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"ArtRocker Live Review"

Describing their sound as “everything pre and nothing post”, EastStrikeWest are clearly keen to distance themselves from the ‘post-rock’ label which conveniently packages bands with multi-layered instruments and grand musical ambition.

To further emphasise the point, the Essex six-piece’s performance revolved around their more accessible tracks, ’Stumble’ and the Steve Lamacq-favoured ’Electricity’. Swirling strings danced around in the mix, the orchestral edge adding to the theatricality of the singer’s falsetto - hinting at a band with the potential to redefine the parameters of epic song-writing.

New offering ’Shuffle’ lent a rockier edge to proceedings. With its insistent, driving drumbeat and opening power chords leading into a pummelling yet snappy chorus, it's their nearest equivalent to a drive-time anthem.

’Electricity’ ends with the three guitarists deconstructing the track into a discordant, messy finale - showing that they can do grit as well as polish. - Artrocker

"Album Review"

When the term “Shoegaze” was coined in the mid ‘80s, there was a massive conflict between the fans of the genre. What makes shoegaze, shoegaze? Was it the process or the product? For me, it’s what goes in to the music. With My Bloody Valentine reforming (and Kevin Shields donating a few tracks to the Lost in Translation soundtrack), one could only hope that shoegaze would be making a bold entrance back on to the scene. And in my opinion Eaststrikewest are the band to front the return. This band is making a large impression on how British Indie music should be rethinking its style. The vocals soar on a bed of noisy guitars and violins. Incorporating God Speed style pounding drums with dream like pianos. After such a short time and a few line up changes, this band have found their sound. Thomas Clark’s vocals lay somewhere between Martin Grech’s tremolo wail and Ryan Adam’s falsetto cry, straining to high melodies without needing to be completely washed with reverb (Enya, Anyone?). As a record, the tracks are full of quiet melodies and crushing crescendos, progressing with each song. The three track offering that is “Rosa” is simply not enough. It leaves you wanting more. And tipped to be releasing an album this year, more I pray we shall have. - Maddog Magazine


Debut mini-album 'w o l v v e s' released 12th of October 2009! Promotional tracks Stumble, The Architect and Electricity all receive spot plays by Nic Harcourt (KCRW - USA) and Steve Lamacq (BBC Radio 1 - UK).



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