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Easy Life Club


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Distant Replay"

"Glen Erickson is certainly a DIY kind of guy. As the frontman for local alt-country outfit Easy Life Club, Erickson doesn’t like to compromise when it comes to the music he makes. And, as the head honcho of Shameless Records—the Edmonton label that puts out records for not only Easy Life Club but a slew of other local bands—he knows all about the hard work needed to not only make music, but to get it to waiting fans."

Steven Sandor
VUE Weekly (vueweekly.com) - VUE Weekly

"Shameless Plug"

Glenroy’s own project, the alt-rock/folk/country outfit Easy Life Club, is (obviously) on the label, and he will be releasing the band’s first self-titled album during the latest Shameless Records Showcase, which, since last August, has been a regular event on the last Thursday of every month at the Sidetrack. After expending most of his energy working on behalf of other bands, making and releasing his own album of his own songs has been quite the satisfying experience.

“This record is my first step into the spotlight. I recorded it for seven months on Sunday mornings for two hours at a time. My life was just so insane so that was the only time I could do it. It was really ridiculous,” he says. “But I was so hellbent on getting my first record out and it turned out beautifully. It’s my record and after playing music for so many years and telling everyone else how to get it done, I guess it was about time I got my own shit together.”

Tyson Kaban
Vue Weekly (vueweekly.com) - VUE Weekly


Easy Life Club (self-titled), {2006 / SHR1009}


Feeling a bit camera shy


Easy Life Club is about irony. The songs are explorations in the tensions we all live between, observations of a life that seems to find the deadly serious alongside the simply peculiar. Loud or soft, screaming or whispering, love or hate; they aren't so far apart. These are the storylines that weave together the songs of Easy Life Club. Bound to become a genre-buster, ELC is only getting started.

"Some of the songs on the first record are going to be years old, while others were written during the recording process. Its going to feel like a hybrid on many levels", says glenroy, songwriter and creative force behind ELC. "There were a lot of things happening to bring this project together, and some of the best things haven't been fully explored yet. We're already looking at the next album as a better benchmark of what we dream of. There are so many songs to be written."

ELC has worked hard to avoid the narrow trappings of many rookie projects. Glenroy expounds, "Trying to stay creative isn't about looking over your shoulder. Being fresh isn't about tapping into whatever is cool right now. It's about taking the things that influence you and struggling with your hands and your voice to make something new and beautiful out of it all. It's about looking ahead. We're trying to keep our options open creatively. Writing songs in your basement on your acoustic guitar can trap you fast. We could have made an alt-country album or a folk-rock or whatever. ELC will always be about the expanding sound."