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Glen Rock, New Jersey, United States

Glen Rock, New Jersey, United States
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"Old Friend" off of Easy Company's EP "Two Point Oh" has been added to the featured Artists cue for Aural 6 radio - Aural 6 Radio - Discover Independent Music

"Easy Company – Two Point Oh EP"

Who is this?

Rock and Rollers Easy Company are a four-piece alternative rock band from New Jersey. Built up of Adam Schlett (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals), Bobby Weir (Lead Guitar), Tommy Scerbo (Bass) and Jack Biamonte (Drums), the boys seek to make 2013 their year with the release of their latest EP Two Point Oh. With influences that range from Led Zeppelin to Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys to Hendrix, the band pay magnificent tribute to their idols, not forgetting their unique blend of EC flair.

Their mission statement; “Easy Company will play rock and roll in your town, and we will all dance”.

What do they sound like?

Opening with ‘Side to Side’, it is impossible not to bounce along at the sound of elastic guitar notions. We’re introduced to Schlett’s vocals; which are raw, smooth, and admittedly very sexy! Enforcing images of a geek on guitar hero (red, blue, red, orange, red, blue…) the guitar solo acts as a way to engage us. We must jump, mosh, headband, something, anything.

Next up, we are taken gracefully to the highlight of the EP – ‘Molly’. Remaining nostalgic of past Angels and Airwaves material, the track is beautifully heart wrenching. The degree of production has aided the band well, creating an emotional and passionate performance that places a firm focus on the individual talents of the band members. Yet again, the guitar solo grabs our attention, a feature that the band has completely mastered.

Easy Company had the potential to generate a series of manic rock that complimented their opening track, but their decision to display their more sincere side has served them well. Wrapping up with ‘Old Friend’, we are made available to a track that is destined to be blasted through our headphones late at night whilst we cry over our ex’s. With lyrics that repeatedly state “I’ll be there for you” and “I’m waiting for you”, I’d be disappointed not to see a wave of floating hands at a live rendition. The track concludes elegantly, the perfect end to the EP.

Final verdict?

The interesting thing about Easy Company is that they bring the heavy wave of pounding drums and deep bass lines, but the music itself is remarkably controlled. They draw the line at the point where music becomes so heavy that it divides a crowd, and don’t intend to cross it. This prevents listeners from not being able to decipher the music; a feature that provides a level of rock and roll to everyone and anyone.

Two Point Oh proves to be a step in the right direction, and as indicators go ‘Molly’ is evidence that the band have potential flowing through their veins. It’s time to get out your lighters and be emotional. - Kath on Tour

"Easy Company - Side to Side"

Exclusive Interview

Tell us about where you are from and how you got to this position today.
EC ADAM: Bobby Weir, our lead guitar player and myself (Adam -singer/rhythm player), met while attending Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania. We were always in the same social group and eventually decided to jam once some mutual friends brought it up that we both played guitar.

After a hanging and putting some beers back together we realized we were into the same bands and eventually began playing frat parties in a cover band. As we kept playing out to parties and dive bars we started doing a lot of writing on the side. Once we graduated from school and were gigging dive bars regularly, we decided the cover scene wasn’t for us and decided to move toward playing our own music.

Our drummer (Jack Biamonte) and I had been buddies for a while away from the band and we always wanted to be in a band together so that was a no brainer. Our bass player, Tommy Scerbo, is from the same two square mile town as Jack and myself, and played in the same music scene as Jack so we asked him to come sit in for some jamming. After a couple initial jams we found that our musical influences and personalities meshed so well that we had to give this thing a go.

What do you have coming up? What are some of the new projects we can expect to see?
EC BOBBY: We just released our newest EP, Two Point Oh, that has been getting a lot of positive response from press and radio stations. Our main focus right now is getting our summer schedule locked up. We already have a ton of dates lined up in New York City, Philly, and Boston. We want to push the new EP as hard as we can and get it out to as many ears as possible.

We’re trying to break into the festival circuit as well and are doing a lot of networking with other bands from our area and the areas mentioned above to try to put together some kick ass rock n roll shows. Rehearsing the same set over and over again always gets boring so we’re going to do a lot of writing this summer, adding those songs to shows and start preparing for our next EP.

Tell us more about the current song you are promoting to everyone.
EC BOBBY: Side to Side is the first single from our EP. It’s tough to really explain it in terms of genre. What’s more rock and roll than a jungle drum beat and some fuzzy guitars kicking you in the face? It’s definitely one of the simpler songs we’ve ever written, but I think it kind of explains our band in a nutshell.

It’s got all the elements we want to convey to our fans: heavy guitars, pounding drums, different beats that you can shake your hips or bang your head to. This song says, “We are here to turn it up, and we are going to do exactly that from the second we plug in till the second they have to drag us off stage.”

How does your music separate yourself from other artists and bands out there?
EC ADAM: We could answer this question for the next hour. We are different because we are doing what everyone isn’t doing these days. We are 2 guitars, a bass, and drums, and we make a lot of noise. Not many mainstream acts or bands that we play shows with in the club circuit can say they do that anymore.

We grew up on bands like Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age, acts that mesh true rock and roll riffs, melodies and instrumentation into songs you can sing along with or dance too. We want to write music that we connect with, lyrically and musically, that has attributes listeners can identify with in their own mind. We play solos, we play loud and we play hard, we are a rock and roll band, not some derivative or other genre just rock and roll.

Tell us about one of the hardest challenges you had to face in the industry?
EC ADAM: I don’t think we’ve overcome our hardest challenge yet as were still young and have a long road both musically and band growth wise ahead of us. Our biggest challenge thus far has been finding someone to get behind us. Everything that we have built so far, any fans we’ve gained, any shows we’ve played, and bands we’ve networked with, we’ve done all by ourselves.

Not having the connections that come with a label or management representation puts you behind the 8 ball as far as gaining out of market exposure or shows. The fact that we have done so much already in just two years is a small token of all the hard work we put into the music and growing our presence as a band.

What was one of the biggest set backs in your career and how did you bounce back?
EC TOMMY: We played a contest to try to play the last Bamboozle Festival (now Skate and Surf). We made it to the New Jersey finals out of 500 some-odd bands and we thought we had a great chance to make it to the real finals of the contest (final 5-8 bands from NJ, PA, NY and CT). We didn’t get picked and being probably over-confident, it was discouraging.

A handful of cookie cutter bands got picked ahead of us and I think we had some doubts about if we were good enough song writ - Warped Magazine

"The Top 10 of April - Gashouse Radio"

The Top 10 of April
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552935_442367399180319_37268184_n10. Mainestreet Band – Way to Fall

9. Burning Condors – Knockout

8. Easy Company – Side to Side

7. Hudson Henry – Addicted

6. East of the West – High Definition Hypnotism

5. Copper Lungs – Chasing Lights

4. Case of the Mondays – Careless Whisper

3. Amber Ladd – Repeats and Replays

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"Princeton Communiversity - An Excellent Day For Everyone"

[....An electric guitar shrieked and a bass boomed up on Nassau as rock n’ roll band Easy Company did what they came to do: rock out.

However, its audience seemed to one-up them in that department. Princetonian Ed Broner, with air guitar in hand, showed his approval via some air riffs and nodding his head to the beat.

”They rocked man,” said Mr. Broner, as the band got ready for its next set." - The Princeton Packet

"The Aquarian - Maria Mars Local Spotlight"

Lastly, Easy Company are a four-piece modern rock group hailing from Glen Rock and Pequannock. If you are unfamiliar with them, I don’t think it would do any justice to say what other artists they sound like; they are their own band even though in my opinion, they wear some of their influences on their sleeves in the best way possible. Continuing off the excitement of their recently released EP, Two Point Oh, they got my attention by sending me a message with a link to their material. I have yet to see this band live, but the feeling I am getting from their recordings shows that they are all about being free, celebrating the little things in life and playing music out of the pure love of it. This EP is realistically one of those albums where you almost feel somewhat torn; a part of me wants to call up some of my friends and let them know about this band, while at the same time I want to keep them my best-kept secret. I’d have to say my favorite track is “Old Friend.” It tells a story that I’d love to finish. Easy Company inject their own flavor into the vein of the modern rock and roll formula with unique vocals and fresh materials that are a great listen for fans of all genres. They’re living up to the legacy of New Jersey musicianship and have just announced a fresh batch of dates for the summer, so be sure to hit up one of their stops! - The Aquarian Weekly

"EASY COMPANY: Two Point Oh: Download"

EASY COMPANY is a four-piece modern rock group from Glen Rock / Pequanock, NJ, and comprises of Adam Schlett on rhythm guitar and vocals, Bobby Weir on lead guitar and vocals, Tommy Scerbo on bass and vocals, and Jack Biamonte on drums and vocals.

They had another EP released before this one and they are keeping the independent flag flying on this release as well.

This three song EP starts with “Side To Side” starts off with a flourish that brings to mind some of the classic rock from the early 80s and soon goes into a modern rock song with nods to the classic sound throughout with the thundering drums, the pumping bass, the great leads and the smooth vocals and was a great song to get you moving. “Molly” has a big sound, the kind of song that would sound fantastic played live in a huge venue with arms raised, people nodding their heads along to it and shouting along to it. “Old Friend” is a slow song that starts off quiet and then gets more powerful and you can hear the heartfelt emotion in the vocals, the band keeps the flow of heavier and softer playing in check and makes the lighter come out of the pocket, oh yeah, no one does that anymore, the cell phone out to light up the venue.

For a band that has only really been around for a few years, these guys have the sound of a band that’s been playing for a long time and sound magnificent. The playing is what really blew me away, everything was tight, the vocals were strong, the production was pristine and this really made me want to hear more from them. As a teaser, this is a great little taste that will make you hunger for more, I know that I need another helping of EASY COMPANY, you will too. - Altered Frequencies Magazine

"Band Versus Band - Gashouse Radio"

Easy Company featured band on "Band Versus Band" listeners review and vote for their favorite act of the day - winner moves on to the next round. - Gashouse Radio - Philly Independent Radio

"New Single from Easy Company"

Side To Side is the rocking first single from Easy Company’s new Two Point Oh EP that doesn’t have a release date at this point. These guys are a four piece modern rock group from Glen Rock/Pequanock, NJ that you will definitely want to check out. If you like what you hear and want to keep up to date with Easy Company, follow them on Twitter @EasyCompanyBand and like their Facebook page. Also, check out their website at easycompanymusic.com. - Music Updates Today

"Easy Company - Vents Music Magazine"

Easy Company - Up and Coming rock and roll band - Vents Magazine

"Pequannock musician seeks chance to play Bamboozle"

A local musician and his band mates are hoping to win a big contest and play in front of a festival crowd in a few months.

Bobby Weir, 24, was born and raised in Pequannock. It's where he learned to play, and it's where he developed his passion for music.

"My parents have lived there since 1980," said Weir.

Since that time Weir has moved to Morristown while still returning frequently to visit his friends and family.

Over the years, Weir has refined his skills on guitar and backup vocals to become a more accomplished musician. After being in and out of bands for most of his life, Weir decided to team up with longtime friend Adam Schlett to form what is now known as the band "Easy Company."

"[Bobby] and I went to Muhlenberg College [in Allentown, Pa.] together and had a mutual group of friends," said Schlett. "Someone said, 'You know, Bobby plays guitar.' And I was just getting back into it and that was my sophomore year."

The tandem began playing local shows together as an acoustic act that then evolved into a cover band. But playing other peoples' songs was ultimately unsatisfying for the creative duo.

"We knew we wanted to play our own music. It was a matter of with who," said Schlett.

After searching for other musicians, Schlett approached drummer Jack Biamonte and bassist Tommy Scervo to fill out the lineup.

"We're more of a rock, alternative type of vibe. We're all involved in different kinds of music and everyone listened to different stuff growing up, but there's a couple of bands that we listen to that are central and everyone is on the same page with those," said Weir. "What we do is try to take a little bit from each one and put our own spin on it."

Some of the band's major influences include the Foo Fighters, Bruce Springsteen, and Kings of Leon, among others.

Having played together as a full band for the past seven months, the band has toured all around the tri-state area, cracking into the New York market numerous times along the way. Through constant shows and promotion, Easy Company has developed a solid following of die-hard fans.

"We have a great fan base and we usually play one show a month and everybody will come out to that," said Weir.

Their persistence in constantly growing their fan base earned them the opportunity to play in the Break Contest on Jan 28. The contest is a multiple-round battle of the bands with the winners receiving a number of prizes, most notably a spot in the Bamboozle Festival at MetLife Stadium in May.

"The Break Contest is not only [a battle of the bands] because we offer them a lot in return for their hard work. One, we try and roll out the red carpet and give them production value they wouldn't normally have playing a VFW or fire hall. They play real venues with the good lighting and good sound," said Chris Paulson, a representative of Linc Star Records, which runs the contest.

"It gives bands an opportunity that they wouldn't normally have to get on the radar of the people at Bamboozle," Paulson added.

The contestants are weighed on a few different categories by actual judges from the music industry who grade the bands on a 1 to 10 scale. Bands are expected to sell a minimum of 40 tickets, and of the tickets sold, fans upon entry receive a ballot to vote for their favorite bands.

"We want an artist that's innovative, hard working, obviously has to sound good, and we feel the audience will like and can get on Bamboozle and hopefully transcend Bamboozle one day," Paulson said.

Weir and company have been working tirelessly to perfect their music and choose their top two original songs along with a cover for the contest.

"The biggest thing preparation-wise is narrowing down what songs we were going to play because obviously we love all of our songs," said Weir. "It's tough to find two songs that say, 'This is who we are.'"

While Easy Company has as good a shot as any other band to make it to Bamboozle, the odds are against them. Just 25 bands out of more than 900 submissions will get the nod to appear at the festival, but they remain optimistic as they made it past the initial round after being chosen as one of 10 bands to advance on Jan 28.

"It obviously would be awesome [to get to Bamboozle]. We haven't been a band for even a year yet, but we've been pretty successful," said Weir.

"It would mean everything to me because that's the start of where I want my life to go and where I want my career to go, because I would love to play music for the rest of my life and that's it," he added. - Suburban Trends


Still working on that hot first release.



Easy Company is a four piece alternative rock band from Glen Rock NJ. College friends Adam Schlett and Bobby Weir began collaborating together through email in 2010 while Schlett was living in Boston MA. Schlett opted to return to New Jersey in the spring of 2011 to join Weir and longtime friends drummer Jack Biamonte and bassist Tommy Scerbo to begin working on what is now Easy Company. The group quickly entered local rehearsal studios to work on their first demos and began booking smaller NYC clubs like The Bitter End and Fat Baby LES. With a steady diet of Jersey and New York City shows Easy Company began building a dedicated following as well as a quality reputation with NYC promoters in the LES and West Village. Leveraging their 2012 self-titled demo; the songs Mercury and Takers garnered regular international rotation on some of the largest independent artist internet radio stations.

In November 2012 Easy Company acted as direct support for Grammy nominated guitarist Tim Reynolds and his rock trio TR3 in NYC. Easy focused most of its winter 2013 efforts on the recording and production of their second release Two Point Oh (March 2013). Two Point Oh afforded the group the opportunity to record at Jersey Citys famed Big Blue Meenie Recording Studios. With greater production value and over 30 shows under the bands belt, Two Point Oh looks to show the evolution and refinement in the bands sound and writing as they move from being a successful, raw and talented young group to a more seasoned cohesive band of professionals. Easy Company is taking Two Point Oh to the road and is currently in the process of completing their northeastern tour plans for summer 2013. The band is using the tail end of winter 2013 to polish their newest material and prep for their 20+ show April-August 2013 calendar.


April 2012 Easy Company (Demo)  
March 2013 Two Point Oh (3 track EP) -

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