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Easy Brother

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Debut album just completed titled Easy Brother.
Videos for Invincible, Comfort Me, What It All Means, My Love and Pretty Good Day for a Rainy Day.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Six months in a leaky bus.
That’s how Easy Brother started.
On a diet of rice and pasta, in the world’s most unreliable transport, three guys travelled the cold UK to form what would become Easy Brother. A few years later we have their debut album.

It seemed like a good idea at the time – leave Australia, pack the guitars, get on a plane, get through customs, buy an old bus, build some bunks in it, persuade people to book the band, play some shows, sell some CDs, and get enough cash to put diesel in the bus for another day...
That was a few years back when Tony Jones, Brett Sullivan and Neal Flatley were in a group called Mockingbird. The band soon called it a day but the experience stuck. It hung around. Started to get annoying. Like an itch you can’t scratch, but knowing you’ll eventually get it.
A few years later Brett and Tony hooked back up in Sydney, 2002. Brett played Tony a demo of Comfort Me and it was then that the songwriting seemed to find it’s own feet. That demo got the ball rolling with Tony turning up a month later with a bag full of songs. They recorded a version of On and On - it sounded promising, so they demo-ed another thirty songs.
But what they really needed was drums to bring the songs alive. So they rang up Neal, got him drumming, and instantly a sound started to gel. But nothing was too precious. You could hear the influences - they didn’t care. They hadn’t sung before - it didn’t matter. But the songs were taking shape and most of all they were having fun.
So throughout 2004 they recorded 20 songs in small studios and Brett’s garage. Pulling a few favours, borrowing a few microphones, recording on laptops and the rest. And the words, where were they coming from? For Tony it was a tough three years that gave him enough fuel for a lifetime. For Brett it was the specific moments - the small things that got under your skin.
Sitting on top of Neal’s drumming the songs now found a home. Comfort Me opened up the album with the original demo guitar shouting at you. On and On took three versions to get it right - each one getting simpler. Invincible found its feet when the distortion pedal got turned on. Let the Sun Shine was a simple story backed up by a kick drum. My Love was the unashamed pop song. I Won’t Give Up was the rawest of statements while there was no mistaking the mood in Lower than Low. Can Be Someone wore its heart on its sleeve, while the pondering lick in What It All Means asked the big question. Pretty Good Day for a Rainy Day was the reminder that sometimes life is actually pretty good. The simple sound of a band in a room was the no frills Fatal Lie. And the Killing Song - a chilling reminder of a New York phone call.
Easy Brother – the debut album - straight up songs resulting in an ecclectic mix of rock and pop tunes that ring familiar, but you just can’t put your finger on it. Maybe that’s just Easy Brother.