Eat the Sun

Eat the Sun


Eat the Sun plays melodic indie-pop for people sick of songs with no heart and empty lyrics.


Are you looking for melodic, Brit-inspired indie pop with smart lyrics?

Sure... we all are.

Welcome to Eat the Sun.

Eat the Sun melds influences from the best of the British and indie traditions into intelligent, rich songs.

D.J. Hofer's gritty Lennon-esque tenor plucks his soberly crafted melodies out above the sonic clockwork of his and Paul Bohak’s guitar playing, Al Porras’s precisely ebullient percussion, and Josh Mitchell's slick and solid bass.

You want polish? You want songwriting savvy? You want hooks that you'll be humming for days?

You’ll love Atlanta’s Eat the Sun.


Dubut Album "You Flew"
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Set List

Set's are designed to fill required slot, usually 45 minutes to an hour. We play primarily originals but often through in a choice cover. Bands we have covered range from the Beatles to Nine inch nails to Wilco.