Eaten By Sharks

Eaten By Sharks


Metal from the depths of the ocean


Eaten By Sharks, three words that many people fear will be the worst
possible ending to their life. Fear is a wonderful thing, it enhances
your senses, makes you quicker, gives an adrenaline rush. When your heart
starts beating heavy in your chest and your breathing becomes fast and
shallow, that's when you realize its fight or flight. Eaten By Sharks
causes that feeling, their approach to metal comes with years of
experience, Chris Chaperon and Dan Oko have been playing together for
years in previous bands. They are an old married couple who in terms of
music can finish each other sentences. Tyler Abrams and Justin Whitehead
have mastered the rhythmic thump needed to propel the vicious dual guitar
attack forward. Jay Windecker, lead vocalist has honed a blood curdling
scream complimenting a low guttural feeling of despair. With these
elements combined all that's left is the giant size bite mark in your ass
on your way off the boat.

-Matt Lewis
Leviathan Productions/S.O.M.F.


EP - We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat