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"Ring in the happy times"

A celebrity bride is already into her very busy year. HIZREEN KAMAL finds out how Ning Baizura is coping.

ONLY a matter of days now before she marries Briton Omar Sharif Christopher Layton Dalton on Jan 31 and R&B crooner Ning Baizura is naturally tied down with wedding preparations.

But, mind you, thereÕs more than wedding details occupying this celebrity's mind.

Ning, 32, also has two career projects underway Ñ the release of her first international album, and a mega solo concert. And these keep intruding into her thoughts.

ÒI feel blessed. This year is a very special year with new beginnings for me,Ó she says, beaming.
She has 10 albums to date, but shows no signs of slowing down. ÒSinging is my life and every time I sing, I have only one aim ... to touch hearts. With OmarÕs blessings and support, I will continue to do what I love,Ó says Ning, who got engaged to Omar on July 19 last year.

She is a little anxious about her second English album, to be released in March. It will be launched in Kuala Lumpur, and then in various European capitals.

Now, in the post-production stage, this yet-to-be-titled album is produced by Luigi Bejona, NingÕs European manager. Recording of the tracks for the album was done in London in May last year.

The album features 12 tracks, including Audi MokÕs Drama, which is not only translated into English but also given a different musical arrangement.

Other tracks include Tango in Paris, East to West Express, A Matter of Time and Assassina. Among the composers are Italians Marco Murano and Olivia Conchetti.

ÒIÕve worked very hard for this album and the music is really good. So I do hope that my fans will like it,Ó she says.

Bejona has been instrumental for this album, including securing appearances by Ning in several popular clubs in Europe back in 2005 as early promotion stints.

On her impending solo concert, Ning says she had always wanted to stage a concert, since her last one was the Teguh concert at Stadium Negara in 1996.

ÒI have been ready for a long time now, and I think the time is right for a big concert for my fans.Ó

It is planned for the third quarter of the year. She hopes the concert will accommodate around 4,000 people.

ÒThe plans are for a full orchestra and band and lots of drama and theatre,Ó she adds.

The concert will also feature her artistes Ñ Nikki (the second runner-up from Malaysian Idol Season 1) and Yanie (the second runner-up from TV3's Mentor) Ñ who are signed under her own recording studio Artistes United Records, formed in 2006.

Ning has decided to have her concert tickets priced from RM30, so that the show is not above the reach of the masses.

Back to her wedding preparations. NingÕs wedding planner Datin Farida Hashim is making sure that everything goes well. Ning hopes her wedding will not be touted as ÒThe Wedding of the YearÓ. Her wedding ceremony is to be simple and traditional, she says.

Even though royalty are on the guest list, the ceremony is expected to have the feel of a pesta rakyat.

After their marriage, Ning and Omar plan to travel around Asia before having a family.

ÒIf I do fall pregnant, I hope to be carrying twins,Ó she quips, with a smile.

In conjunction with her wedding, Ning is publishing a book Ñ a compilation of poems in English and Malay, and photographs of her wedding, including behind-the-scenes shots.

For the pictures, she has engaged the well-known professional photographer Saiful Nang.

NingÕs first performance after the wedding will be at Avanti Italian-American Ristorante in Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa on ValentineÕs Day (Feb 14).

Aptly called ÒMesmerised by NingÓ, she returns to the stage in this one-night only showcase.

Performing a 45-minute set of romantic ballads, she hopes to turn the occasion into a dreamy epicurean affair. - NST Online

"EastToWest New Album"

New English album of sensational Malaysia Superstar NING, 12 super hot tracks, and a special wonderful featuring of n.1 World flute player: Andrea Griminelli.

NING performed live in Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong Italy and Montecarlo.
NING performed for the opening ceremony of FIFA WORLD CUP 2002 (KOREA - JAPAN). In 2004 NING was Special Guest at Goldenfoot 2004 in Monte Carlo with Prince Albert and Mr. Blutter.
In 2005 NING performed live throughout Italy (including a Radio Monte Carlo concert and a Italia1 TV special guest appearance)
In 2007, NING performed In Davos (Switzerland) in occasion of the World Economic Forum.

NING is internationally managed by Luigi Bajona (PAPAGG) who was able to secure, in the last few years, numerous recognized appearances and performances (Montecarlo, Italy, London, etc.) undeniably blossoming NingÕs intercontinental career. Luigi is also the executive producer of Ning's EastToWest album - Music Industry News Network

"A new chapter for Ning"

Local entertainer, Ning
Baizura, isnÕt wasting much
time. She got married earlier in
the month and kept her
honeymoon short because a
new album is about to be
The long-awaited album will
be released on Feb 26. The
first single from EastToWest is
Age Of Pollution, which can
currently be heard on the
There is an international feel
to NingÕs new material. Her
album EastToWest, distributed
by EQ Music, is the brainchild
of Luigi Bajona, (a radio and
club DJ, as well as a classical pianist trained at Conservatoire
Serge Rachmaninoff in Paris).
Bajona first met Ning in 2002 at one of her many showcases
here. Their partnership began in 2004 with Ning touring Italy and
Monte Carlo.
After the success of the tours, Bajona and his production partner,
DJ Morano, decided it was time to record an international album.
EastToWest was done in a Òclass-tronicÓ style, which is a mixture
of classical music and electronica.
The new album is a new chapter in NingÕs career, which saw her
start out as a teen pop star, then sultry disco diva, and later a
back-to-basics Malay singer.
All 12 songs were recorded in London last May, with nine
composers contributing to the album. The composers included
Olivias Cinquemani, Valerio Vincentini, Scobi Ryder, B. Bajona,
Marco Morano, Zara Ruban, Audi Mok, Paul Gelsomine and Ad
Samad. - The Star Online

"Ning goes EastToWest"

6 POSTmag
Sunday, February 24, 2008 ENTERTAINMENT
Photos courtesy of EQ Music
Newly-wed Malaysian superstar Ning Baizura
is releasing her new album EastToWest this
Thursday, February 28.
The long-awaited album, distributed by EQ Music,
is the brainchild of international music manager and
executive producer Luigi Bajona. The classical pianist
(trained at Conservatoire Serge Pachmaninoff, Paris),
radio and club DJ has given NingÕs latest release an
international feel.
All 12 songs were recorded in Jamestown Studios,
London last year, with nine composers contributing to
the album. The composers include Olivias Cinquemani,
Valerio Vincentini, Audi Mok and Ad Samad.
Bajona fi rst met Ning in September 2003 at Planet
Hollywood in Kuala Lumpur. He was planning to go
back to his hotel when the bartender suggested he stay
to watch the band. Although Bajona was not in the mood
to listen to a club band, he stayed after the bartender
insisted it would be worth it.
Bajona found that he did indeed love NingÕs
performance and by the following year had visions of
Ning performing in Europe.
In 2004 he introduced Ning to Prince Albert of
Monaco and arranged for her to perform for the Prince
and FIFA president Joseph Blatter at a gala hosted at the
prestigious Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo.
The next year saw Ning tour Italy over the summer.
She had over 20 shows in prestigious clubs and venues
throughout the country.
After the success of the tours, Bajona and production
Ning goes EastToWest
WOWING EUROPE: Ning has successfully made inroads in Europe and is now ready to reach out to even more
new fans with her new album - a fusion of classical and electronic pop music.
POSTmag 7
Sunday, February 24, 2008 ENTERTAINMENT
partner DJ Morano searched for a fresh
sound to match NingÕs great personality
and voice.
They came up with class-tronik - a
fusion of classical and electronic pop
The album marks a new chapter in
NingÕs career, from teen pop star, sultry
disco diva and back-to-basics Malay singer
to now international artiste.
She has indeed done the country proud
by becoming the fi rst Malaysian to perform
ÒliveÓ in Monte Carlo for Prince Albert,
the fi rst to have her songs broadcast on
French and Italian radio, as well as the
fi rst to tour Italy and perform ÒliveÓ on
Italian network television.
She has also performed in the United
Kingdom, China, Indonesia, South Korea,
Japan, Singapore, Monaco, Pakistan and
Hong Kong.
The fi rst single taken off EastToWest is
titled Age of Pollution and can currently be
heard on the airwaves.
Ning has previously released nine full
studio albums, including two English
albums, and several compilations.
She has won numerous music industry
awards and accolades including awards
from Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM),
Anugerah Juara Lagu and Anugerah
The accomplished artiste has also
appeared in fi lms such as Mimpi Moon,
Lady Boss, Diva and the critically
acclaimed short fi lm Malaikat Di Jendela
which was directed by Osman Ali.
The 32-year-old recently tied the
knot to Omar Sharif Christopher Layton
For more information check out www. - Post Mag - Borneo Post


NING evolved to a complete and classy artist and since 1994 collaborated with several international record companies (SONY, BMG, AMS Japan and WEA), releasing pop and R&B albums. Her discography counts nine albums and numerous compilations.


Feeling a bit camera shy


NING the Star
Nationality: Malaysia
Singer / Show Woman/Actress
Language: English, French, Japanese, Malay
1991: Voice of Asia - Best Artiste Acknowledgment 1993 - AIM Best New Artiste
1993 - AIM Best Album
1994 - AIM Best Pop Album
2003 - AERA Best Female Voice
2004 - AIM Best Song of the Year
(Malaysia Music Industry Awards)

NING performed live in Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong Italy and Montecarlo. NING sung during the Peace Concert in Korea for the opening ceremony of FIFA WORLD CUP 2002 (KOREA - JAPAN).
In 2004 NING was Special Guest at Goldenfoot 2004 in Monte Carlo (Prince Albert and Mr. Blutter)
In 2005 NING performed live throughout Italy (including a Radio Monte Carlo concert and a Italia1 TV special guest appearance)
In 2007 NING performed in Davos (Switzerland) as special guest during the World Economic Forum.