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East Side Magic is West Coast Canadian Hip Hop in its purest form. The musical sorcery is conjured by the sunbursting producer Kid Lithium, the gobstopping lyricist Bizoid, the brain-puckering rhymer Nekkbone and the always minty-fresh rapper Logical.


East Side Magic is the amalgamation of Kid Lithium and Bizoid The Android, two emerging Canadian rap artists, who currently represent Vancouver, British Columbia. Having been born and raised on the west coast, both rappers seek to secure the city’s forgotten stronghold for hip-hop music. United by the love of the genre and the disdain of the current state, Lithium and Bizoid’s first collaboration came to fruition in the summer of 2004. When the music they produced began to warrant repeat play, it became necessary to record an album together.

Lithium, having completed the Audio Engineering Program at Columbia Academy, began to dig deep into his record collection and compose some of the most melodic productions that anyone in the city had ever orchestrated. Pulling from 70’s pop funk and Asian string arrangements, he sonically defines the past, present and future Vancouver soundscape. As well, with his inventive solo debut, “Kid Lithium Has Vanished Without A Trace (2005)” firmly under his belt, Lithium continues to nurture the undeniable growth in his writing abilities. In the self-titled East Side Magic album, no subject is taboo for a man who is aware of the world around him.

During Lithium’s first album, Bizoid found time between school and work to make a guest appearance on the oft-performed “These Nites.” Having also backed-up the vocals of Lithium’s early performances, Bizoid quickly grew comfortable with the stage which further fueled his longtime love of rap music. Much sooner than later, he dropped out of college to explore his creativity in writing rhymes. A student of English Literature and Calculus, Bizoid quickly proved himself as an able lyricist often satirizing his personal life including the people in it.

For the better part of 2005, the two worked hard as promoters at the now defunct Hip-Hop Open Mic at the Columbia Pub to prove themselves to their peers. Soon after the weekly event ended, Lithium and Bizoid were signed to their associates come indie record label, Up In Your Basement. In 2006, they performed a number of shows from the island to the mainland opening for Moka Only and Lucky.i.am of the Living Legends Crew. Just as their live shows became increasingly successful, Lithium and Bizoid amicably parted ways with the indie label to focus all of their energy into their collaborative album. 2007 sees the completion of East Side Magic and the newly fundamental sound of Vancouver Hip-Hop. Not since the Rascalz have there ever been a unique pairing and presentation of conscious yet braggadocio rhyming. With all musical production handled by Lithium and an album cover hand-drawn by Bizoid, East Side Magic is the epitome of DIY. These two Canadian rappers have come together to prove that good music exists to stimulate the city and country alike.


Lithium and Bizoid Present:
The East Side Magic 2007

Set List

Our Setlist consists of Mostly songs from our LP release with a few additions and maybe an acappela or two.