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"Friendship Opportunity"

If there’s an active cassette player in the house then EASYBOY‘s Friends needs to be in that. Eric Farber, one-half of the already epic Truman Peyote, has been cranking out solid hits and remixes making sure to hold his own strongly up in Toronto. We’ve been flying the Easyboy flag good and strong for a while now, and are stoked to say that you can catch Easyboy at SXSW’s first taste of FMLY’s Thank You Come Again on the afternoon of March 20. He totally rawked it at our CMJ show in October. Spooky Town has been super rad to put Friends online for a free download, but I recommend purchasing it as well! - The Fmly

"Sunny Day Garbage Pile"

I think Eric Farber from previously dug trippers Truman Peyote is dropping some slightly diluted psychs for his solo project Easyboy cos there's not as many mid-song moodswings or occasional scary visions on his debut cassette Friends. Which isn't to say it's straight either, there's still some colourful sonic exploration going on here - from "Markers" totally spastic clambering, the Lucky Dragons w/ free jazz bliss out on "Beebugs" to the sketched Kurt Vile-isms of "Slick Nap", it still has that slightly restless metamorphic quality of Truman Peyote's LP Light-Lightning but with a bedroom scope and a bigger focus on pop sounds. Like this track "Chest Swimmers" which emerges from cloudy bubbles into a fully fledged 1950s Shake Shack hang-out hit with earnest guitars and goofball vocals. Put this on a mixtape with Fluffy Lumbers "Cruisers" and "Grey Dayz" by Big Troubles and grab a chocolate shake doggs. - Rose Quartz

"Chest Swimmers"

Sneak previews of burger fueled and space invader drenched jams from Toronto's(!) Easyboy's upcoming Mirror Universe tape, a split with Truman Peyote who'll no doubt provide wonkier electronic than even this which is full of Juno swirls and weirded out dance floor corners, getting actually surprisingly Devo on "Concerning Technology" with a wandering streak and hamfisted futurism. - Rose Quartz

"Easyboy - Chest Swimmers"

Boston's Easyboy is Eric Farber, one-third of experimental trio Truman Peyote (whose "New Wife, New Life" we shared a few weeks back), and in his solo project he crafts some equally hard-to-pin-down sound collages, but this track, "Chest Swimmers" is pretty straightforward lo-fi bedroom pop, although its extended intro of descending harp scales and waltz-time breakdown keep things interesting. - Pitchfork

"Easyboy - Concerning Technology"

Just got sent over the latest from personal favorite Easyboy. Once a solo side-project of Truman Peyote’s Eric Farber, Easyboy is now a full-fledged synthed-out two-piece.
I was a huge fan of Eric’s Friends cassette in all its lo-fi bedroom pop glory, but I have to admit I’m liking this direction just as much.
You can expect to hear this jam, “Concerning Technology,” and a host of other winners on the upcoming Easyboy / T.P. split coming soon via Mirror Universe.
And, if you haven’t yet, you can download Friends for free via the dudes from Spooky Town. - White Guys With Beards


Friends - 2009



Easyboy is long, loose, and full of juice. Transnational transcendence of Techno Death. Boston's Eric Farber and the Torontonian Commander Jay have a synthesetic sickness and there is no cure. Garbage pop that you can't trash. Devolution is now.