eat the evidence

eat the evidence

 Maidstone, England, GBR

fun, rocking, different band with many different skills, young, not nervous and willing to do any gig we are ready to give the music/rock scene a kick up the arse, we will make the gig the best gig you could pay for due to our punk playing and personalities and willing to do anything for a gig to do


been around for a while, our 1st rehearsal we knew this would be a special band as our 1st cover song rehearsed we was able to do perfect all together. where something special. where influenced by blink 182, the white stripes and green day. freedie lead and shreading guitar, me (elliot) on bass and vocals and jack banging the drums. whats sets us from other bands.... we rock better... ;D
our story... well we met at the same school, we would occasionally jam with eachover, helping eachover out, thenwe thought we should be a band, and 4 weeks later we have recorded 3 songs and sounding better and better.


recorded covers and 1 own song.

Set List

we are unable to transport drums due to the house being ti thin to transport. drums have to be there. amps aswell