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Easy Lover


Jeremy Wimmer and Kali Holloway first bonded over a shared love of classic pop melodies, gauzy soundscapes and soulful harmonies. With those foundational elements to build on, the two have created music that feels like faded pictures set to song: romantic, dusky and gently creased around the edges.


Easy Lover, the Brooklyn-based duo of multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Wimmer and singer Kali Holloway – who Pitchfork says “has the kind of voice that sounds like it emanates from her entire body” – makes music that is complex yet accessible, minimalist but comfortably spacious, and thoughtfully crafted yet effortlessly rendered.

The two met when Holloway – former vocalist for The Affair and Day For Night – decided she wanted to make music in a more intimate band than she'd experienced before. The singer posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a collaborator.

"You know how stories about trying to find bandmates using Craigslist are mostly stories about why you should never try to find bandmates using Craigslist?" Holloway jokingly asks. "Easy Lover's story somehow ended up not being one of those."

The singer heard from lots of people, but only Wimmer fit the bill. "I felt like I could only make really good music with one of them, who turned out to be Jeremy," she says. "We met, and I remember that he had a beard then and was wearing a tie dyed shirt. That was confusing, but then we talked about Marquee Moon and it was cake from there."

The two worked to find their sound – which ultimately led to arrangements that belied the sum of their parts. "We learned that in a duo, you have learn how to construct a song so that the music can feel like it has weight and depth," says Wimmer. "It took awhile, but with Kali's huge vocals and some experimenting with composition, we ultimately found it."

In July 2012, the two released their debut EP, a three-song introduction to the band that includes remixes of lead single "End of the Season" by dance music luminaries Rewards (formerly of Chairlift), Gavin Russom (DFA) and Elan Polushko (Rong Music). "End of the Season" also quickly gained attention from an array of music blogs (Diffuser, Prefix, Baebel, MTV Buzz and others), as well as legendary music writer Everett True, who chose lead single "End of the Season" as his Song of the Day. "Great sound. Great singing. Great song," he wrote.

A blend of swooning synth sounds mixed with girl group beats, and lush vocal harmonies, Easy Lover's music has been described by one music writer as sounding like "4AD meets Berlin crossed with the Ronettes" – but the duo insists their music is classic pop at heart.

“There’s something about a pop melody, the way a classic pop melody can prop up a whole song,” Holloway says. “Even when it’s covered in dust and haze and warped by the lolling sounds around it — and we like all those things, too, very much — you can still hear it underneath in our songs, I think. It’s just such a nice sound to wrap yourself in.”


Easy Lover – Easy Lover (EP, July 10, 2012, self-released)

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Set List

End of the Season
New Maggie
Robo Doris
Oh for Two
Bleary Eyed
It's a Long Time