberty Devito (Billy Joel), Collective Soul, the Spin Doctors and the Subdudes.

EastonAshe Productions, LLC
35266 N. 36th Place
Cave Creek, AZ 8531
(602) 412-3912

Brent Diggins, Diggs Communications
(480) 516-2035


Venture To The Sun

Written By: R. Sims - SimSound (BMI)

Venture To The Sun
(R. Sims)
SimSound (BMI)

I’m staring blankly down a dark road called my future,
Trying hard to see some light,
The funny thing about my age is watching other people gauge,
The chances of my future being bright,

I’m standing face to face with the life I’ve always dreamed of,
So hungry that I can taste the fabric that these dreams are made of,

I will venture with my brothers,
To a place that so few others tread,
Cause in the end you die alone,
We will catch the setting sun,
If that’s what we find must be done,
To say we’ve gone as far as we can go,

Imagination, concentration, helps the proper designation,
Of what’s real and what fades away,
If golden opportunity presents itself in front of me,
I want to know exactly what to say,

With certainty I’ll say this path is never ending,
I’ll swear this path is never ending,
If you believe each day you wake’s a new beginning,
And patiently I’ll walk this road with my face grinning,
Cause we don’t have that far to go,


Written By: R. Sims/G. Jouas - SimSound (BMI)

(R. Sims/ G. Jouas)
SimSound (BMI)

We are being over come by condominiums,
Low carbohydrate foods, the fastest Pentiums,
All that we want to be, is dictated by TV,
So turn on your television and go soak in some fashion,
We are being overcome by condominiums,

I don’t foresee good things to be,
It’s not looking like we’re gonna make it,
Cause no one questions anything,
It’s not the way you look it’s how you fake it,
Are you liking what you see?

You are being forced to see a false reality,
So you will go and buy the latest fallacy,
Decisions that we make are just made to satiate,
The thirst of the corporate vision so go make you’re decision,
You are being forced to see a false reality,

The thoughts they seed, will change everything,

We gave up on the positive to focus on the negative,
All we really learned is that you get exactly what you give,
It’s a funny frame of mind when you’re living in the negative,
Do we learn our lessons? No we’re not positive,

Can I Drive It?

Written By: R. Sims/M. Henderson - SimSound/Slickness Music (BMI)

Can I Drive It
(R. Sims/M.Henderson)
SimSound/Slickness Music (BMI)

Girl those clothes that you wear, it seems you’ve come to be noticed,
Looks like tonight you’re on a mission to receive what you ain’t gettin’ at home,
You’re standing just close enough so we can see that you made it,
Is that shirt an indication or that skirt an implication,
That tonight we won’t be sleeping at all?

Frustration go down on me,
Swallow what you need,

It’s getting towards the end of the night and everybody keeps saying,
You’re not happy with your lover and your looking for another to stay with,
So we’ll pack up my guitars and we’ll stumble to you’re car, Can I drive it?
I know exactly what you’re craving and I wouldn’t keep you waiting,
It’s the first door on the left down the hall,

Tonight I’ll be your doctor and cure your deprivation disease,
Or maybe be an author to justify the eloquently,
But no words can explain it, stop any thought you had,
Of trying to push all this temptation, down…

I see you looking up here and it’s quite clear what you want from me,
I probably shouldn’t but I’m not known for my judgement on these things,

Digging A Hole

Written By: R. Sims/M. Henderson - SimSound/Slickness Music (BMI)

Digging A Hole
(R. Sims/M. Henderson)
SimSound/Slickness Music (BMI)

A shot of pure adrenaline would probably calm me down a bit,
I feel a sudden urge to stand and fight,
I can’t believe your telling me the opposite of everything you said before,
This fucking blows my mind,

Go on keep on digging a hole,

You say you want what’s best for me,
I shouldn’t question anything,
Still you reserve the right to change your mind,
This constant instability is costing credibility,
And that my friend is something you can’t buy,

So go one keep on digging a hole,
And when you’re deep enough,
I’ll push the dirt in,
So you can’t dig back up,
And hurt me again,

A million miles between us now,
And still I haven’t figured out,
The lies the truth and all that’s left behind,
The truth is that you never were,
The person you portrayed to her,
The lies were just the frame of your design,

When you taste the mud,
You’ll wish things different,
And I’ll be up above omnipotent,

No Other Way

Written By: M. Henderson - Slickness Music (BMI)

No Other Way
(M. Henderson)
Slickness Music (BMI)

I’m a thousand miles from what I know,
There’s many thousands more to go,
And I’m hoping things will be all right,

Though I wish I had a home,
My pursuit leads me to roam,
And there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight,

Day by day my memory slowly fades,
But this picture seems to bring me back to somewhere,
As the sun goes down there’ll be another lonely town,
I know there’s no other way to get there,

Mile by mile, I wish that I could rest a while,
But I know that we’ll push until we get there,
Black to blue, the sky is taken from the moon,
In a never ending chase, up in the air,

Sleepless nights and city lights are messing with my head,
Another highway mile and I might as well be dead,

Life's Like That

Written By: R. Sims - SimSound (BMI)

Life’s Like That
(R. Sims)
SimSound (BMI)

Little man you’re just an innocent one, in a world that’s fallen down,
Seems mankind is sitting on a suicide mission putting babies in the ground,
The years will bear a permanent trace like a shadow on the sun,
You don’t have to take if you want it you can change it,
You know you are the chose one,

You’ll grow so fast, life’s just like that,
You’re here for a moment then gone,
So don’t you waste your good days,
Trying to change the ones that are already done,

The love of your mother is second to no other it defines eternity,
And nothing is stronger than the arms of your father, that too will always be,
Other than that it’s just an unsafe bet guessing what tomorrow brings,
Cause nobody knows which way the world is gonna go,
Unless of course you choose to lead,

You’ll get tired, you’ll get lonely,
You’ll be screaming someone hold me,
That will pass and you’ll hurt no longer,
Life has pain but it makes you stronger,


Nothing's Changed (2003) - Single
From the Ashes (2004) - EP
Can I Drive It? (2006) - full-length debut

Set List

EastonAshe has a large catalog of original songs as well as cover songs listed below:

Original Songs:
I’m Gonna’ Get Back At You
In My Head
God’s Own
Die w/ Smile
Bayou Blues
Days Like These
Dance for Me Baby
Josh Palmer
Getting Over
That’s How We Get High
King Of The Mountain
The You And Me
Paid In Full
No Other Way
The Curse Of Bitter Days
Venture Into the Sun
Life's Like That
My Own Private Army
Can I Drive It?
Digging A Hole

Cover Songs:
Last Dance With Mary Jane (Tom Petty)
Mrs. Robinson (Simon & Garfunkel)
Hey Jealousy (Gin Blossoms)
Message In A bottle (The Police)
Song 41 (Dave Matthews Band)
While My Guitar Gently Weeps (The Beatles)
3 AM (Matchbox 20)
Bad Fish (Sublime)
Never Been To Spain (Three Dog Night)
Fire On The Mountain (Grateful Dead)
If You Could Only See (Tonic)
All Along The Watchtower (Jimi Hendrix)
Moby Dick (Led Zeppelin)
Aeroplane (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Cold Beverages (G. Love & Special Sau