Easy Way Out

Easy Way Out



Fans have told easy Way Out that they are a breath of fresh air: Passionate, energetic rock music. Fronted by singer/guitarist Alan Andrews whose vocals have been described as beautifully tortured and backed by Jaik Martinez on drums, Mark Hawkins on bass, and Bill Threlkeld on guitar, Easy Way Out is bringing rock music back how they feel it should be played; angst filled and powerful. Based out of a small town in northern, CA the alternative rock band aims to travel the world playing music. Influenced by Jane’s Addiction, Rage against The Machine, and The Police, it makes for an exciting sound. Other influences like Desapracidos and Cursive give them a bit of indie rock sensibility although the band mostly sticks to their hard rock mentality.

Their fans insist the best way to truly enjoy the music is their live shows, where they thrash around on stage. Singer Andrews adds, "having an exciting live show is very important to us."

The band was originally formed in 2000 by founding members Alan Andrews and Mark Hawkins. They then added Jaik Martinez on drums. After a few gigs the band decided to find a rhythm guitarist to create more sound. Alan then called on life long friend, Bill Threlked from Colorado. The band was now complete. "Once we had the right lineup. Everything fit," says drummer Martinez.

Shortly after forming, the band signed to Jetspeed Records and released their self titled debut album which has led to being compared to the likes of Jane’s Addiction, At The Drive In and AFI. Soon after, the song "Burials" became the most requested on the Bay Area’s 92.3 KSJO homegrown show. Take a look for the easy way out.


Self-titled CD on JetSpeed Records
"Burials" is played on the Bay Area's 92.3 KSJO homegrown show.