Easton Legacy

Easton Legacy


Catchy tempos and keyboard handstands. :)


*NACA Mid-Atlantic Festival Showcasing Artist
*Easton Legacy can perform full electric or acoustic shows

Easton Legacy is a national touring five-piece rock band hailing from Merrimack Valley, Massachusetts. Formed in late 2005, the band quickly dominated the local scene after introducing fans to their unique blend of catchy choruses and hard-hitting lead guitar lines.

The band's live set brings their larger-than-life anthems to life, notoriously 'making you move without having to tell you to do so'. Easton Legacy's shows are wild and energetic and are sure to include keyboard handstands, guitar flips, and spin kicks which mark the band as top-notch entertainers, both musically and visually.

Their sophomore release, New Nightmares to Challenge Sleep, was recorded by Mike Birnbaum and Chris Bitner (John Mayer, Coheed and Cambria), and mastered by multi-platinum producer, Mike Fossenkemper (Madonna, The Rocket Summer, Reggie and the Full Effect). They have already gotten rave reviews on the release from AP Magazine, AP.net, and many press and radio professionals. The CD is musically appealing but the artwork has attracted attention from some well known authors and comic book illustrators. This is a concept album at it's best.

Easton Legacy's list of accomplishments include:
-Supported: All Time Low, A Change of Pace, The Recieving End of Sirens, The Killing Moon, Near Miss, Showbread, Roses are Red, Just Surrender, Tokyo Rose, The New Atlantic, No Trigger, & Lorene Drive
-Radio Rotation on WBCN, WFNX, WSNHU, WBRU, WCCC, & WUML
-Hand-picked by Kevin Lyman to play the Hot Topic stage of the Vans Warped Tour
-Alternative Press' top three unsigned bands in the country in 2007
-Featured in AMP Magazine Dec. '08 issue
-CMJ artist for 2008
-Video for "Code Black" charted #20 on YouTube's most viewed count-down during its debut week.
-In less than 6 months their CD has sold over 3,000 copies and 50K downloads on iTunes.
-mtvU's Best Music on Campus Featured Artist and performed on select dates of the tour.

College Shows & High School Shows:
Southern New Hampshire University (frequently)
UMass Lowell (frequently)
UMass Dartmouth
Westford State
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
John Ryan Memorial High School
Hinsdale High School

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Goodnight Neverland

Written By: Easton Legacy

We have broken shattered the past lost to invasion before we close the
door between what we know and what we've been hiding from. All I know
is wrong

Monster Eats the Pilot

Written By: Easton Legacy

Bury me at sea before I unceremoniously drown between the sheets
The frigid ocean waters that surround me have cooled my torrid
temperament; this tomb is free of regret. (We are broken)

Caught off guard. So tragically enamored by the touch. we are a
pornographic wish upon a star. Denied, before we had the chance to
reconcile our hearts the animosity divides us

Here alone I'm waiting for the last time you have to call and bring me
to your door. This is the cause for an alarm. And I'm at my last

Trapped inside, the air so thin my lungs breathe out of pride alone
confined within the walls of this bedroom. We are, the sole surviving
embers of the fire.
Ignite the spark left of a heart divided.

Holding on to tattered threads while

You're half a world away, still your drawing tight these tattered
half a world away and I'm clawing at the walls

Here alone I'm waiting for the last time you have to call and bring me
to your door. This is a cause for an alarm and I'm at my last resort.

Traitors of the Lost Ark

Written By: Easton Legacy

rother bears the weight of the world on his shoulders but he never lifts a hand

The small-time thief has crowned himself king in his head.
Sacrifice is a four-letter word in this holier than town
We are but self-appointed saints at war amongst ourselves.

Hey there, you can run your mouth off
All night long, but soon you'll savor every word as you choke them down.
A meal fit for a traitor; a serpent-tongued sycophant and all along Continue to convince yourself that you've done no wrong.

Loaded words; cocked and spouting venom profusely like a wound. You decay us every time you open up your mouth.
As much as we love to torturing ourselves, we'll gladly carry on
without you. Blame yourself and cut your losses. Au revoir.

Embrace the lie, consume the pain, accept this as your fate, or cover up with pleasantries while you burst with jealous rage.

We've all made peace with who we are, there's no one left to blame. SoSew your lips shut if it will help you to stop dropping our name

Ignore the truth or just walk away (any day now, any day now)

They'll be no call; no need for you to stay (any day now, any day now)

Hey there, you can run your mouth off all night long. But soon you'll savor every word as you choke them down.
A meal fit for a traitor; a serpent-tongued, sycophant and all along you'll keep telling yourself that you have done no wrong

Back Off I'm A Scientist

Written By: Easton Legacy

The floorboards shake
I can feel it in my toes
There's more to living
than the skin we'll soon dispose,
And if you don't tempt the hungry tiger
With fresh meat on the bone
You might still have a chance,
You might still have a chance...

My fingers shake
The chemicals have reached the bone
Life's kind of funny when the poison
You bring home has paid the rent
Clothed, and fed your family
While simultaneously breaking them all down from the inside out.

So desolate the place home used to lie, I sympathize with anyone who's
still around.
Now they've quarantined and boarded up our happy little homes I guess
it's time to go.

The floorboards shake or is it me that shakes the floor? It's getting
hard to notice.
We're side by side by another
With cover ups under control below

This town was built by liars upon the backs of our fathers and it turns

out we were getting a bad deal

we're only getting closer meanwhile we all far apart and our pleas
ignored were more than a letdown.

This town was built by liars...

They say there's a little town where the water went bad and the people
started changing.


"New Nightmares to Challange Sleep" (2008)
1. Goodnight Neverland
2. Monster Eats the Pilot
3. Traitors of the Lost Ark
4. Two Weeks from Everywhere
5. Back Off Man I'm a Scientist
6. Run for it Marty
7. If You're Not Mad Enough to Bareknuckle Box You're Just Not Mad

"Reaction to Turbulence" (2006)
1. Gunfight
2. Lost
3. Code Black
4. Crash Schematics: A Meta-Analysis
5. Gathering
6. Lonely Game
7. Marionette

Set List

Traitors of the Lost Ark
Run for it Marty
Back off man I'm a Scientist
Code Black
Monster Eats the Pilot
Livin' on a Prayer (Bon Jovi cover)
Gathering Outro