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M-Eazy has a refreshing style entertains diverse backgrounds.
His music is relevant and the generation of today not only hears but can feel his lyrics as if M-Eazy is telling their story. His music is radio and club friendly which is rare today.


Eazybills is a hip hop duo based in Staten Island, NY. The members are M-Eazy (Moses Dayee) and Young Bills (Tae Dayee). They grew up in the area of Park Hill, which is also the homeland of the Wu-Tang Clan. They developed interest in music at an early age listening to their mother sing. As teens they began rapping for classmates and the older they got the more serious their passion for music brewed. Their quest for stardom has received blog attention, radio play, and a variety of shows in the New York area. These young men can be found on Youtube in one of their many, professionally shot music videos doing what they do best, entertaining the public eye.


Why Wait-Mixtape
Fresh Air- Mixtape