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Alton MacKinnon and Chad Bennett have spent the better part of the last seven years creating music that is tailored for radio. The first cd release “Overflow” received airplay throughout Eastern Canada and was called a great success. Their new project/ Slowburn, released June 2008.


Easy13 Biography

Easy (Adjective)
Free from worry or anxiety; "knowing that I had done my best, my mind was easy"
Not an unlucky number, but associated rather with the customary "extra item" (Something More)

After selling much less then 13 million albums since their debut album in 2005 (12 million 999,000 less to be exact). Easy 13 are releasing their second studio album entitled Slowburn. The self produced album, recorded at Key Demo Studios and mixed and mastered at award winning Lakewind Sound Studios, features 10 original songs and includes 2 bonus tracks ( “Whistle Up” and “Whistle Down” ).

The record's first single "Something More “ was released to radio in May, 2008. The single sticks to the straight forward guitar rock format Easy 13 are known for. With some twists and turns to tease the brain, the single was written and recorded in the darkest of rooms with the brightest of lights. The duo of Alton MacKinnon and Chad Bennett had to dig deep and cut ties with reality to produce all tracks on this record. Long nights, restless days and several location changes afforded enough upset to enhance creativity. The cohesiveness of Slowburn shows growth and maturity in both musicianship and songwriting talents. The album easily transitions from driving rockers like " I’m Not Alone " to strong ballads such as “ Without You”.

Easy13 plan to build upon the successes of their debut album “Overflow”, which produced 3 singles. The first , “Threw Me Away” released to radio in July, 2005 was a #1 single on the East Coast Countdown, charted nightly on K94 Radio top 9@ 9 and landed at #85 for the top 100 songs of 2005 on K94 radio. Easy13 ‘s second single "How To Kiss" along with "Threw Me Away " both advanced to the second round of judging in the rock category at the International Songwriting Competition in Nashville TN . These songs were chosen from over 15,000 entries from around the world. “How to Kiss” also charted on the East Coast Countdown and landed at #7 on the K94 radio Hot 30 and #1 on the top 9@9. The release of the third single “Without a Trace” continued to bring success with a #1 showing on the East Coast Countdown.

“ It’s OK to believe in yourself, achieve your goals and have fun at the same time.”
John Leon

"I love it when a band surpasses expectations with a follow-up CD...and that's what Easy 13 has done with Slowburn. I was a big fan of Overflow and was glad to see that the band continued to expand their sound for the latest release"

(Jimmie Inch, East Coast Countdown / 2008)


Something More

Written By: EASY 13 - Chad Bennett and Alton Mackinnon

Something More

You say you have everything
all you want and nothing more.
A place to lay your head
and not wake up on the floor

( Chorus)
I'm something more
I am everything if you let me in
life begins to change.
I'm something more
I am everything if you let me
in all is yours , all is yours

You say, you walk alone
Ya you, you hold your head up high.
Feel free to be the one who holds
the key, let me unlock this life.

(Repeat Chorus)

( Repeat Chorus 2 times)

I Can't Find My Soul

Written By: MacKinnon / Bennett

Take, Take this life
Tear, Tear out these eyes
So I can see
I what must be seen

My wings have shut down,
and I’m high above ground
Somewhere between heaven and hell
I’m losing control, I’m losing myself
Yes, my wings have shut down,
I plead to be found
somewhere between heaven and hell
I’ve lost control, I can’t find my soul . Can’t find my soul.

Break, Break my stride
Melt , Melt down my pride
So I can free
What must be free


Help me
Help me through

(Chorus 2 times)

Without You

Written By: MacKinnon / Bennett

We walk , I talk
but you don’t listen anymore
I shake, my head
but you don’t see me you don’t see me

ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ohh
I’m without you
ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh
I’m without you
ooh ooh , ooh ooh ooh ooh
it’s over

I bring myself
is that not enough as you
I thought we planned
somehow that we would make it through


Who are you?
Who are you?

(Repeat 1st verse)
(Repeat Chorus)

I'm Not Alone

Written By: MacKInnon / Bennett

“I’m Not Alone”
( MacKinnon / Bennett )

My legs are weak
and my mind is numb
I can’t believe
I’ve gone so long
up against this world, up against this world

I’m not alone
there's no way that I’d be standing here with you
I’m not alone
there’s no way that I’d be still alive
Without you, without you

I can’t figure out
why I’m still standing
It’s hard to see
how I’ve come so far
up against this world, up against this world

(Repeat Chorus 3 times )

Three Words

Written By: MacKinnon / Bennett

I’ve got the sand in my hair, but I don’t care
as the waves rush over our life.
Above, the moon and the stars, shine like their ours
there’s nothing more perfect, there’s nothing more right


One night, your eyes, three words that touch me inside
feels right this time, I’m shaking, hold me
wile I tremble inside.

No dream could compare, to the way I feel here
Tangled in you , wanting nothing more
The warm summer breeze, makes ne believe
there’s nothing more perfect , there’s nothing more right.



Oh it’s perfect, it just feels right
A feeling so Beautiful
There’s nothing more , nothing more right.

(Repeat Chorus 2 times)

Time To Reach You

Written By: MacKinnon/ Bennett

It’s near , It’s closer then
I ever though I ever though before
We’re here , We’re near the edge
on the verge , on the verge of something more

I can’t explain , everything has changed

( Chorus)
It’s time to reach you
It’s time that you see through
these lies that keep you wanting what is lost inside of you
It’s time to reach you
It’s time that you see through
these lies that keep you wanting what is lost inside of you

It’s near , It’s closer then
I ever though I ever though before

I can’t explain everything has changed


Your moving much too fast
Trying to find what lies behind
those walls there in the past


Mind Control

Written By: MacKInnon

I’m taking off my mask
I’ll place it on your bed.
I’ll walk out of your door
I won’t be back...

The one time that you said
what you really meant.
It’s something, I can’t forget.
I won’t be back..

I need, to take , away, my mind and soul
I need , to break, this state, of mind control
on me.....

I’ve nothing more to give.
I ‘ll leave you just one thing.
Remember what you see..
It won’t be back,



I won’t be back oh no..( 4 times).


I’ve taken off my mask
I won’t be back...

Believe It

Written By: MacKinnon / Bennett

Let’s tell each other lies and believe it
Cause I don’t won’t face the truth anymore
Let’s turndown the lights so we don’t see that
What was in each other’s eyes is no more
What are we waiting for.

The perfect person is not in this room
So pull the curtain and lets get removed
From one another together

( Chorus)

I lookup to you
because you let me down
It don’t matter what you do
I’m still around
I’ll take it, I’ll take it



Written By: MacKInnon / Bennett

Tear me down don’t build me up!
Tear me down don’t build me up!
Tear me down don’t build me up!

Whatever it is I say , and whatever it is I do
remember that tried , to understand this world
Whatever it is I’ve done, and whatever it is that I become
Remember that my lies, are tangled in my truth.

This is my back, against this wall
These are the arms , to break my fall
This is my cry , I am insane
These are my words, This is my pain,

I won’t medicate
I won’t medicate

I was ready to make a move , I was ready to make a change
Facing all the rules, trying to control my rage
I was ready to break free, I was ready to stop the run
But to face my truth, I’d have to face what I’ve become.


Tear me down don’t build me up !
Tear me down don’t build me up!

Tear me down , don’t build me up


Written By: MacKinnon / Bennett/ MacDonald

Your tired of working
your tired of giving
to tired to sleep and it just keeps burning

You feel defeated
your trying to beat it
to tired to live and it just keeps burning

You got to push it all away
defeated retreat or just let it burn
Though it down in the same way
you can”t beat it retreat or just let it burn

Your trying to say no
Your trying to reload
You feel your stuck on go and it just keeps burning


repeat - “Let it burn “ 4 times

(Repeat chorus 2 times )


1999 - EASY13 - With Ease - 6 tracks
(1) single released - MR. Wonderful - local airplay
2004 - EASY13 - Overflow
(3) singles released - Without you / How to Kiss / Without a trace - all receiving radio play from over 30 stations throughout Eastern Canada
2008 -EASY 13 - Slowburn - released June/ 08
First single to be released - Something More.
Current single - Time to Reach You.

Set List

We do a two piece acoustic act. a mix of origionals and covers. Mainly pop rock and similar to origional tunes. Usually three one hour sets per show.