East Side Riffs

East Side Riffs

 Freehold, New Jersey, USA

the new york dolls meet guns n roses filtered through 50's rock, 60's garage, early 70's glam, late 70's punk, and 80's rock


nfluenced by the true heart of roll and roll, the East Side Riffs play music for rock n rollers. Crawling out of the bars and alleyways of the Bowery and the Lower East Side, the East Side Riffs blend blues based rock with glam and punk to get everyone out of their seats and singing along before the songs are done. With a repertoire of well-known cover songs drawn from their many influences (as well as a few suprising ones) and over an albums worth of original songs, the East Side Riffs are ready to play anytime, anywhere. A strong basis in the blues and country, the ESRs are also able to play acoustic shows to a more mellow audience


Self released 12 song full length- Blood, Sweat, and Beers (2008)

Set List

we have a 12 song list of covers reflecting our influences and even more originals. We tend to play toward the crowd and what they respond more to